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Avatar m tn hello all..i know first of hiv symptoms get a flu-like illness within three to six weeks after exposure to the virus. This illness, called Acute HIV Syndrome, may include fever, headache, tiredness, nausea, diarrhoea and enlarged lymph nodes (organs of the immune system that can be felt in the neck, armpits and groin). These symptoms usually disappear within a week to a month and are often mistaken for another viral infection.
936016 tn?1332769204 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar m tn Today is the 7days after exposure. 1st week already..No serious symptoms shown except some micro insect bite(sometimes itchy) 1 or two. I pray to god for my sins doing adultery.Another checkup end of month Nov.I also send out my blood samples and urine for testing. Please enlightened me Dr..
Avatar m tn i had expose to a sex during first week of Feb'11. First week of March, 11 i got effected with cold/flu like situation. Also felt little bit fever and one ulcer type bleeding cut in mouth. On 26th march (7 weeks) i went for a hiv test, which comes to negative report. Against after one week i felt senseless and feeling of weight loss (feeling). I went to a doctor alongwith the report, he test normally and told nothing to worry.
Avatar m tn HI I had a unprotected oral sex about 7 weeks ago and I tested(4th generation anti hiv test) for hiv in week 3,week 5,week 6 after exposure, all was negative . but from first day after the exposure I have many hiv symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, tongue candida,stomachache. also now after 7 weeks my nails have straight line and I have constipation. I want to know am I hiv positive or not is it possible that my test result after 12 weeks became positive? why I have all of these symptoms ?
Avatar n tn i had unprotected oral and vaginal sex from a female about 4 months ago, and just recently started having the symptoms of hiv. first it was a chesty cough, then strain like headaches all the time. about a week later i noticed my tongue was white and i had some white sludge on the very back of my tongue that would scrape off. all of these symptoms point toward hiv. i got a test done and it came back negative, i know i sound paranoid but would just like an explanation.
Avatar m tn I also had unprotected oral and protected oral with same girl about 3 weeks later. Around the first week of January some sores showed on my testicles. They were painless, fluidless. They were circular. I had negative hiv antibody test (blood test) on 31 January. Are sores signs of hiv? So scared right now. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Hi. I had unprotected sex with a sex worker sometimes around september. The first week i feel alright but the second week i experience swollen ulcer below my teeth and lymph node under my jaws. I had a mild sorethroat, malaise and dizzy too. I am now in my third week and now i sometimes feel cold and tired easily. I started to freak out when i read an article about hiv symptoms. Am i at risk?
Avatar m tn I made test (test for antibodies) again after the 8th week. It was negative again. But I am living in hell now. I think about HIV all the time. I read a lot about symptoms of HIV on the internet ever since the exposure. My main question is : Is this a very possible to be HIV ? Thank you in advance I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Avatar f tn If someone has unprotected sex with a person whose HIV status is unknown, then a week or so later, they have a cold and diahrrea..would this count as 'symptoms'? Or would the cold and diahrrea have to last for a long time and make the person seriously ill, before it's thought of as symptoms?
Avatar f tn decreased appetite, weakness, fatigue, sore throat, pain in my neck, occassional chills, 13 pound weight loss. Can I rely on my 10 week hiv test? are all these symptoms of mono? am so worried. I've never been this sick before.
Avatar n tn Unprotected sex would warrant testing 2. The symptoms that you describe is too unspecific when it comes to HIV. HIV ARS rash is not itchy and most of the time it appears on the trunk of the body, swelling of nodes associated with HIV is not painful, fever associated with the virus is very high and doesn't subside within matter of few hours. Also, ARS symptoms show up together and subsides all at once. 3.
Avatar f tn symptoms cant and dont diagnose hiv...ppl in this forum come with numeroussss symptoms but end up testing dont worry about your symptoms..
Avatar f tn The dipping may be a very slight risk, if by dipping you mean brief unprotected vaginal insertion, however your symptoms have come on far too late to be anything to do with HIV, as I said you have had a very very low risk, but it is still a risk, you can test now to obtain a conclusive result (unless you have had nay other exposures since), I am confident it will be ok.
Avatar m tn so im not sure when and where i was exposed but on the month of may i was infected with gonorrhea which i had taken antibiotics to treat it. my symptoms started two or three weeks after..I have tested for hiv on the month of july which tested negative and again i have tested exactly after 22 days on august which tested negative too. my doc told me that i might not be infected but asked me to test again after 3 months. the test they use is combaids rs advantage st.
Avatar n tn Your spot on your tongue also does not sound like any of the common symptoms for acute hiv. Finally, you should not be looking for symptoms, that is not wise and will lead you to believe symptoms for hiv are present when they are not there- like the rash on your leg which would not be a result of hiv. The likelihood of you acquiring hiv from a minute of unprotected intercourse, with a portion of the populaiton that rarely has hiv in the first place is very very small.
Avatar n tn The one thing that does keep turning up in my research as my symptoms persist and continue to evolve is HIV. I've ordered my Home Access test and figure it will be at least two weeks until I have results, and those results will only show antibodies at about the 45 days post-possible exposure stage. In the meantime, can anyone tell me if these symptoms sound like any acute HIV infection they have ever heard of? How about any other std?
Avatar m tn I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions it really has helped me get hiv out of my head. Would you suggest a 12 week test or is the 10.5 week blood test sufficient enough?
Avatar n tn I understand that I need to get tested for HIV and other std's but do the symptoms described above seem like initial HIV Symptoms? 3. When the lymph nodes swell due to HIV do they swell significantly to a size of pea or are they very minor swelling? I am really stressed out about this. Due to my anxiety i will get tested at 3,5,12 weeks. I can't focus at work and keep thinking about this all the time. Thanks in advance for your help.
Avatar m tn There has never in the 30+ year HIV/aids epidemic been a case accuired from oral sex I'm sure you won't be the first! Transmission of hiv happens inside the body!!!Relax as far as the brown spots they are Prob just freckles and have never noticed before cause now u are examining you body like never before you are gonna notice things u didn't notice before! Stress and anxiety can cause many symtoms! Condom= safesex no risk !!
Avatar m tn Welcome to our Forum. I see that you have asked the same question earlier of Dr. Handsfield and have asked this questions as two separate questions on this Forum. I have deleted your second question on this Forum and have read Dr. Handsfield’ response to you. I agree with what he has said to you. The exposure you describe was no risk for HIV. Even if your partner had HIV and that is unlikely, condom protected sex is safe sex and does not put you at risk for HIV.
Avatar m tn So was the test i had a good indication that i don't have hiv or could these symptoms indicate that i do have hiv.. since i got my results back night sweats stopped but since i got a sore throat they have came back.. and sometimes I get muscle aches but it comes and goes like almost feels like it bruised or something.
Avatar m tn your 13 week negative hiv test is RELIABLE and CONCLUSIVE...PROVING that you do NOT have hiv. if you are having health concerns...see your's NOT hiv related. kindly move have a conclusive result and this forum has nothing left to offer.
936016 tn?1332769204 It lasts about two to three months, though the symptoms will last for a shorter period. Seroconversion is also known as acute HIV infection. The symptoms of an HIV infection are often described as ‘flu-like,’ the most common are fever and chills, swollen glands, a sore throat (with or without ulcers), anaemia and rash, particularly on the upper body.
Avatar m tn i am goign for a test next week and that will be 4weeks. so.. (a) whats my chances of hiv based on these symptoms? (b0 does lubrication decrease sexual safetey even when a condom is used? (c) this quote especially had made me paranoid ... "Unfortunately, many people's first symptom of HIV involves the respiratory system, illustrating why HIV testing is so important.
Avatar m tn I took an quick hiv test the first week of October which was negative and a full blood test a day later and was negative. Std I now have stomach noises, burping, and sharp, pinprick pains in my hands and feet. I have pain in my uretha and in my groin area sometimes. All the pains are off and on. I feel guilty and anxious. I am taking my 3 month test in a couple weeks. How does it look for me? Do the symptoms I describe sound like HIV?