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Avatar m tn my symptoms are as follow : i think i caught a minor cold which causes throat infection for me . Through the throat infection i got swollen lymph nodes on my neck and armpit and i also got rashes all over my body . the question is will cold causes so many kind of symptoms because i'm afraid of getting hiv as i received oral sex in a massage center by the first time... so regret now and i need serious help here...
Avatar m tn It looks to my like you have a typical cold. When it comes to HIV symptoms, there is usually a very high fever. Like 102-103 high, One that can keep you bedridden for a few days.
Avatar n tn Yes,they are classic ARS symptoms but as you would be aware hiv is not diagnosed on the basis of symptoms alone.Infact only an hiv test taken at the right time can provide you with a conclusive result.Remember that not everyone that has become infected will get symptoms.A test result at 3 months post-exposure will answer all your questons.All the best.
Avatar n tn The first symptoms of HIV infection, acute HIV infection, occur about 1 to 4 weeks after the virus was transmitted. Signs and symptoms are not reliable indications of HIV infection and the occurrence will vary from one to another. Some people with HIV infection have no recollection of an acute infection stage. Acute HIV infection can last from one to three weeks.
Avatar m tn Most people woudl have a high fever, fatigue, malaise, sore throat, diarrhoea, a rash, palapble glands, etc. Mainly severe flu-like symptoms; cold symptoms are different to flu. A cold would give symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection, not necessarily with a raised temperature, but a runny nose, sneezing, congestion, cough and catarrh.
Avatar f tn symptoms cant and dont diagnose hiv...ppl in this forum come with numeroussss symptoms but end up testing dont worry about your symptoms..
Avatar f tn What does an hiv rash look like? I have something under my eye that is developing. It kind of looks like a pimple, but it's not one. It itches and it's a little red. I also think it's scabbing over. Also, I'm just now getting over a bad cold that I had for 4 weeks. Sinus pressure, nasal congestion, fever, headachesn etc. I took antibitiotics and it just went away. I think I got my mom suck from it, too. She had the same symtpoms for the same amount of time.
Avatar m tn While the timing of your symptoms, and some of your symptoms themselves, are consistent with a new HIV infection, absence of fever is strong evidence against acute HIV as the cause. In addition, HIV doesn't cause isolated lymph node enlargement only in one or two area, such as the head and neck or an armpit. I'm not sure what you mean by "ratio of transmission".
Avatar f tn If someone has unprotected sex with a person whose HIV status is unknown, then a week or so later, they have a cold and diahrrea..would this count as 'symptoms'? Or would the cold and diahrrea have to last for a long time and make the person seriously ill, before it's thought of as symptoms?
Avatar n tn gave me 2 days worth of valtrex which I took along with topical med for cold sore. About a day after the cold sore I started to have severe flu symptoms fever, loss of appetite, weakness, tiredness, chills and some burning and tingling sensation on my feet and hand. I was worried that I may be HIV positive so did a antibody test a 6 weeks after possible exposure and a PCR/DNA test at 6 weeks which both came negative.
Avatar n tn hi! I had sex with a woman without condom... One day after that I hat temperature-not high 38 ...I don't have any other symptoms for now-maybe it is just cold...Is it possible hiv simptoms to start so fast-one or 2 days after exposure???
Avatar n tn I recently had my first primary herpes simplex 1 outbreak about 4 weeks ago. Cold sores on my lips and chin and also has severe flu symptoms, fever, weakness, drowsiness, and chill in the first few days. All those symptoms are gone now except for tiredness and joint and muscle aches. It will be 4 weeks in on wedneday and wanted to see if these symptoms are typical of primary herpes outbreak and do they usualy last this long?
Avatar f tn Those symptoms are common to billions of negative people so you should stop examining your body cold turkey and stop googling "symptoms" cold turkey because symptoms are not an hiv diagnostic.
Avatar n tn Do these symtoms (sinus infection,cough,and sore throat resemble hiv infection? Are these symptoms of hiv infection and what are my chances of getting hiv from recieving oral sex twice and giving oral sex to one of the girls. No vaginal or anal sex at all were performed. I am a male and full of anxiety.
Avatar m tn Yesterday night I myself concluded that I have HIV because I got symptoms like fever, cold and throat pain after the above said incident. I also heard that acute HIV symptoms has fever,cold and throat pain (Flu like Illness). I should have medical test in coming week or month by the company to get visa. Please advice me. I am very much anxious. Please Please Please.................
Avatar n tn 1) Acute HIV symptoms usually start 10-20 days after exposure. It is not possible for symptoms to start as soon as 2 days. Six weeks might be possible but very rarely. 2) You are correct: fever is almost always a feature of new HIV infections. Absence of fever is strong evidence against HIV as the cause. You are also correct that the symptoms you describe, without fever, almost certainly are due to something other than HIV.
Avatar m tn Sounds like you have a cold. You did not have an HIV risk.