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Avatar m tn I recently attended a workshop on HIV (in Singapore). According to them, it takes at least one litre of saliva to infect another person with HIV. Even if you spit in jug, it will take hours to get one litre of saliva. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE ONE LITRE OF SALIVA DURING ORAL SEX. SO MOVE ON AND RELAX.
Avatar n tn No, if the protection you used did not fail, you are OK. However, you can not judge your status based on your partner's test results. Remember HIV is difficult to pass along. Some couples in which one person is negative and the other is positive go for long periods of time without the negative person getting infected. Your risk while performing protected sex is near zero and the same goes for oral (protected or not). I don't see a need to stress over this incident.
Avatar f tn Umm, I have only been tested for stds/hiv in the beginning of my pregnancy
Avatar f tn I don't remember testing for that with my first pregnancy. Anybody else get tested for this? Is it mandatory now?
Avatar f tn The only risk to your baby would be during birth- and in that case they'd deliver them very carefully via c-section. If you were HIV positive your doctor would definitely notify you; whether they wait until your next appointment or not is per their discretion. Most of the time, if it is negative, they never bring the tests up. They only bring it up if you test positive on something.
Avatar f tn No one in history got HIV from oral, so you are wasting your time testing for HIV - you might as well test for male pregnancy in case you got pregnant from oral too.
Avatar n tn Is there any testing kit for HIV like as for a Pregnancy Test? If there is..what the brand and how much could it cost.. Kinda afraid to go to a Doctor and let somebody know. because here in the country were I'm staying..they will lock you up first in jail before sending to your country of origin..
Avatar f tn THere is no risk from oral because saliva inactivates HIV. You wasted your time testing, so obviously you got negative results, just like you would if you tested for male pregnancy after oral. Time to get back to your happy life.
Avatar n tn 1) yes that is strange, you can check with the STD Forum 2) There are effective in preventing HIV when used correctly 3) No the needled would not be re-used 4)Using condom for vaginal/anal sex is safe and prevents transmission 5)Yes, that is true...
Avatar f tn Is Hiv testing mandatory while your pregnant? I live in ny and today when i went to my ob the front desk wanted me to sign a paper for hiv testing and she said it was mandaroy and required by law BUT ON THE paper clearly said its voluntary any input??! I got tested in july and i know im clean just gets me upset that they said its mandatory i refused to sign and the lady was really annoyed and angry. Is this true??
Avatar n tn As I said in my intitial response, symptoms are meaningless in evaluating risk for HIV. Your symptoms are due to something other than HIV. the so called ARS syndrome is only a useful designation to reasearchers after the fact, not in situations such as yours.
Avatar f tn Much of what kind of OB care you receive and what kinds of tests are done during pregnancy depends on who your doctor is and what they deem "appropriate." What one particular OB (or nurse-midwife) practices can be quite different from what another does, and it also varies from patient to patient. Sometimes doctors make decisions to test for certain things only if patients fall into certain "risk" groups.
Avatar m tn Factors that raise the risk are recent HIV infection (within 3 months), advanced HIV disease, STDS (especially genital HSV-2) in either partner, and if the male partner is uncircumcised. Things that reduce it are for the infected person to be taking anti-HIV drugs, to have a relatively healthy immune system, and to have a low HIV viral load (i.e., not much virus in the blood) -- and, of course, consistent condom use.
Avatar n tn and like doctor said he is not a psyciatric...he is proffesional in HIV testing...and G-Man...i got tested yesterday came out negative and the lady who performed the test..she has been doing this for 20 years and she told me the same thing as doc....4-6 weeks ...and if you get test after 90 days it is 100% conclusive....lets talk about cdc...and other company...well it has been said before is set up by lawyers....and this DOC HHH has been doing this for 30 years...
Avatar f tn It is not a given. They begin testing babies at about 14 days after birth from an hiv + mom. They begin medication for the baby at about 4 to 6 weeks to help continue to prevent transmission. Babies have to test negative twice to be considered HIV free. So, it's possible it can happen but not automatic with HIV. There are different types of hepatitis. Hep A is associated with things like preterm labor.
Avatar n tn Hey, I am 16 and I 'messed around' with my bf in oct (finger+wank) and his penis touched my bits but It didn't go up! He said he didn't ***, I weent for sa pregnancy test in the walk in in dcemeber and the begingin of this month(jan). Both negative. I think I had a period after it happened in oct but I never in nov or decemeber, its now coming up to jan. And still so scared even tho the nurses said I shouldn't be, what do youse think?
8488481 tn?1410329809 I was tested at the beginning of my pregnancy for HiV which I know is routine for every mommy to be...& today my doctor sent me to take the test for a second time... I was just curious to know if this is also routine & if all mommy to be's take this test twice through out the pregnancy....btw he sent me to take this test the day after he swabbed me for STREP B...
Avatar n tn Is this HIV related or should I test in 1months time which would be 3 months from my last encounter in march or no need to test? Would this have any effect if I want to marry. My docters suggestion: "Repeated sexual encounters with multiple partners definitely exposes one to risk of STD/HIV.As you have developed skin problem right now ,you must get all tests for STD/HIV at frequent intervals as HIV virus has long incubation periods .
Avatar f tn The exposure you describe did not put you at risk for HIV. HIV is not spread through masturbation (fingering) even though in the process persons make get a partner's genital secretions on one another. Your test results validate this. Tests for HIV antibodies are conclusive at any time 8 or more weeks following exposure. You have been tested three times and can have complete faith in the test results. Pregnancy does not change the reliability of the tests at all.
Avatar n tn ) from a single encounter would be better than her getting pregnant (without contraceptive) in a single encounter. According to the attached links, HIV can be normally dormant for 10 years; rapid progressors in 5 years and about 5-10% in 15+ years. Herpes can also be dormant for 15+ safe-sex at home may be your salvation to keeping your marriage intact...explaining 'Why?' may be as difficult as experiencing a divorce.
Avatar m tn The entry point for HIV is the male urethra in this context, therefore, if it remains covered, it worked. Using a condom inside out will decrease the effectiveness of protection for other STDs and sometimes pregnancy (due to where the spermicial is placed), but not HIV. If you used a new condom out of the wrapper, most likely you had it on right anyway. They can only be rolled down onto the penis one way. You are risk, no need for testing.
Avatar f tn I got pregnant and was tested in the middle of my pregnancy for all STDs including HIV. (Elisa HIV 1 and 2 Combo Antibodies). NEGATIVE for everything. I had my baby and moved on with my life. I recently got out of a relationship with a guy after finding out he cheated on me. He got tested (over 3 months exposure) for everything and was negative. I have been having weird symptoms lately (yeast..sore throat) and have convinced myself that either my test was wrong or his was wrong.
Avatar f tn But maybe best to do is contact your local STD clinic in this case and inform them about the situation and mention you have done testing etc.
Avatar n tn I am definitely going to take another test after 6 months, I just need your opinion on the negative result of my tests taken up to now - do you think they are conclusive enough? Can changes in immunity system during pregnancy also alter (i.e. prolong) the hiv window period? Thanks for your reply. Hana K.C.
Avatar n tn I am definitely going to take another test after 6 months, I just need your opinion on the negative result of my tests taken up to now - do you think they are conclusive enough? Can changes in immunity system during pregnancy also alter (i.e. prolong) the hiv window period? Thanks for your reply. Hana K.C.
Avatar m tn Having said that, I don't think we need to deal with your questions about syphilis in your wife or congenital syphilis. In terms of HIV, I am not perfectly sure of the timing of your most recent test. Irrespective however, once again., HIV transmission through masturbation is unheard of and the lesion you describe is not the least bit suggestive of HIV. In addition, if you have acquired HIV, you would have developed a positive test by 6 weeks after your exposure at least 95% of the time.
Avatar n tn The index values for an Elisa test is computer generated, on a same sample, the same lab can bear different results. To quote the good Dr. Bob. Think of HIV test as a pregnancy test, either you are or you are not. The Index value on the Elisa test does not matter unless they are above the cut off point or in the indeterminate range.
Avatar f tn It's not a bad idea to screen occasionally for STD's/HIV. Whenever you use a test at home, no matter what it is such as HIV or pregnancy or whatevever it may be, you have to fully read the instructions first and follow them exactly.