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Avatar n tn Those are not any kind of symptoms of HIV. You did put yourself at risk so you should test.
Avatar m tn This has been my only possible HIV symptom so far. I guess my question is can I have an HIV rash without any other symptoms accompanying it? I do not know what else can be causing the rash and even though my risk is pretty low I'm getting extremely worried. It's a shame my life can be ruined because of a mistake i attempted to prevent in the first place.
Avatar f tn I really appreciate and admire the fact there's individuals providing information to help support peace for others . I've also, worked in hiv/aids outreach in Louisiana where I experienced training on prevention and transmission, "including the symptoms". Definitely sorry for the late response, but I had to go back and re-read everything you've elaborated to me.
Avatar f tn oral sex is not risky. but I had symptoms such as fever, rash on the right hand around 20 points, oral candidiasis, muscle aches, and fatigue. I am very afraid of it .. Can Gerd's disease cause the above symptoms ??. April 25 (35 days) I did a rapid HIV antibody test and the result was negative (waited 15 minutes). can i get help and advice from everyone..i plan to start a new life well, and obey religion.
Avatar n tn Most say that the latest ARS symptoms end around 6 weeks. Is it possible that can have a rash due to HIV 14 weeks after exposure? How long does ARS typically last? What other std's cause body rashes?
Avatar f tn testing tells the truth about having HIV and symptoms usually do not. Even with the most classical symptoms, ARS is a less common cause than other viruses, even in people at high risk, and you are correct that absence of rash and lymph node enlargement argues against HIV. Although colds and flu indeed are most common in colder months, they are not rare in the summer. In any case, you need HIV testing to know for sure, and you should not wait to do it.
Avatar f tn OK long story short I have made some stupid mistaken in my past and hate caused myself great anxiety by reading other sites without coming here first because of the straight forward answering any who about sometime last year in September order October I had unprotected vaginal sex with a women who was 50 I am 26 she said she was clean also married and was not a drug user or street worker just a women who no longer was getting attention from her husband, also I have gotten several blow jobs perf
Avatar m tn Protected sex is no risk of HIV. You dont have HIV. As for your other symptoms. I am not a Dr. But it sounds like anxaity to me. Just calm down. HIV is not a concern. As for STDs you will have to post in the STD fourm.
Avatar m tn Gay men get syphilis in much higher proportions than anyone else. The rash has nothin to do with HIV oral is zero risk for HIV matter what you read on the web. I myself learned this the hard way let me save you some time. Good luck all the best.
Avatar m tn hiv is NOT transmitted through oral sex. if you are having health concerns...see your's not hiv related.
Avatar f tn Furthermore, in your case, the absence of fever and rash makes it unlikely that your symptoms were due to HIV since when HIV does cause symptoms soon after infection (in most patients, early HIV infection goes unnoticed), fever and a rash are part of the presentation. Now let me provide a bit of reassurance. That your ex may have had 15 or more partners does not by any means make him high risk.
Avatar n tn The symptoms you describe several weeks after the exposure are also not consistent with the symptoms of recently acquired HIV- the rash tends to be much more generalized, not localized as you describe and is typically accompanied by high fever, sore throat, muscle and joint aches. Thus I am confident that the symptoms you describe are due to something other than HIV. As for your recent symptoms, these too are non-specific.
Avatar m tn t have any medical training, so it is unrealistic for you to fixate on HIV and what you think are HIV symptoms then conclude that you are proving you have HIV.
Avatar f tn Some people don't have any symptoms, reason symptoms are not discussed.
Avatar m tn My girlfriend has not been having same symptoms at same time minus any rash. Does this sound like hiv?? Should i be freaking out as much as i am?? Please help. Im told i need to wait two more months for a test to truly telle if i got it. How sould i feel?? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/HIV-Prevention/ARS-RASH/show/1358986">ARS RASH?</a>.
Avatar m tn t test does not show a symptoms how many months will he know he have HIV? If a person shows a symtoms is it always accompanied with fever and lymph nodes?
Avatar m tn Your symptoms are not in specific to HIV ARS. ARS symptoms doesn't happen in the manner you have described. They all come at once and leave at once, very high fever is almost always an important characteristics. (Self diagnosed, 101/102 degree celsius is not high fever) You are most likely going through extreme anxiety and observing your body very closely, these things are anxiety related issues.
Avatar n tn What does an HIV rash look like and can it be anywhere on the body? How long will it last and does the rash go away with something like Benadryl or Claritan?
Avatar m tn Ok heres the deal, I've recently been exposed to HIV, I was messing around with this girl i noticed a rash on her arm but didn't pay it attention. I was drunk and high on coke. I had on protection but while i was getting ready to insert her. I licked my fingers and rub her for lube than i accidentally licked those fingers again. Two weeks later i was sick with Mono like symptoms, dry tongue white hairys, and now I'm noticeing a rash in my trunk!
Avatar f tn Are these symptoms of new HIV infection. I have scheduled a test for a 4th gen test for Friday because it will make the 4 week mark.
Avatar n tn Remember, however, that symptoms, even all of the above listed symptoms, do not equal HIV disease. There are many illnesses that can cause these symptoms. The only way to know if you've contracted HIV is to get tested. and only 50% of hiv positive people had the symptoms and they appeared 2-4 weeks after exposure.