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Avatar n tn Is this correct...Im testing for peace of mind....
Avatar n tn The Nurse at the clinic told me to come back at 3 months to retest for Herpes and HIV, which I did (both were negative). I even retested for Herpes and HIV at 6 months a couple weeks ago and just barely got my negatives for those. Today someone told me that 4 weeks was not long enough to wait to test for Hepatitis, that it can remain dormant in your system for YEARS without a test picking it up. Is this true, or is someone using "old-school" info??
Avatar m tn But she said on 1/25 when I got tested again that the window period is now 6 weeks with the tests they administer so it changed. Is this accurate? Thanks for your help.
Avatar m tn Below are some other threads that provide more detail. The bottom line is that you for sure did not catch HIV and should stop testing. HIV test results always overrule symptoms and exposure history in judging the possibility someone is infected, and your results prove you do not have it. In any case, you describe a low risk exposure and your symptoms are not suggestive of a new HIV infection anyway. You misunderstand the essential elements of HIV test timing following exposure.
Avatar n tn most people will test positive at 6 weeks (most say this is 99% if it really was your last risk) and 12/13 weeks is 100% conclusive
Avatar n tn 2 month (337 days) = negative recently I read some articles about the window period of HIV subtype non B, like subtype E/A which predominant Thailand area, has window period over 6 month : • • in another article the window period was about 356 days my questions are : 1. in my case what should I do? should I test again ?
2073572 tn?1334304607 The window period occurs between the beginning of HIV infection and the demonstration of detectable antibodies to the virus. The window period is almost three to four weeks. Nevertheless it can be extended or longer. The antibody blood tests like ELISA, western blot test, rapid tests, performed during the window period may provide false negative results. Antibodies take almost three weeks to be produced after HIV infection. They become detectable by four or six weeks after HIV infection.
Avatar n tn 2 month (337 days) = negative recently I read some articles about the window period of HIV subtype non B, like subtype E/A which predominant Thailand area, has window period over 6 month : • • in another article the window period was about 356 days my questions are : 1. in my case what should I do? should I test again ?
Avatar m tn I have read a number (and I mean a NUMBER) of posts that debate the entire 6-8 week "window" period and 3 month window period. Some people (companies in the business of 'making money') desire the "FDA" guidelines of waiting the 3 month mark, which I regard as unnecessary. I do agree with Dr. Hook and Dr. Handsfield when one has to take into account the (a) risk (b) partner, etc. As I read from one of MHModerator, she states 3 months.
Avatar m tn I know 3 months is conclusive from reading in this site but how realiable would 4 weeks be? 6 weeks? 8 weeks? Has there ever been a case where someone came up possitive after 6 week if there were no more risks?
Avatar m tn Most of the reports online say the test is highly accurate after a window period of 2 weeks and above. Should I be worried? P.S. These are the results I got: Test Name :HIV AG/AB,4TH GEN Result: NON-REACTIVE Flag(s): Reference Range: NON-REACTIVE Reported Date: 6/7/2016 12:38 PM Footnote: U A Nonreactive HIV Ag/Ab,4th Gen result does not exclude HIV infection since the time frame for seroconversion is variable.
Avatar m tn but now the window period had improves .... 4 weeks is consider conclusive... 6 weeks test are conclusive and 6-8 weeks is more then any thing u needed ....
Avatar n tn Nobody can tell anyone's status here on-line all you can give is your opinion. 6 weeks out i got a NEG. but 4 weeks out my glands under my chin starting swelling my saliva flow has decreased alot. I read from sites as Mayoclinic and various other info based web sites including dental sites. Most state that dry mouth and decreased saliva gland function and Leukoplakia "may be one of the 1st symptoms of HIV infection". i know your gonna say symptoms don't mean a thing.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know what percentage it is approximately for testing at 6 weeks. I read somewhere it is greater than 95% accurate. I do feel alot better knowing it is all negative and am hoping that at 6 weeks it is a fairly accurate test.
Avatar n tn Then I went to a local hospital to do the HIV antibody test with the third generation Elisa Kits 13,38 and 43days later separately, all the result was negative. But the doctor in the hospital told me 6 weeks testing is not accurate enough, and I should go to do further testing like 3 months. Am I exclusive for HIV infected and should I go to do further testing?
Avatar n tn Testing at 3-4 weeks (25 Days) make any sense for hiv. I know there are follow up tests to be done but if the CDC says its the average than that would make sense to test then.....or no?
Avatar n tn Why do some people recommend 6 weeks and other 12 weeks between testing. Dr. HHH and EWH seem confident in the reliability of 6 week tests, while others stress the 12 week test. Also, why does HIV take a while to show up in some people? Does it depend on people's immune systems?
Avatar m tn hi everybody I have read in your comments that hiv window period is 12 weeks. but I think this is by modern hiv testing. for example by earlier than generation of hiv test, this time would be longer than 12 weeks? I get an hiv-ab blood test in a lab and I dont know they used what generation of test. ( I live in middle east) they get the result after 8 hours.that was negative. anyway, is that conclusive or I have to retest at 24 weeks(6 months) because I dont know what was the test generation.
Avatar f tn 3 Follow-up testing Follow-up HIV antibody testing should be performed at 2 to 4 weeks, as HIV infection is likely to become evident at this time in a proportion of cases. Further follow-up testing should then occur at 3 months post-exposure.
Avatar n tn You do not need further testing. There is a 3 month window for HIV, so your tests are conclusive. Any further questions should be posted in the HIV prevention forum.
Avatar m tn I have read from here that window periods above 6-8 weeks are only due to or may be to people on Anti HIV meds such as PEP or people on Cancer treatment. CDC states that some people 3% can go past 3 months and upto 6 months in their window period (CDC Jan 22, 2007). Who are these people(the 3%) that they talk about and why do their bodies take longer. I am scared to death that my current partner may get infected by me and that I need to wait upto six months to be 100% clear.