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Avatar m tn hello all..i know first of hiv symptoms get a flu-like illness within three to six weeks after exposure to the virus. This illness, called Acute HIV Syndrome, may include fever, headache, tiredness, nausea, diarrhoea and enlarged lymph nodes (organs of the immune system that can be felt in the neck, armpits and groin). These symptoms usually disappear within a week to a month and are often mistaken for another viral infection.
Avatar m tn Today is the 7days after exposure. 1st week already..No serious symptoms shown except some micro insect bite(sometimes itchy) 1 or two. I pray to god for my sins doing adultery.Another checkup end of month Nov.I also send out my blood samples and urine for testing. Please enlightened me Dr..
Avatar f tn Then implantation around week 3 which would be the absolute earliest you could feel symptoms of pregnancy. My first symptoms were sleepiness and dry mouth starting 4-5 days before my 1st missed period. Bloating, gassiness, and morning sickness started in week 6 for me.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor, I had sex with a woman, while doing I drunk her breast milk. After 4 days I got tongue infection, and after 6 days I got strep throat, skin allergy, nausea, sickness, ulcer in the mouth, red spots on tongue, coated mouth, sweating on hand palms and feet. And after 10 days I am feeling chills and body heat. That means I got effected with HIV, my parents are planning for my marriage with in 2 months. Please kindly reply.
Avatar m tn If one has been infected and present some hiv-like symptoms, then the immune system can produce antibodies to fight with the virus, right? If this statement is right, can we say that as long as the symptoms presenting, antibody-based test can detect if one is hiv positive? Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn You just guessed that you have Hiv, then examined your body until you could find something that you think are Hiv symptoms, then concluded that you have proven HIV - your thinking is unscientific.
Avatar f tn your sore throat is a coincidence and is not due to HIV. Your blood tests, both the 8 week HIV 1/2 EIA and the oral swab test taken at 83 days are completely definitive and indicate that you do not have HIV from your past exposure. Don't worry. there is no need for further tested related to your past exposure.
Avatar m tn Thus even before testing there was very little risk for HIV. You symptoms following the first encounter started too soon to be related to HIV and diarrhea by itself is not a sign of HIV either. With this as background, let's deal with your questions: 1. See above. Your symptoms are not concerning for HIV. furthermore when there is a discrepancy between test results and symptoms, you should always believe the tests. 2.
Avatar n tn hi! I had sex with a woman without condom... One day after that I hat temperature-not high 38 ...I don't have any other symptoms for now-maybe it is just cold...Is it possible hiv simptoms to start so fast-one or 2 days after exposure???
Avatar n tn I have been have symptoms of dry throat(not hurting).
Avatar m tn I know a lot of so called experts seem to think 6 weeks is extremely encouraging and have never seen a 6 week neg turn poz at 12...Am I going to be the first? Do my symptoms and the length of time of symptoms sound like ARS...
Avatar n tn Can I just put this behind me? It seems like the first round of symptoms appeared so soon that they could not be HIV, but I cant seem to forget it. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I started having symptoms before I even knew I was pregnant.. I took a test at 6 weeks & was instantly nauseous that NIGHT!!! lol but, 2 weeks before then was when I had the super, super, super sore boobs, nipples, and they itcheddddd so bad - so technically I was 4 weeks pregnant when my symptoms started. I'd say you MAY have gotten lucky & surpassed some of them, but I've seen where some mommies didn't get any symptoms until week 10, 11, etc.
Avatar f tn You don't have HIV, you've never had an exposure.
Avatar n tn Bad thing he had a poor oral hygien and tooth decay! I had acute hiv-like symptoms 1 week post exposure! Fever, sore throat and rash! Please tell me what is the possibility of contracting Hiv through kissing and if the symptoms can appear 1 week or less after exposure!
Avatar f tn Hi. I had unprotected sex with a sex worker sometimes around september. The first week i feel alright but the second week i experience swollen ulcer below my teeth and lymph node under my jaws. I had a mild sorethroat, malaise and dizzy too. I am now in my third week and now i sometimes feel cold and tired easily. I started to freak out when i read an article about hiv symptoms. Am i at risk?
Avatar m tn Coughing, sore throat, running nose and temperature again 37 C. During the previous week I experienced many of the symptoms of HIV: muscle pain in the legs, tenderness in the area of the groins, sore throat, high temperature, headaches. Yesterday some red spots emerged on my right hand. I think I have acne on my face not as usual as I normally do. I am really scared. I made tast again on the 9th week. It was negative. Now it is my 10th week and I really don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn Following the 15 week result I was confident that I was HIV negative, but in the last week , with the blood results and the angular cheilitis IN ADDITION to the symptoms I already have - I am thinking- what on earth can explain my current state besides HIV? Mono (Epstein barr) is not associated with things like sebhorreic dermatitis or angular cheilitis or chronic loose stools. Dr.