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Avatar m tn HI all, this is my story. I had unprotected vaginal intercourse with a CSW. I was so drunk I didn't think. From the very next day I freaked out totally. And more when I discovered, 9 days after the incident, that my tongue was white with red zones. Quite horrifying. Then I began to suffer headaches, tingling sensations, back pain, canker sores...etc. I was pretty convinced i had HIV. But at five weeks and five days after the incident, i tested negative with a duo test.
Avatar n tn This is my one big concern. I had shingles one week after possible exposure to hiv. This has had me freaked out for 5 months now. I was tested at 3 and 6 weeks and also 82 days. But im still scred ********. iv had nausea for weeks now and im scared that could be because of hiv. What do i do. I just want to relax my tongue has also been burning on and off for about the same time as the nausea. Has anyone else had these symptoms?
Avatar f tn My boyfriend told me he got oral sex from some girl... within one week, he got fever and chills. We had sex the day before his symptoms and he ejaculated inside me... He was previously infected with genital herpes but was not in a visible, active outbreak.... So I know his risk for HIV is higher than someone without herpes...What am I at risk for?
Avatar n tn Could my Twinrix Hep A and B shot that I received delay the hiv antibody tests, I received it one week after my exposure.
Avatar m tn I thought ars must came all together at once,, it happens after 7 weeks after possible exposure. I mean, does symptoms of hiv/std last more than a week!? Because mine lasted not even 3 days at max... Eventhough I'm facing symptoms... Why does it comes TWO months after exposure (with condoms) my question is... Is there and related std hiv symptoms that comes and goes one by one and got taken care of the next morning? Is this possible? Really curious. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Your risk is pretty low, since penetration was protected. Its still possible, but without symptoms, I don't see a big need to test. You wouldn't get symptoms of HIV in 3 months - you'd test positive if you had it. It could be years and years before you'd get symptoms of HIV, and what you did is really low risk for HIV - I wouldn't worry about that at all.
Avatar f tn your sore throat is a coincidence and is not due to HIV. Your blood tests, both the 8 week HIV 1/2 EIA and the oral swab test taken at 83 days are completely definitive and indicate that you do not have HIV from your past exposure. Don't worry. there is no need for further tested related to your past exposure.
Avatar m tn t have any symptoms, I just one think about my symptoms had you find my any symptoms hiv related.
Avatar f tn Thought I would update everyone. Right now I have officially made it one week since my last pill! I have pretty much no withdrawal symptoms anymore. However, I have been having the RLS start at night now. It's like I have developed actual RLS that is unrelated to the withdrawal. It feels kind of different, and with my withdrawals it was my whole body, this is just my legs. Anyone had this happen?
Avatar m tn my question is, can I take my 8 and 9 week negative as not having contracted HIV?,, I am going to retest at 13 weeks though with p24 antigen, full panel STD. I am freaking out about these symptoms since I never had anything like this before..did my one time exposure lead to being infected..thanks for your response and all the best.
Avatar m tn You just guessed that you have Hiv, then examined your body until you could find something that you think are Hiv symptoms, then concluded that you have proven HIV - your thinking is unscientific.
Avatar m tn Dr HHH- I am in need of your advice. Unfortunately I had unprotected vaginal and anal sex with Black CSW from a low class burdel in Europe in early Sept 2012 (? HIV status) Two-three wks later I developed a severe soar throat followed by a nasty rash in the inner aspect of my egs extending to my ankles- it was red , bumpy and quite itchi (urticaria-like rash) and lasted for 1 week or so.
Avatar n tn Is that sore palate itchy is HIv symptoms?after my risks 2 week ago my sore palate have keep itchy and i keep feel i'm this is alergy or hiv symptoms?
1043834 tn?1269043023 Hey my 6-week HIV was a negative. The doctor told me not to worry he just urged me to get tested at six months, just to be sure. I will go next month after the 26th to check and hopefully will be neg. I started taking aximocillin for the strange ear infection that come from the swollen limp nodes in my neck.
Avatar n tn Through some resources I came to know that most of the people about 90% test postive by week 4, 95% week 8 and 99% by week 12. only 1% people take longer than 12 weeks and these are the people on high dose medications such as people with organ transplant, Cancer patient, People on PEP etc. Their bodies are unable to produce antibodies because the high dose medication they take supresses the Virus and in reaction the immune system is unable to produce antibodies.
Avatar m tn i had this same pain under left armpit about a week ago but it went away within one to two days. can you give me your opinion.
Avatar n tn If your condom stayed intact, you did the right thing and had safe sex, which is a no risk situation for HIV, symptoms are never a clear indication of HIV to vague and mirror other bugs out there such as flu