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Avatar m tn Gay men get syphilis in much higher proportions than anyone else. The rash has nothin to do with HIV oral is zero risk for HIV matter what you read on the web. I myself learned this the hard way let me save you some time. Good luck all the best.
1043834 tn?1269046623 I am 80% sure it isn't HIV I just got scared when the rash appered, hope her symptoms have nothing to do with HIV. Sorry again joggen I am kind of a bother.
Avatar n tn Those are not any kind of symptoms of HIV. You did put yourself at risk so you should test.
Avatar m tn Your symptoms are not in specific to HIV ARS. ARS symptoms doesn't happen in the manner you have described. They all come at once and leave at once, very high fever is almost always an important characteristics. (Self diagnosed, 101/102 degree celsius is not high fever) You are most likely going through extreme anxiety and observing your body very closely, these things are anxiety related issues.
Avatar m tn hiv is NOT transmitted through oral sex. if you are having health concerns...see your's not hiv related.
Avatar m tn When trying to figure out what this rash was, I stumbled onto pictures of the HIV rash, it looks very similar to what is on me, which is FREAKING ME OUT! My rash is pinkish, and barely raised off the skins surface... When I first noticed the rash 7 days ago, it looked slightly different than now, it was a bit more pink at that time, and it had like 5 or 6 dots that looked similar to very wimpy pimples with no puss...
Avatar m tn what if a person who didn't test does not show a symptoms how many months will he know he have HIV? If a person shows a symtoms is it always accompanied with fever and lymph nodes?
Avatar n tn You were never at risk, Your symptoms are not due to HIV
Avatar m tn This has been my only possible HIV symptom so far. I guess my question is can I have an HIV rash without any other symptoms accompanying it? I do not know what else can be causing the rash and even though my risk is pretty low I'm getting extremely worried. It's a shame my life can be ruined because of a mistake i attempted to prevent in the first place.
Avatar m tn sorry but thanks
Avatar n tn You describe extremely safe sex, virtually zero risk and negative test at 8 months PROVES that NONE of your symptoms can possibly be due to HIV. See your health care provider if your symptoms continue and you are concerned about them. No continued discussion, please. By forum rules, I should have deleted this question without response.
Avatar m tn Further, since your only symptoms were fever, sore throat and swollen tonsils and neck lymph nodes, these symptoms are not the ARS which has other symptoms as part of it, including rash, muscle aches and diarrhea. I would not worry. If you choose to get tested, at 4 weeks you can get a combination HIV antibody/HIV p24 antigen test which will provide definitive evidence of your assessment status.
Avatar m tn Do all these symptoms are of HIV+ve do you think I have HIV, two days back I went for testing and results are due this Monday and Now every thing is stake including my life. Please Advice.
319532 tn?1250992176 I used to come to this forum many months ago, cuz i thought i caught HIV due to the symptoms i was having, i now know they were due to herpes and not hiv. Now with the dumbest luk in the world am back scared as ever. The prob is i recently had a condom failure with a girl and since then i've been getting the very same symptoms, except fever. Soar throat, muscle and joint pains, headaches, neck pain and one gland in my neck swollen for a couple days.
Avatar n tn But despite the low risk, you should never have contact with other men without revealing your HIV status and asking your partner his. Vaginal sex generally is low risk unless your partner is known to be at high risk for HIV, e.g. injection drug user, commercial sex worker. Statistically, you are a much higher risk for your female partners they they are for you. Presumably you are routinely telling all your partners, male and female, about your genital herpes.
Avatar n tn As for your symptoms, the world is in the middle of an influenza pandemic and other varieties of non-HIV viral infections also are far, far more common than symptoms due to HIV. As we have said repeatedly on this forum, for a person to worry about symptoms as a sign of acute HIV infection is really a huge waste of time. Bottom line, your risk is low and your symptoms do not change this in any way. My advice would be for you and your partner to go get tested.
Avatar m tn As stated earlier, your symptoms are certainly anxiety driven,none of it seems specific to HIV ARS. Refrain from reading about HIV symptoms on the internet, you are clearly imagining what you are reading on to your self. 2. Your risk was very low, it is observed that for a male to contract this virus from a female partner through vaginal intercourse, it usually takes multiple exposures.
Avatar m tn Even if someone was infected , the risk is close to, if not zero anyway. 3. Your symptoms are not worrisome for HIV. When persons get swollen glands from HIV the glands are swollen all over the body and the swelling is typically accompanied by fever, rash, muscle aches and sore throat. Even when the entire set of symptoms is present, only a small fraction of persons turn out to have HIV, the majority having plain old, every day community acquired non-STD viral infections.
Avatar n tn How long does acute HIV rash last, could I be explosed to HIV with NO other symptoms? Would HIV rash go away almost immediately with Zithromoax? I'm freakin' out here and have played Russian Roulette for the LAST time. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Furthermore, in your case, the absence of fever and rash makes it unlikely that your symptoms were due to HIV since when HIV does cause symptoms soon after infection (in most patients, early HIV infection goes unnoticed), fever and a rash are part of the presentation. Now let me provide a bit of reassurance. That your ex may have had 15 or more partners does not by any means make him high risk.
Avatar n tn Don't try and predict HIV infection through symptoms - there are none specific to HIV and all can be caused my much commoner infections. The chance of HIV transmission through a single episode of unprotected vaginal sex is very low (in the region of 1 in 2000). If you live in a developed country, the likelihood your partner was HIV+ is low (~0.1%). Combine the chances and the likelihood of you having caught HIV is 1 in 2 million.
Avatar n tn i have a rash under armpits, and some but not all symptoms. the 3 guys i beleive are hiv- because i know them .... i still beleive there was a risk. i have gotten a std, herpes from one of them. but never have gotten hiv tested... do i need it? i havent been sexually active after those episodes. (thanks to whoever who posts).
Avatar n tn HIV and STDs have never been known to be transmissted by hand-to-genital contact, regardless of lubricating with sexual secretions. Your symptoms do not suggest HIV or any other STD, both by their nature and timing (too soon to be due to HIV). The negative STD tests are reassuring. Your HIV test will be negative. (If positive, you acquired it somewhere else, not during the event you describe.
Avatar n tn I have had similar symptoms for over a year now, recently got tested for chlamidya, gonneria, hiv and was negative, the Dr. said that it wasn't herpes because it is only a rash,no blisters...I have a rash the size of a dime on my penis head, with pin sized bumps, nowhere close to hair follicles, it burns and itches practically constantly...What medical action should I take first, herpes blood test, dermotologist visit, or try to not think about it????
Avatar n tn 3 months post exposure will give you a conclusive result.
Avatar m tn Yesterday was the day that I had my blood drawn for my company paid HIV/HEP test. I told the HIV specialist doctor all my symptoms and showed her several of my rashes along with my recurrent thrush. She did an examination and found that my liver and spleen are swollen by pressing on my abdomen and pressing under my ribs slightly on both sides--it was very incomfortabe. She told me she would be suprised if my HIV results were negative this time.
Avatar m tn not all people that are infected have symptoms nor does it take only ejaculation to transmit HIV. oral sex is not a risk of HIV transmission. You never take anyone's word for their status. A person'a symptoms is diagnosed as ARS after they have received a confirmed HIV postive test result, not before. The only way to know your status is by testing.
Avatar n tn I really hope and pray its not HIV. The chills/abdominal pain/white coating on tongue/weakness all seem to be acute HIV symptoms. The local doc shruggs off HIV, and says it can be something viral but not HIV. If at all anyone has gone through the same or has a hint about it, please suggest. I wouldnt really wanna pay this high a price for my mistake. Sorry for the long post, wanted to mention everything in details.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a few STD symptoms that I'm very concerned may be HIV related or Syphilis at the very least. For the last few months I have been giving regular anon oral sex to men at beats and sometimes swallowing their semen. In the last 2 weeks I came down with a fever for 3 days with flu symptoms and at the same time had a pimple type sore appear on my penis, a week later my throat is still very sore and hurts to swallow, I'm having trouble breathing and have a strange rash on my torso.