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Avatar m tn It is possible to get a negative screening test if the infection is very recent. This may be because there is a window period of several weeks when a person may be infected but antibodies to the virus have not reached a concentration that is visible. Therefore, if a person has certain risk factors, or thinks they may have been exposed to HIV, they should be retested in three months to be certain of a negative result.
Avatar m tn I have read from here that window periods above 6-8 weeks are only due to or may be to people on Anti HIV meds such as PEP or people on Cancer treatment. CDC states that some people 3% can go past 3 months and upto 6 months in their window period (CDC Jan 22, 2007). Who are these people(the 3%) that they talk about and why do their bodies take longer. I am scared to death that my current partner may get infected by me and that I need to wait upto six months to be 100% clear.
Avatar m tn Hi is it possible to have early hiv symptoms in the 6th month?
Avatar m tn First, the modern antibody tests are almost always positive by 6 weeks; it rarely if ever takes 3 months. Second, combination testing -- for both HIV antibody and the virus itself (by either antigen or nucleic acid amplification test, or NAAT) -- is 100% conclusive by 4 weeks after the last exposure. Below is a thread that discusses the apparent discrepancy between standard advice for testing at 3 months and the current scientific realities: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn //www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn guy's im totally confused ..someone say window period is 3 months,someone say it's 6 months and i have tested according to window period i.e.after 3 months i need to test after 6 months?? guy's please tell me what shuld i do ??
Avatar m tn Thanks. I read testing is not warranted, but I rather be sure. I wouldn't matter that I ive in Mexico? What about the generation of the test?
Avatar m tn i felt extremely guilty for it and so i went for the duo hiv test 4 weeks post exposure the test came out to be negative. I have read on medhelp itself that a duo test 4 weeks post exposure is definitive unless you have a weakened immune system. The problem with me is that I have a fatty liver mainly because of alcohol abuse and for which i m also on medication.
Avatar m tn I know 3 months is conclusive from reading in this site but how realiable would 4 weeks be? 6 weeks? 8 weeks? Has there ever been a case where someone came up possitive after 6 week if there were no more risks?
Avatar n tn Testing at 3-4 weeks (25 Days) make any sense for hiv. I know there are follow up tests to be done but if the CDC says its the average than that would make sense to test then.....or no?
Avatar m tn When you google Hiv window period have a look at the dates on the sites,most of them are from 4, 5 and 6 years ago.Some even longer.The best place to search for the window period is right here at our expert doctors forum because it,s the latest information.
Avatar m tn HIV testing at 6 months after exposure is no longer recommended. Late seroconversion (ie, after 3 months) has been rarely reported and has not been described since 1990.[32,33] It is unclear if these rare events were related to the original or subsequent exposures.
Avatar f tn I guess I need one more to meet the three month window period. However, I am not sure if twelve weeks or thirteen weeks would be considered conclusive. three months can be interpreted as either. I will be 36 weeks pregnant at the twelve week mark and would like to go ahead and do the test. The longer I wait the more chance I have of going into labor without a conclusive result. My doctor doesn't seem to know about the other types of testing available.
Avatar f tn Manufacture of tests do controled testing to set a window period and as time passes techonology gets better. So in 2004 after years of controled tests and millions spent the manufactures applied to have the window period moved from 6 months to 3 months. The FDA approved this and the CDC has gone along with it. It boils down to tests being more senestitive and the millions of dollars it takes to confirm the shorter window period.
Avatar m tn Most HIV experts says 4-6 weeks HIV Duo tests results are conclusive, including H. Hunter Handsfield, MD; but most here at the medical community are attached to the 3 months mark. I remeber someone saying about conclusiveness of Duo test results before 12 weeks "these doctors don't write the guidelines" but i can see H.
Avatar f tn Given that the antibody piece is fully realiable at 6-8 weeks and that the p24 antigen is usually detectable 7 days before antibodies shouldnt 7 weeks be required for a duo test?
Avatar f tn An HIV test reveals infection status by detecting the presence or absence of antibodies to HIV in the blood. Antibodies are produced by an individual’s immune system to fight off foreign pathogens. Most people have a "window period" of usually 3 to 6 weeks during which antibodies to HIV are still being produced and are not yet detectable. This early period of infection represents the time of greatest infectivity, but transmission can occur during all stages of the infection.
Avatar m tn But she said on 1/25 when I got tested again that the window period is now 6 weeks with the tests they administer so it changed. Is this accurate? Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I got the above test done at 6 weeks and the result was 'Non Reactive' Should I take any clue from the above result ? & would taking the above test be conclusive at 90 days ? Plz suggest.
Avatar m tn Oraquick is generally considered a third generation test. It is 100% reliable, or close to that, after 6-8 weeks and certainly at 9 weeks. And your 9 week exposure was risk free, since HIV has never been known to be transmitted by fingering or other hand-genital contact, even if pre-ejaculate fluid or other genital secretions are involved. If that was your only potential risk, you didn't need HIV testing at all. The "silly" part isn't your asking the question.
Avatar m tn The DUO test is an HIV test that looks for antibodies for HIV-1 and HIV-2 and also looks for evidence of the p24 protein which is on the surface of the HIV particle.The advantage of testing for p24 is that this indicator of HIV infection can be detected earlier than with tests that only looked for HIV antibodies.
Avatar n tn Hey all, I was reading up on the potential ARS window period and I found that most sources say 2-4 weeks is the average, with 1-6 weeks being the general range (and anything outside of 6 weeks being VERY rare). That being said, while I'm almost positive I don't have HIV, my sides have been very slightly sore, I have a bit of a fever, and a very slight on and off headache at just about 9 1/2 weeks. Would I technically be outside the ARS window period?
Avatar m tn - 4TH GEN DUO: 4 weeks (or 6 weeks in some cases), i.e. 28- 42 days. This is backed up many UK private practises and even NHS GUM clinics - 3RD GEN ANTIBODY: 12 weeks for a 3rd gen antibody test, i.e. 84 days. This window is well established worldwide However, when researching online, most academic papers state that the development of the p24 antigen only precedes the antibody by 5-10 days.