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Avatar m tn Hi Viki, At first, you had no risk as your penetrative sex was protected using a condom and HIV is not transmitted by oral sex. Secondly, your test at 45 days after exposure has turned non reactive which means you dont have HIV. You are safe. Stick to using condoms correctly for penetrative sex no matter what and you wont have hiv concern.
Avatar n tn I had oral contact with a man(Later it turned out that he had HIV infection), without ejaculation but there was pre-seeding liquid. After 11, 15, and 20 days i made PCR-test, after i made ab/ag test in 26 days, 31, and 41 days. It’s enough for be calm?
Avatar f tn Hello i would like to ask is it possible for someone to develop hiv antibodies after 6 weeks negative test (41 days +hours) because i was kinda sick and i wasnt eating well so i was having kinda week immune system? And also im having a mild sore throat for a month is that a symtom of ars?
Avatar m tn He also told that i need to tested after 6 months. He Recommended me p24 antigen test . But i was so depressed i did not go for that .I am not blaming others . I am telling the difference in the Infos . The result is Such ================= Specimen Reactivity relative to negative - Non reactive There is one more in that HIV 1/0/2 ABS INDEX VALUE <1.00 ( RESULT) <1.00 (REFERENCE INTERVAL) 1 . Is that mean something ? 2. Do i need to be tested again after 6 weeks again ?
Avatar m tn Has anyone tested positive after a 6 week Oralquick test? Dr HHH say 6 weeks is conclusive. I know about the 3 months. Just curious.
Avatar m tn actually, she is massage girl, i try to kiss her after i suck her breasts but she refuse to do so....i quite worry....but, -ve result from rapid test after 6 weeks exposure make me better...however i afraid i might get hiv....
Avatar m tn Thanks for your answer. Is a 6 week rapid hiv test a good indicator of hiv negative? Also if I am experiencing symptoms, would my test then show positive if indeed I was?
Avatar m tn at six weeks i had the following symptoms, Fever, Nightsweats, Small rash on wrist, swollen lymph nodes, coughing up mucus, very stuffy nose with green to yellow mucus (ALOT)most symptoms dissapeared after 6 days but my fever and swollen lymph nodes persist. Is this ARS? Whay would ARS occur after 4 weeks?
Avatar f tn I was tested for HIV and hepatitis C, 6 weeks after I pricked my finger starting an IV, it was actually 44 days after the incident. It was an antibody test that was done at labcorp. The patient tested negative at the time I was stuck. How reliable is a 6 week test? I'm confused about some things. My husband developed a sore throat that lasted 3 days and had fever for one day and also had a sore neck. Is this a symptom of ARS.
Avatar m tn anyways, an 8 weeks HIV test is a good signal, and it shows that you will get another negative in the final 12 weeks test. Many scientists agree that the HIV fourth generation test is conclusive at 6 weeks. in Health ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- sowieso, ein 8 Wochen HIV test ist genau eine gute Signal, dass du werdest noch ein anderen Negativ in der Endlicher 12 Wochen Test nehmen...
Avatar n tn Dear doctors, thanks a lot for your generosity answering questions here... I'd appreciate if you can shed a bit light on my situation: I had sex with a guy I know from internet dating. He's a white male from germany. I felt very very worried afterwards because I don't know about him to the degree that I could do such thing with him. We had protected vagina sex and he actually had his semen shoot outside my body when he came.
Avatar m tn HHH about the percentage of accuracy of my HIV test in day 41 (roughly 6 weeks) since my exposure. I use 3rd generation test (antibody test). As i known, this test is not as reliable as 4th generation test (both antibody and antigen test). Do i need to re-test in week 12. Dr. HHH please answer my question. Thank you so much !!!
Avatar n tn However only to give you relief and comfort, your 6 weeks test is highly reassuring and it is extremely unlikely to change otherwise in the weeks to come.
Avatar m tn Can anyone tell me if 6 weeks hiv antibody test is enough? I'm not sure anymore, I had sex 6 weeks ago with a sex worker with two condoms on and from what i saw they didn't rip. I've had aching joints the last 3 weeks, and am depressed, and anxious. At first i thought that the joint pain was from my anxiety, but now my hips and shoulders burn alot, I can barely walk correctly.
Avatar m tn I had a hiv antibody test in canada after 6 weeks and they tell me that i have to wait 3 months before a conclusive test. I want to know if I can rely on this test considering the latest technology 3rd generation antibody tests are used and naturally i do understand that the 3 months may be conservative. I appreciate any replies as I am completely stressed out!
Avatar m tn 2 Elisa test. Is there any test which can detect the virus exactly after 6 weeks. ? Plese reply soon as i have getting almost fainted after seeing these symptoms.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. Your question is one that allows an accurate reply based only on the title you chose, "HIV test after 8 weeks". Assuming that test was negative, you can be 100% certain you did not catch HIV. It doesn't matter what sort of exposure you had or any symptoms you may have experienced. Test results beyond 6-8 weeks always overrule all other considerations. For more detail on this, see this thread: