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Avatar m tn com say ars temp can be mild but freedom health says ars fever are high temperature 2. Wikipedia and many websites say acute hiv symptoms occur 2-4 weeks after exposure but says ars can occur upto 2 months. I agree that symptoms are variable. Shall anyone give clarity on above.
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Avatar f tn You had protected sex, and if your protection remained intact, did not fail then you have no reason to worry about.
Avatar n tn I saw that Wikipedia (again a site made by everyday people but still a good site for info) claims that 80-90 percent of people infected with HIV will get symptoms..
Avatar m tn I posted a question yesterday about the odds of getting hiv from having protected sex with a transsexual CSW. I got some reassuring feedback from some of the forum members mainly if I used a condom correctly and it didn't fail/rip i should be fine.
Avatar n tn i got soo scared and develioped abdominal pain and paniked when i read that rash followed by abdominal pain on 6 weeks is a sign of HIV infection according to wikipidia. i lost a couple of kgs and then i said i had to go see my doctor. i told the doctor about everything and he told me not to worry and that i donmt even need testing becuase i was protected. i also got a stomach bug and got it treated buy doctor. i tested after the 3 months mark using rapid test it was -ve.
Avatar m tn hi everyone i have protected sex and oral sex without condom, since i feel nothing as they explained the signs and the symptoms on wikipedia, also its been a long time since i have those sex. should i worried about it?
Avatar m tn I am absolutely not questioning your expertise, but on wikipedia it is stated that oral sex has a risk for HIV, albeit very small (1 per 10,000). And is it possible to have HIV for 11 years and not having any complaints at all?
Avatar m tn For them to begin three days after an exposure is too soon for HIV symptoms to occur and the sorts of symptoms you describe are not typical for recntly acquired HIV either. Mouth sores, the pains you mention and increased saliva are not symptoms of HIV. Your CBC is not markedly abnormal and is not worrisome, not for HIV or any other serious illness. As for your specific questions: Does this seem likely? No, for all of the reasons I mentioned above. What are main symptoms of Ars?
Avatar f tn I have read a lot about "invisible cuts" permitting the entry of HIV. Take a look at wikipedia and masturbation. It states that "tiny mico tears" can allow for HIV to enter the body. Is this bs? Or true? Under what circumstances is it true?
Avatar n tn i have developed tonsilities which started troubling me more from mid october i read in wikipedia that acute symptoms start from 14-28 days of exposure to HIV and persists for 1 month at maximum. my questn is why am i not reaching the asymptotic stage of HIV( if i really have HIV) after nearly 3 months?? i am bearing this fever like sensation and tonsilities for 3 months..which is frustrating?? can the cause be any another infection??such as mononucleosis etc etc?
Avatar n tn Be careful reading lists of HIV symptoms on Wikipedia or any other online source. Every symptom caused by acute HIV infection is also caused by large numbers of other medical conditions, most of them much more common than HIV. Despite what you can find on line, symptoms almost never are useful indicators for or against a new HIV infection. In the future, you should avoid putting yourself in the situation you did -- i.e.
Avatar m tn Hello 1- 2 days ago I had protected blowjob (with a condom) with a prostitute and before that I rubbed her vagina for less than 1 minute without a condom. So, in case that woman was HIV positive do you think I could be at risk? 2- If I don't see any flu like symptoms within 2 weeks does that mean I'm fine? 3- When I go back to my country next week, do you think I could have sex with my girlfriend without worrying about transmitting HIV to her?
Avatar m tn Hey- I got similar symptoms and trying to track down what the ARS rash is. One other possibility if you have burning there is that it is the first stages of shingles, which would be a lot less worse than HIV. As far as I know, shingles outbreak could be triggered by any other virus, or just by stress. Can I ask you- what was your source for labelling a sunburn type rash (I have it in the same place, but just on one side of neck) as ARS?
Avatar m tn I am completely overwhelmed by this_ does hiv modify itself in certain population groups? and my symptoms on wikipedia point to hiv infection in the earliest stages (white tongue).Please tell me the facts, i am prepared for the truth however ugly it is...and i fully blame myself for my actions.
Avatar m tn Wikipedia is not a reliable website to gather information about Hiv,infact it's quite poor.Accept the facts and know that you never had a risk.All the best.
Avatar m tn But if so, why there's something we called "ARS" ?