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Avatar m tn November 23, 2009: Massage with manual stimulation (unprotected, there was no exchange of fluids) Symptoms: Shortly after the massage, I experienced an upper respiratory infection, liver and spleen tenderness, GI issues, mouth ulcers, fatigue and the list goes on. Currently experiencing liver and spleen tenderness.
Avatar f tn Please tell me hiv test conclusive at 3 months instead of 6 months so stressed out
Avatar m tn hi there my history... had sex with sex worker and broken condom i have had many symptoms of hiv... how ever i tested NEGATIVE at 3 weeks and 11 weeks and 4 months and 6 months so please friends dont judge hiv with smyptoms...
Avatar m tn 5 weeks: HIV-1, HIV-1 O, HIV-2 Vironostika Uniform Ag/Ab -- Negative 9 weeks: HIV-1, HIV-1 O, HIV-2 Vironostika Uniform Ag/Ab -- Negative 3 months: Syphilis, Gonhorrea, Chlamydia, NGU -- Negative 4 months 1 week: HIV-1, HIV-1 O, HIV-2 Vironostika Uniform Ag/Ab -- Negative 4 months 1 week: Oral swab for Candida Albicans - Positive -- Diagnosed with "Candida Albicans Complex" 4 months 2 week: Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C -- Negative 4 months 2 week: Hepatitis A, CMV, Herpes 1/2 (don't
Avatar m tn How long should I wait to test and what is the 'window period' ? We know approximately how long it may take a person to produce antibodies to HIV based on years of data, research and advancements in testing. A person who has contracted HIV may show up positive as early as two weeks after the time they were infected. According to page 11 of the Module 6 Training Manual from the U.S.
1568660 tn?1298356968 Had a DUO test on friday which will be approximately 6 weeks after my exposure. Had to do the test friday but I went away camping over the weekend so I don't have the results yet. I'm going to go get the results in the morning I'm very scared it's gonna be hard to sleep tonight. If the results after my 6 weeks test come back negative I'll be pretty happy and from what I have read on this forum and on the web I can be almost certain that I'm not infected.
2073572 tn?1334301007 Antibodies take almost three weeks to be produced after HIV infection. They become detectable by four or six weeks after HIV infection. This four to six week period is known as a window period. It means that though the virus exists in blood there are no detectable antibodies in the blood of a person. In such circumstances the tests wrongly exhibit that the person has not been infected with HIV.
Avatar m tn This test has a window period for 3 months(12 weeks). Any time after 84 days this test can give people the conclusive test results. But this test is very accurate to find the antibody within say 4-6 weeks of exposure. But as still CDC has not updated there testing guidelines it remains official that 13 weeks is conclusive for US and 12 weeks is conclusive for rest of the countries to obtain the conclusive HIV result.
1024580 tn?1331574121 What's the best HIV Test? The best HIV test is one that provides you with an accurate and reassuring result in a time frame that suits you best. Everybody will have a different "best HIV test" because their circumstances will be slightly different. The main things to think about are firstly when you were possibly exposed to HIV and secondly how desperately you need to know the answer.
Avatar f tn inconclusive HIV test, 10 weeks exposure
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1409114 tn?1323866002 Last 10 days were really nerve wracking. After I was told by the doctor that I am propably infected and he actualy started discussing HIV medications and my options !! I had very little hope and was getting ready for bad news. I went to the HIV Center and asked for my results from the Dr in charge there, she told me to go to counseling.
Avatar m tn WARNING--Ignore any website that suggests to test out to 6 MONTHS and if your DOCTOR suggests you test out to 6 Months aswell, then find another doctor.If this window period was changed in 2003,then what progress have we made in 7 years if people are still bringing it up.ENOUGH--it doesn,t exist.All it,s doing is causing a s_it load of stress and anxiety for NOTHING.
Avatar m tn PCR testing explained by a lab technician HIV DUO Combo Test for P24 Antigen offered by SED labs in New Mexico. You can order this through your doctor or at First approved ANTIGEN/ANTIBODY test by FDA in Sep 2010
Avatar f tn ok.. i've written on here yesterday, but really none of my answers were answered! on the 5th of september me and my friend went to the clinic to get on birth control. i recieved a papsmear and i had a discharge. she looked at it under the microscope and didn't say nothing to me really (at all). two weeks later the doctor was trying to contact me, but i was to worried because they said that i had an infection and that i ned to come back down there asap.
Avatar m tn A 4th generation test taken at 4 weeks post exposure can give you a good indication of your HIV status. But it's a good idea to take a confirmatory test at 12 weeks after the exposure to be considered conclusive. All HIV tests currently on the market are considered by experts to be conclusive at 12 weeks post exposure.
1165964 tn?1296484064 A few weeks back, I tested negative for HIV on a rapid test, and even asked the doctor to send in more blood for a lab test, just for more confirmation, and that test came back negative, as well. The most previous sexual encounter beforehand (and still, for that matter) was a short session of male-to-male oral sex (both give and receive). I forgot when that was, though.
1409114 tn?1323866002 I have tested today for Hep a,b,c , syhilis, and again for HIV. Will get my results in 3 days. The the prob is I just remembered that I was vaccinated for Hep a,b or maybe just b I don't remember and I don't know if that would that interfere with the hep test. HIV test name had antigen in it. I don't know if this is a good test. Fingers crossed but waiting for test results is making me anxious.
720609 tn?1328779596 There has been a recent recurrence of the "test window" debate. The CDC guidelines can seem murky, but on their page titled, "Should I get tested?," they make it clear: From the CDC How long after a possible exposure should I wait to get tested for HIV? Most HIV tests are antibody tests that measure the antibodies your body makes against HIV.
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Avatar m tn My 6 month hiv test was negative. My girlfriend how ever is sick again 100.6 fever and sore throat. I don't know what to do I have another do. Appt tomorrow I wonder if I should have him test me with another type of hiv test. I went to the dentist this week and she tells me I've started grinding my teeth.
Avatar m tn Hi Viki, At first, you had no risk as your penetrative sex was protected using a condom and HIV is not transmitted by oral sex. Secondly, your test at 45 days after exposure has turned non reactive which means you dont have HIV. You are safe. Stick to using condoms correctly for penetrative sex no matter what and you wont have hiv concern.
1183190 tn?1326108934 Well my 12 weeks after my exposure is getting over this saturday.. I dont have the courage to get tested though i had a 6 weeks negative ,My symptoms and time line exactly fit ARS ,it started around 4 week and ended at 8 weeks post exposure.thats the scary part I have not been tested for Clamydia,Gonnereah,Trich or Herpes if , If i had one these during my protected exposure , risk of HIV transmission is high I have been having a low grade fever from past 1 week and its not going away..
Avatar f tn  Dear Sir, Pls help me..With your valuable suggestions.. I had a sex with call girl on 22 th,Feb 2017..But after incident ..She told me condom broke.. Since then onwards i suffering from various problem... A)Pain in throat..Mucus in throat B)body pain,muscle pain C) Burning type feeling on tips of my private part.. After incident..I took below mention test at interval... 1..After 24 days. Duo 4th gen..P24.HBAG..HCV..Hiv..Rt.. RNA.. PCR 2..After 53 days..
Avatar f tn I had an intimate moment with someone i dont know the hiv status. At first, he rubbed his penis into my vagina unprotected then he did an oral to me while fingering me.after that i kissed his pennis and then helped him ejaculate till he ***. After maybe 5 to 10 mins, he rubbed his pennis to my vagina. and started fingering me again. i wore my undies again and i saw i had some blood because i had small cut in the entrance of my vagina maybe because of his long nails.
Avatar f tn i was tested at 2 months and at 3 months for hiv my results came back negative .My question is when i get tested at 6 months can my result be positive. What is the conclusive time for testing is it 3 or 6 months? I got my test at Home Access they say i don't need to be tested at 6 month.Because i show no antibody during the 3 months. I am confused. Please would somebody help me.
936016 tn?1332765604 CD4 cells are the immune cells that the HIV virus depletes over time, eventually resulting in the need for anti-retroviral medication. At this stage of the seroconversion a HIV RNA PCR test would be able to detect HIV, however traditional antibody tests would come back negative. Week 2 - 4: The viral load peaks and can be as high as millions of copies per microlitre of blood, making the individual their most infectious.
2114181 tn?1346114022 3 weeks negative as of Aug. 30th, this past Thursday...i know that it's pretty much meaningless given my risk, and that i have to wait it out all the way to 3 months. i told the counselor my exact situation, she was surprisingly nonjudgmental...i mean, i know that that's her job. she advised that i not drink around my brother--not drink at all, and the same day I went to my first AA meeting....
Avatar m tn If you have had a GENUINE risk and want some early peace of mind then here are some options for HIV Testing for early detection.An HIV RNA by PCR at 2 Weeks+ is an excellent test.A DUO test at 4 weeks+ is 99.89% accurate.And then a final Antibody test at 12 weeks will be 100% conclusive.This is just a suggestion for people who are struggling waiting for the 12 week window period and want some early peace of mind.This applies only to people who have had a genuine risk.All the best.