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Avatar m tn Hi, How accurate is the acute HIV description on wikipedia? There is a diagramtic description showing all the areas that are affected.
Avatar f tn Took Azitromax 1000 mg and later Cipro 1000 mg ( not tested). Also tried Valtrex 7 days with no change in symptoms Daily symptoms up til today, tender and slightly swollen meatus, utethral discomfort/ slight pain. No apparent blisters or ulcers, no discharge, normal lymphnodes. Last 4-6 weeks pinprick pain in legs, feet, nates and hands.Tested at 2 weeks: hiv, chlam, syf, mycopl, urine, hematology- all normal. At 4 weeks Gon and Hsv combo- negative. 6 weeks utethral smear- normal.
Avatar m tn com say ars temp can be mild but freedom health says ars fever are high temperature 2. Wikipedia and many websites say acute hiv symptoms occur 2-4 weeks after exposure but says ars can occur upto 2 months. I agree that symptoms are variable. Shall anyone give clarity on above.
Avatar m tn For them to begin three days after an exposure is too soon for HIV symptoms to occur and the sorts of symptoms you describe are not typical for recntly acquired HIV either. Mouth sores, the pains you mention and increased saliva are not symptoms of HIV. Your CBC is not markedly abnormal and is not worrisome, not for HIV or any other serious illness. As for your specific questions: Does this seem likely? No, for all of the reasons I mentioned above. What are main symptoms of Ars?
Avatar n tn You have asked questions about some aspects of your symptoms on the STD/HIV/herpes community forums a few times over the past year or so. The replies there were accurate: there was nothing in your symptoms or your risk history that suggested any STD. And that remains true now. The only STD issue in all your diagnostic tests is the apparently conflicting test results for HSV-2.
Avatar f tn See your doctor for your symptoms if you are concern they have nothing to do with HIV.
Avatar n tn you could have not gotten HIV frm wht you described, you are NOT infected with HIV.. ..your symptoms DO NOT relate to HIV.. ..I'll make a bet with you, try to stp thnkng abt this episode and I bet your symptoms go away.. =) I bet you.. Smile. =) Stop worrying, Always use a Condom.
Avatar m tn several months ago, I read from wikipedia that HESN are transient infection, are they infected. I have no symptoms for about 10 months since my only and first sex with a prostitute. I think I have no stds or hiv or other virus. Just because i read too much bad information on the internet, I think I got phobia. Maybe condom is not 100% effective even they are no broken, antibody is not 100% too after 3 months. Everything is judged from probabilty.
Avatar n tn Many, many people who are truly infected with HIV can recall NO symptoms at all. You can NOT diagnose HIV infection through ANY symptoms or lack of. If a person is truly experiencing ARS symptoms, they come all at once as a syndrome generally 1-4 weeks after infection, last 1-2 weeks, no longer and leave all at once. If you had a risk, get tested at 6 weeks and 13 weeks.
Avatar n tn I saw that Wikipedia (again a site made by everyday people but still a good site for info) claims that 80-90 percent of people infected with HIV will get symptoms..
Avatar m tn Hey- I got similar symptoms and trying to track down what the ARS rash is. One other possibility if you have burning there is that it is the first stages of shingles, which would be a lot less worse than HIV. As far as I know, shingles outbreak could be triggered by any other virus, or just by stress. Can I ask you- what was your source for labelling a sunburn type rash (I have it in the same place, but just on one side of neck) as ARS?
Avatar m tn it is not raised but red patches in the middle of my chest.... i fear that it is the start of hiv ars ars just come all of a sudden with 101 fever,rash over whole upper body and sore throat and body pain or it takes time like slight temperature that increases and rash that develops slowly to the rest of body.....
Avatar n tn If you google Acute HIV Infection, the Wikipedia article is usually the 2nd or 3rd result. Acute HIV Infection illness takes 2 to 4 weeks to have symptoms. I believe the MedHelp article is also pretty similar. You can find it here: Acute HIV Infection is not known to present this quickly. Your doctor in Montreal should be able to determine the exact cause when you visit him.
Avatar m tn However, i will monitor my health for any early HIV symptoms, if present then possibly do an HIV test. Thanks Teak and Vance.
Avatar m tn i was also tested with an hiv antibody test that was negative as well. However, i will take your advice and do a 4 week follow up for my negative conformation.
Avatar m tn HIV antibody 1/2 combination HIV 1/2 Duo HIV 2 specific EIA HIV 1 PCR RNA HIV 1 PCR DNA HIV 2 PCR DNA HIV 1 Western blot Gonorhea Syphilis: RPR, TPPA, FTA-ABS, and EIA Chlymidia Was hoping you could answer these questions as much as detailed as possible: 1)Regarding HIV, is there ANY way that HIV could be missed or a certain clade or group could not be found by these tests and giving false negative?
Avatar n tn Thanks, although not conclusive, is there any data out there (ie what is the 'average' time before a test will indicate +ve - I know I probably need to wait 3 months before considering myself conclusively in the clear) Are there % transmission rates for anal sex? Would HIV symptoms be genral lymph node pain as opposed to specific (ie just under my arms?
Avatar f tn Exactly 2 weeks after the last encounter I have experienced every symptoms mentioned in wikipedia. Low grade fever, heavy chills, sore throat, ulcer in mouth,oral thrush, dry mouth, joint aches, fatigue, hot flashes, sweaty hands and feet, malaise lasted more than 2 months etc,. I didn’t have rash and swallen lymph nodes. But i lost 6 kgs in 2 months I thought almost I am hiv positive because I never had such serious illness.
Avatar m tn For almost all STDs and genital health problems, the test results are far more reliable than symptoms. If you have been tested for herpes, syphilis, HIV, or whatever -- pretty much no matter what you say about symptoms, the negative tests are reliable and the symptoms are not. You do not have whatever STD you tested negative for. Now I have read the qeustion itself. You can be sure you do not have gonorrhea or chlamydia.
Avatar n tn 24 Weeks if Known HIV+ Exposure If you Cant Wait, DNA PCR at 10 Days or More. HIV DUO at 28 Days HIV RNA if You are Experiencing Symptoms diagnosed by HIV Specialist. CD4 Would only Temporarily go Down, the go Back up. Since Most People dont Know their normal CD4 (from 500->1500) It Would Scare you Unecessarily. Iv Learnt Hiv Antibody Test at 6 Week >90%. 12 week >95-99 Depending on Exposure. at 24 Weeks >99% Whatever the Exposure.
Avatar m tn And these are all the symptoms of acute HIV as I've read online. My family doctor said in one month I can do Hep A, B, and C and syphilis test but have to wait 3 months for HIV testing. I'm so paranoid! I asked the girl if she had anything she said she's recently been tested and her doctor said that if she had anything they will contact her, but, they haven't so far, And its been over a month and half, I mean I'd like to believe her but, I dunno why I just don't!
Avatar n tn You were not specific on the symptoms you experience, but my guess is that when you exercise you don't drink water, or you sweat to excess. This will dehydrate you and you will lose salt and other minerals. You can experience shaking of the hands, visual disturbances, headaches, stomach aches, stitches in the sides, exhaustion, low grade temps and other unpleasant symptoms. If this is the case, try drinking a fluid that has minerals in it like Cytomax.
Avatar f tn Here's my Story: In August of 2007 I received unprotected Oral Sex from a hooker, ever since I have been extremely freaked out about possible STD transmission. In November I started to experience a redness on my penis shaft which was accompanied by dry skin (no Sores). Went to the STD clinic they said not herpes, move on with things (tested for syphillis, chlamydia & gonnera all neg).
Avatar m tn Is that real hiv can survive hours in dry blood or liquid in room temperature and if wet weeks like in needles I read it at Wikipedia and aids map I lost my mind that is mean I put my self in risk when I travelled to thailand I haven't involve in sexual activities or needles sharing but using many things there stay in room I have some gum sores in my mouth due to damaged teeth and decay I ate everything in tails d you know high hiv positive people there I don't know should I test know please tel
Avatar n tn In addition to the trivial risk, if any, from such an exposure, it is unlikely your partners had HIV, since people rarely lie about HIV status when asked directly. Your genital area symptoms indeed are typical for prostatitis and/or the chronic pelvic pain syndrome (google that term and for excellent information start your reading with the excellent Wikipedia article that will be near the top of the google hit list).
Avatar m tn i just started worrying i might have hiv after i started getting symptoms similar to hiv symptoms, slight headaches at the forehead during the day,neck and back pain almost the whole day and shoulder muscle pain.i recently changed jobs and i have been working contantly from 8 am in the morning till 6pm in the evening with very little you think this might be because of anxiety,stress and fatigue?
Avatar n tn 1- Is prostatitis a symptom of HIV? 2- Is a white tongue be cause by the infection in prostate? 3- Can prostatitis make me infertile, I want kids. 4- Is masterbating bad or good while in this condition?
Avatar m tn With the HIV tests you have had, it is impossible you have HIV. And oral sex is no risk for HIV anyway! You have been seriously overtested, no matter the exposure or any symptoms you may have experienced. Please accept the scientific evidence and the reasoned reassurance you have had from your doctor, perhaps others, and now this forum. You do not have HIV, should not have any more tests for it, and should stop searching the web or any other sources about this.