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Avatar m tn PCR RNA test after 20 days HIV duo 4th Gen (anibody+P24 Antigen) after 28 days HIV anitbody after 6 weeks they all came back as negative. Now, at nearly 10 weeks from the accident, I'm having a sore tongue, which makes me suspect of a oral thrush. this has brought back my paranoia about having caught HIV and the tests missing it. The scientific community doesn't really help as everyone has got different guidelines. so I was thinking about taking another HIV duo test today.
Avatar n tn However only to give you relief and comfort, your 6 weeks test is highly reassuring and it is extremely unlikely to change otherwise in the weeks to come.
Avatar m tn HHH about the percentage of accuracy of my HIV test in day 41 (roughly 6 weeks) since my exposure. I use 3rd generation test (antibody test). As i known, this test is not as reliable as 4th generation test (both antibody and antigen test). Do i need to re-test in week 12. Dr. HHH please answer my question. Thank you so much !!!
Avatar m tn Is at happening the same time? 8. Is HIV rapid test and HIV serodia test reliable after 6 weeks of exposure? Please help me Dr, I have been so down since that incident and I cant focus on my work and my family. I don't have enough sleep and lost 5 kg in one month, but my appetite is normal. Thanks in advance, hope you could help me. I want to ba back on my normal life again.
Avatar f tn I was tested for HIV and hepatitis C, 6 weeks after I pricked my finger starting an IV, it was actually 44 days after the incident. It was an antibody test that was done at labcorp. The patient tested negative at the time I was stuck. How reliable is a 6 week test? I'm confused about some things. My husband developed a sore throat that lasted 3 days and had fever for one day and also had a sore neck. Is this a symptom of ARS.
Avatar m tn I had a hiv antibody test in canada after 6 weeks and they tell me that i have to wait 3 months before a conclusive test. I want to know if I can rely on this test considering the latest technology 3rd generation antibody tests are used and naturally i do understand that the 3 months may be conservative. I appreciate any replies as I am completely stressed out!
Avatar n tn First, there is almost no such thing as high risk vaginal intercourse, unless one partner is known to be HIV infected. Perhaps more important, for sexual exposure to HIV, it makes little sense to describe any particular exposure as high or low risk. The risk comes from patterns of behavior. For example, a pattern of repeated unprotected anal sex among popuulations with high prevalence of HIV (e.g.
Avatar m tn hi there i had a hiv test done in three weeks and was negatve and one in 6 weeks what wound the percent be after 6 weeks that i will not get it in 14 weeks thanks and the one i am worried about cam back negtive on the one i was worried about
Avatar m tn hiv combo test is very accrued after 4 weeks of time, and can be taken as conclusion now ... u are fine n hiv free...
Avatar m tn 6 weeks test is a good indicator.. and your 12/13 weeks test will be conclusive...
Avatar f tn Hello i would like to ask is it possible for someone to develop hiv antibodies after 6 weeks negative test (41 days +hours) because i was kinda sick and i wasnt eating well so i was having kinda week immune system? And also im having a mild sore throat for a month is that a symtom of ars?
Avatar f tn Please tell me hiv test conclusive at 3 months instead of 6 months so stressed out
Avatar f tn Sir, one of my friend got hiv test after 45 days of exposure and result is negative, he want to know that it's enough or he need again test after 12 weeks, and is there any probabilities of a 6 week negative result turn into positive in 12 weeks, if yes then how much probabilities.
Avatar n tn I had oral contact with a man(Later it turned out that he had HIV infection), without ejaculation but there was pre-seeding liquid. After 11, 15, and 20 days i made PCR-test, after i made ab/ag test in 26 days, 31, and 41 days. It’s enough for be calm?
Avatar m tn You can test at 6 weeks but if it is negative you'll need to test again at 3 months to obtain your conclusive test result.
Avatar m tn anyways, an 8 weeks HIV test is a good signal, and it shows that you will get another negative in the final 12 weeks test. Many scientists agree that the HIV fourth generation test is conclusive at 6 weeks. in Health ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- sowieso, ein 8 Wochen HIV test ist genau eine gute Signal, dass du werdest noch ein anderen Negativ in der Endlicher 12 Wochen Test nehmen...
Avatar n tn Hearing about the chances as None really helps, but i wanna make sure that i even accidently end up ruin some one else's life by being complacent and not being tested. Just wanted to know if a 6 week test will suffice or i will need to get test after 3 months, 6 months and so forth. PS : A fit of madness and i have put evrything I have, evryone I love at stake..what a moron am I..
Avatar f tn My 6 week HIV test ( antibody test done by labcorp), after being pricked by a needle starting an IV, was negative. The patient was also tested and was negative for HIV. My test was 44 days after the needle stick. How accurate is my test? I'm worried because my husband had a very sore throat with fever. The sore throat lasted 3 days, was better after antibiotics were started and only had fever one day. I'm so very afraid that I could be hurting him or my baby by breastfeeding.
Avatar m tn Good day, I had a risk conduct with a female sex worker, it´s been 8 weeks since the posible infection, at 6 weeks I had a 4th generation HIV antibodies test that was negative and today at 8 weeks I had the same 4th gen test negative plus a p24 antigen test that was also negative, I have been with a sore throat for about 3 weeks now but as I heard that could be anything and only the test can diagnose the virus, with the results that I had can I be 100% sure that I am HIV negative?
Avatar m tn You can consider your self hiv negative. 3rd gen test can already be considered conclusive 6 weeks beyond. If it was a combo test or 4th gen 28 days beyond is conclusive. The link I gave to you was written by a hiv expert who aslo administers hiv testing and was a former contributor to the expert forum here. You may test at 3 months for peace of mind but expect it to be negative.
Avatar m tn Hello, I had a risk conduct with a girl in a night club, condom fell of and I penetrated her without it for a minute probably until I realized, she says she is fine, every month she gets checked for HIV and other STD's but anyway its hard to trust just her word so after 6 weeks I had a test, according to the lab is a HIV 1-2 AC/AG 3rd/4th generation, also just to be sure I took a test in another lab, in this case the test was only HIV 1-2 AC 4th generation (the later being more expensive), I re
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. Your question is one that allows an accurate reply based only on the title you chose, "HIV test after 8 weeks". Assuming that test was negative, you can be 100% certain you did not catch HIV. It doesn't matter what sort of exposure you had or any symptoms you may have experienced. Test results beyond 6-8 weeks always overrule all other considerations. For more detail on this, see this thread:
Avatar m tn 2 Elisa test. Is there any test which can detect the virus exactly after 6 weeks. ? Plese reply soon as i have getting almost fainted after seeing these symptoms.
Avatar m tn Dear all Thanks Avonelle38 ,Joggen , Lizze Lou ,Teak Today i got tested after 6 weeks 3 days I need to give big thanks to all you guys , you are more supportive . This time i need to mention one more thing . When i was first day exposed i dont know how to get information against HIV and i had a chat with a online doctor from It Drove me crazy . He told if we tocuh penis / vagina with mouth and if we had cavity it would catch the HIV .