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Avatar m tn There is an incubation period of a few days to a few weeks between when the person was exposed to HIV and when the symptoms begin" -------------------- "Acute HIV infection can appear like infectious mononucleosis, flu, or other viral illnesses. If symptoms occur, they are usually seen 1 - 4 weeks after becoming infected."
Avatar n tn Hello all. I had a sexual encounter with another man a little over three weeks ago and am very stressed out that I may have contracted hiv. While I did ask him of his status, and he told me he was "clean," he was essentially a stranger. I believe that the activities I participated in are generally considered "low-risk": I fellated him and there was some precum but no ejaculation, and topped and bottomed with a condom.
Avatar m tn please look oral sex is zero risk for hiv no risk at all for hiv hiv is not ur concern my advice to u is to check for std's so ur in the clear view because oral can transmit gonorrhea .........
Avatar m tn Vance, I definitely understand what your saying about there being "100 different things not related to HIV" that can be the cause. The problem is that when one looks up these symptoms they all, in combimation, point towards HIV and not 100 different things... I know that there are reasons why questions of "other strains" are quickly dismissed, can you enlighten me and many others as to why? And any idea as to any other virus, std that have these same characteristics?
Avatar m tn I am extremely concerned these symptoms signify an early response to an HIV infection. The fatigue is much more intense than any I have experienced previously. I realize that symptoms are sometimes a poor means of diagnosing HIV, but in this case the timing seems damning. I am nearly debilitated with fear, and am struggling with the prospect of having to wait so much longer for test results. Does anyone have any advice on how to interpret my scenario?
Avatar m tn 5 weeks when you were tested close to 90% of persons who had gotten HIV would have a positive tets. More importantly, when people have symptoms due to HIV, the tests is positive within just a few days of the beginning of symptoms. Thus your HIV test results are strong evidence that you do not have HIV. 3. being 98.6 normal and +/- 1 i was fluctating..i also felt occasilanly chills too can it be proved that i dont have fever?
Avatar n tn The first symptoms of HIV infection, acute HIV infection, occur about 1 to 4 weeks after the virus was transmitted. Signs and symptoms are not reliable indications of HIV infection and the occurrence will vary from one to another. Some people with HIV infection have no recollection of an acute infection stage. Acute HIV infection can last from one to three weeks.
Avatar m tn Some newly infected people never have ONE symptom, and MOST people who experience what they perceive to be classic HIV symptoms often go on to test negative. 99% of people seeking HIV tests based on symptoms have tested negative. Not to mention, the onset of your "symptoms" would be WAY too late to be consistent with ARS. You do not have an HIV concern. Don't give this another thought.
Avatar n tn Roughly 11 weeks ago I had protected anal sex with another man of unknown HIV status. Additionally, I had unprotected receptive oral sex with him as well. For the first few weeks I did not experience any symptoms whatsoever, although at week 5 I developed a bad sore throat. That went away for a few days and once again I went weeks with no symptoms. Then, 2 days ago I came down with a mild fever with chills and body aches that disappeared in less than 24 hours.
Avatar n tn thanks for reply
Avatar m tn If these symptoms were due to hiv would my test three weeks later have been positive.
Avatar n tn You didn't have a risk and whatever symptoms you are having are not related to HIV.
Avatar f tn Generally the symptoms if HIV infection Accute Retroviral Syndrome (ARS) appear after 2 weeks of exposure and last for another 1-2 weeks. However it is important to note that these symptoms are often misleading because such symptoms can be experienced due to other reasons, and secondly, many actually infected persons never see any symptoms and remain asymptomatic.
Avatar m tn after almost 4 weeks i have fever , flu like symptoms , I read that HIV symptoms are flu like Symptoms after 3 weeks. So after almost 4 weeks of sexual act I have HIV symptoms . Also After 2 hours of that case I felt hot , I think I had high temp, after 1 day it stopped , also when i opened my mouth, my lymph nodes (near my jaw) was ached , this continued 2 days. Please help me. I am very worried . Have I HIV ?
Avatar n tn You seem to have learned my answers by reading the forum, so you won't be surprised by my replies. (The reason threads stay available is so that people in your situation can learn what they need to know without having to ask their own questions.) The quick reply is that your risk was too low to even have HIV testing, regardless of your symptoms. Interesting to see those statistics on HIV in Scotland; that's less than one third the rate in the US.
Avatar n tn symptoms of something else. not hiv. i tell you what - stress can do all sorts of weird stuff to your would not believe.
Avatar m tn -dry skin on my face and hands -something that looks like dundruff in my eyebrows -scalp problems with small areas that bleeds when scrapped -patches of dry skin on arms around 1-2 cm that gets redish after bath and are surrounded by areas of what is called "chicken skin" I've read that these symptoms are hiv related and I've read what hiv pos people wrote about their dry skin problems. From your knowing, does these symptoms come as soon as 2-3 months after infection?
Avatar m tn 2 to 4 weeks after exposure is when ARS symptoms appear--3 days is to early.
Avatar m tn I have ars symptoms. After two weeks exactly I'm getting cold sores inside lips and mouth ulcers. I have never had this issue previously. My exposure was hand job with massager sucking my nipple hard. From this exposure I got following std: Ngu of prostate. Urethra was in pain and burning sensation. Rash, lymph nodes pain and recurrent infection. Two weeks later I'm showing symptoms of hiv? How do I explain this to family? What do I do? I'm so scared.
Avatar n tn all these symptoms could be caused by plenty of other illnesses so hiv can never be diagnosed with symptoms alone.. state your risk first so people can ***** the possibility.. if not take a test at 8 weeks or if you can wait long den 12 weeks as 12 weeks is conclusive!.. light sensitivity is not a symptom of hiv.
Avatar n tn At three weeks after exposure I started to have a stiff neck, headaches, tremors and became a miserable wreck, convinced that I had HIV. Although a little warm at times, I really never experienced a fever. At about 5 weeks I had started to notice swollen groin lymph nodes (at least 2). At six weeks I could no longer take the worry and anxiety and had an HIV ELISA bloodtest. To my surprise, the results were negative. The following week I was tested for other STDs....all results negative.