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Avatar m tn She have some bad teeth and a sore throat for about 3 weeks. She told me that she was HIV positive that is all we done was French kissing. I had a sore throat for a couple of weeks and feel like a swollen lymph node on one side of the neck. I had e rash on the front side of the neck just one spots. It went away after day. I did a 30 day antibody test and it came neg. Should I be worry and what is the accurate of the test? I heard it would be 90 percent on the doctor forum.
Avatar f tn I recently started dating a female. We basically did everything but have intercourse. Before having intercourse we both decided to get full std screening. Hers came back hiv "positive"!!! They performed some testing and her viral load was sky high in the millions the Dr. Said. I now believe I need to test because I may have become infected. We made out heavily and one occasion we did so after getting her tongue pierced. My fear is that I remember tasting blood during the kissing.
Avatar m tn s HIV positive, do we need to get tested after the window period? What doctors tell to their HIV positive patients about french kissing HIV negative ones?
Avatar m tn i been french kissing a girl for awhile and the other day she told me she was hiv positive. she said that she hasnt been on her meds for about a year. can i get hiv from french kissing her? she does have bad teeth and dont know if she ever had blood in her mouth. if you viral loads was very high can i catch it easier?
Avatar f tn I know from reading other forums that kissing poses virtually no possible transmission. If an HIV Positive person has a cut on his lip that may or not have been bleeding is it possible to transmit hiv this way to a person that may or may not have had an open or irritated area on their lips.
Avatar m tn can u get hiv from french kissing a hiv positive girl if she not on her meds and she have high viral loads
Avatar m tn i know you cant get hiv from french kissing but wondering if you can get a opportunistic infections from kissing her?
Avatar m tn she just called me and told me she has hiv and had for awhile. can i get hiv from french kissing her with sores on my mouth?we was using tongues . she said that she been on meds but been off of them for about 3 months. does that make it easier for me to get? can you get any std from kissing her?
Avatar m tn she told me she has hiv positive and had it for 8 years. should i be worried about getting hiv? i was bleeding at the time we french kissed.should i get tested?
Avatar m tn hello , few days back a european kissed me , she is from Albenia and she had some infection on her lips due to some temperature , but now i feel same infection on outer layer of my lips , i have three pimples around my lips if she is positive could it spread hiv in me and now i feel some fever and enxity as well
Avatar n tn I kissed(deep kissing) someone HIV positive almost 3 months ago( 10 days left) ... They say that it would be dangerous if I had sours in my mouth..I dont know if I had one....I get tested after two months and it was Negative... It was 2nd generation elisa test.. Should I get tested again or is it enough to let it go??!!
Avatar m tn i kissed an Hiv positive girl once on the mouth with saliva about 2 months ago and have no symtoms or anything, should i get tested. no i did not do anything sexual with her.. im worried should i go for a test or not worry?
Avatar m tn 1 and 2. We probably receive more calls about HIV and kissing than any other topic. Kissing is no risk, even deep kissing and even with flossing or gum/dental disease. The quoted figure for HIV risk, if one has oral sex with an infected partner is less than 1 in 10,000 and, in my estimation that is too high. Some experts state there is no risk at all from oral sex.
Avatar m tn No otherwise all of America would have it. HIV is instantly inactivated in air and also in saliva.
Avatar n tn if the her saliva gets into my cuts inside my mouth . would it give me hiv?
Avatar m tn we have done nothing else. she told me yesterday that she is hiv positive. do you think i can get? should i go get tested? i heard mix emotion about getting hiv from french kissing.
Avatar n tn this morning she called me and told me that she was hiv positive and had it for about 8 years. can i get hiv from french kissing? she i be worried and get tested?
Avatar n tn HIV is not transmitted by kissing -French kissing or otherwise. No one has ever gotten HIV from kissing- this is true even if one or both persons have sores on their mouth or or gum and dental disease- still no risk. There is no medical reason for concern and no reason for testing related to this exposure. I hope this comment is helpful.
Avatar f tn I had a wound on my lips and I French kissed her. Will I get infected with hiv if she had hiv positive (hiv infected) and she had a wound as well in her mouth?
Avatar m tn she is hiv positive and i have read on here that you can not get hiv from this. i have been tested for hiv and was neg. but what i am worried about can you get a std from french kissing her? it thems like ever time i kissed her i throat start hurting couple days later and my side of the neck.wondering if she has gonorrea of the throat can i get that from her or anything else? could my throat hurting come from her or is it something else?
Avatar m tn absolutely no way. hiv is not transmitted by kissing, never ever.