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Avatar m tn I know that at 3 months a HIV test is conclusive, but what about at 6 weeks? Has there been cases where someone has tested Negative at 6 weeks and positive at 3 months?
Avatar m tn Returned from the testing center. Non-reactive at 6-weeks and 2 days (44 days after potential exposure), using the rapid antibody test by Trinity Biotech - Capillus.
Avatar m tn Hello experts, I tested negative with a 4th generation test at the 46th day after possible exposure (6 weeks). 1) Have you ever seen or known about a negative result taken at 6 weeks changing later when testing again at 3 months? 2) When is the latest someone can seroconvert? 3 months or 6 months? Including cases like Hepatitis co-infection for example. 3) I have read on this forum that you say that a 4th generation is conclusive at 4 weeks or later.
Avatar n tn test positive at 1 month, the percentage testing positive at 6 weeks has to be much greater than 80%. As an FYI, I tested negative at 8.5 weeks after a possible exposure using a second generation test (by LabCorp).
Avatar m tn Are all negatives true negatives? A Non-Reactive (negative) test means that anti-HIV antibodies were not detected in the specimen. This test result is interpreted as Negative. It is possible to get a negative screening test if the infection is very recent. This may be because there is a window period of several weeks when a person may be infected but antibodies to the virus have not reached a concentration that is visible.
Avatar m tn We don't use Oraquick in the UK for diagnostic purposes so our experience is limited but they are shown to be reliable in testing for HIV. The result will be around 99% accurate at six weeks. The tests you had earlier are reassuring but not as good as at the 6 week mark.
Avatar m tn hi, i don't know if i had receptive anal sex back in june of this year as I was very drunk, i do remember an old friend putting his tongue in my mouth but nothing else, I have been worried since that I may have had gay sex, I took a test at 4 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks and 24 weeks, all have come back negative, I am finding it hard to move on, and I seen on aidsmed website that some people take longer than 6 months to seroconvert, I am now thinking I could still have hiv, could someone please confir
Avatar n tn Hi all, i did post a question on this forum 6 weeks back, i had an HIV duo ultra test done at 24 days post exposure and then another test at 9.
Avatar m tn at 4 weeks i had a negative PCR and neg antibody test result. at 6 weeks i had a neg hiv 1/2 antibody test result. plus all other std s negative. right now its almost 8 weeks since the episode. most people would think i am 99.99% clear basis these results. however i am worried that my anxiety / depression over everything is causing me to present symptoms,or that i am seroconverting but not showing up for some reason.
Avatar f tn -If is a normal antibody test (finge-prick) it will be accurate 3 months after the exposure. Regarding syphilis, 6 weeks is a good time to wait before testing. But if you get it negative, is good to re-test 3 months after the sexual exposure, as there are people that take longer to show a positive result. All the best.
Avatar n tn I took 2 HIV tests and CDC, one at (07/10/09) 2 months after exposure and other at after (5 months) approx 21 weeks after exposure they both cames negative... Are my Tests is Conclusive? How accurate HIV test is After 5 months? what about my symptoms is still there? (all symptoms which I mention is going from last 2 months) Please help, thanks a lot...
Avatar m tn HIV AB, HIV 1/2 , EIA w/ reflexes Result: Non-Reactive!! My question is, based on my symptoms should I retest at 6 months? Is my result conclusive regardless of HIV symptoms? Also, what test was performed above? Is it accurate??? Everything I read says it takes 6 months for HIV testing to be conclusive. I'm very scared. Please help.
Avatar n tn For all practical purposes both of these types of test perform comparably and provide accurate information on the presence or absence of HIV infection in virtually everyone at 8 weeks following exposure.
Avatar n tn only 50% of hiv infected people showed positive after 2 weeks, 95% at 6 weeks and all after 3 months
Avatar f tn Hi I would like to know if its possible for a hiv rapid finger prick test to show positive at 4 weeks after an exposure and a hiv combo ag+ab test to show negative (0.280) at 6 weeks?cause that what happened to me.
Avatar n tn I took an hiv test at 6 weeks and another at 9 weeks after I had a possible exposure. I was told the testing used the latest technology. I think they called it 4th generation or something? Anyways, the test came out negative. However I have been reading that conclusive tests are really 12 weeks after exposure. Should I get retested? FYI, my exposure entailed genital to genital rubbing and fellatio. No intercourse. Thanks.
Avatar m tn A negative ag/ab test at 4 weeks is a good sign but retest at 3 months and at 6 months to be 100 percent sure
Avatar n tn After 4 weeks 80-90% will show positive and from 6-8 weeks up to 98% will show positive. Best to be on the safe side and test at 12 depending on your exposure.