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Avatar f tn t start till June I can go to class next quarter Yahoo. Even if USC changes my mind about who does it I can still push it off till summer. I can't stay home I just can't.
Avatar n tn I went for a general check up and had a lab test again for hiv and a full blood count-Negative hiv, and Normal blood count.Is this satisfactory of having escaped HIV infection?-I still have a fury white tongue and even though I am recieving therapy I am scared of being involved with someone.I could have bet everything I had that I was infected but the tests say otherwise...
Avatar f tn Scroll to the bottom of this page and see the Health Pages link(blue Health Pages this is a hyper link) click on it ...once it opens in the health Pages u can look at all the is titled Links.
Avatar n tn They was dried blood on the ground for about 12 hours then it rained and i slipped and feel right into it! Would HIV reactive if the blood dried then got wet in the rain??
Avatar m tn blade used blade he asked in yahoo answers, questions f rom 5 months but lastly he have HIV. please see the yahoo answers link.(THANKS FOR REPLAY)http://*****************/activity/qa?show=WiSfY7PHaa&link=question please see the link.(its not information).
Avatar f tn I walked to the library without stopping and back (with a bathroom break and grabbed a couple of books inbetween) with the walker. I wasn't able to do it without stopping a lot 2 weeks ago. Yahoo. Oh and I started PT exercises on Thursday. It went well. I'm still working on getting off the walker.
Avatar m tn The symptoms of HIV should not be used to diagnose or detect the condition, and are symptoms that could indicate many many other conditions. HIV is often without symptoms. However those that do develop symptoms normally do so 2-4 weeks after exposure.
Avatar m tn HIV is unable to reproduce outside its living host (unlike many bacteria or fungi, which may do so under suitable conditions), except under laboratory conditions; therefore, it does not spread or maintain infectiousness outside its host.
Avatar m tn When was the exposures and if its been 12/13 weeks a test now for HIV would be conclusive.. Symptoms are never a valid indicator for HIV....
Avatar f tn If the strange "fluid" still new? the probability infected with hiv also zero?? I'm a bit confius with the yahoo answer that say hiv does not die outside the body..i have no idea which one i should trust until i make decision to join this forum..
Avatar n tn Sorta got robbed there it's yahoo ******* and I forgot the link besides but it's liver stuff that has taken my head and hid it. Good luck!! sgt_ike74
Avatar n tn Last 2 weeks i did oral sex with Male - Men sex men . I received oral sex from him .Don't know HIV status . He did oral sex for me only 4 or 5 seconds then i stopped . Tomorrow , i saw my skin on penis has a very very small scratch . No hurt , no bleeding . And now i got glossitis . No anal sex . Now i am totally worry whether i got HIV from him . I am worrying that if he has injuries in his mouth and his blood transfer to me .
Avatar m tn Hi the doctor gave me urbanol and some chill pills but its not taking the symptoms away its 5 weeks of these symptoms im going out of my mind
Avatar n tn But i cannot accept this statement even though i know that i am not infected. I always search for HIV symptoms . I got rash on my back and feet tingling. I don't know what is the cause of this. But people say it is anxiety. What i need to do to get rid of my irrational fear ? Sometimes it's get uncontrolled and i feel like strange living in this world. I suffer from this mental disorder for 2 years. PLEASE HELP ME BY SUGGESTING A GOOD WAY ?
563594 tn?1309583132 hi guys. okay, most of you already know that I was addicted to norco(10mgvicodin) for about 4 years.Now I've gone to see my PCP and he has now give me 2mg of xanax a day and 10mg of lexapro. He also wants to send me to see a mental health specialist, BIG problem with that is, I don't have mental health coverage. My biggest question is, to those of you that have been clean..for even say a couple you believe this is necessary?!
Avatar f tn thankkss alooot i mean i posted this same question n yahoo nd this chik is like you might have aids im like wtf i got soo scared
Avatar f tn Hi doctor,i realised that am hep b last year and now I have some scary symptoms such as loose stole,tired and some time swollen and nausea are this symptoms for hiv or hep b please help
Avatar f tn The problem with Googling symptoms is that you will almost always find something that confirms the worst. With HIV there's the theoretical risk, which exists, and the real risk, which is that the theoretical risk has never resulted in anyone getting HIV. Real world vs. scientific possibility. Scientists don't talk like the folks over on the HIV forum. They talk in terms of science, which is the search for truth, not truth itself.
Avatar n tn Please seek medical advice because rectal bleeding is never normal. Type in rectal bleeding to google/yahoo etc to find a posting that described symptoms, causes, treatments etc etc. Depending on your age, causes can be more minor - but the more sinister causes tend to occur after age ~ 40. If your dcotor is at all vague, then I suggest that you insist on a colonoscopy.
Avatar m tn If these symptoms were due to hiv would my test three weeks later have been positive.
Avatar f tn How long can hiv live on a vibrator if a girls vaginal fluid got on it say someone used it thats hiv positve then and hiv negative person uses it about an ourh later but evrey thing on its drie would the virus most likeley be dead by then? wat r the chances PS YAHOO ANSEWERS COMMUNITY SUCKS THEY DO NOT NO ****!!!
Avatar m tn i forgett on here but teak mentioned a certain test in which hiv+ and hiv- partners were given a test and the hiv- parner didnt catch hiv from their hiv + partner, from what i understand saliva dissables the hiv and makes it inactive. relax bro ur hell of young to be worring about this man even the doctors on the expert forum agree no risk man. hope this helps bro.