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Avatar m tn 1) I receive many different information about HIV window period,(6-8 weeks,3month and also 6 month) in Malaysia the doctor told me is 6 month. which one is the actual window period for hiv?? 2)why different country has the different window period?? 3) in the worldwide is that any country still using the 1st and 2nd generation of hiv test?? By the way, I have the negative hiv antibody test in 6 weeks and 12 weeks and negative rapid test in 7 weeks.
Avatar n tn I checked online and this signs were identical to early hiv symptoms. I'm suspecting that the condom maybe faulty or expired. I'm really scare right now. this week I will be going for a blood test. Base on what I wrote what will be the results of my test?
786232 tn?1241745656 Can i ignore the HIV infection and move on?? 2. Test lab in Malaysia mostly using blood to detect Chlamydia antibody (IGG). Very difficult to get urine / swab test for Chlamydia & Gonorrhea. They said the test is accurate to detect infection. Is it true?? 3. Is the STD test accurate after 8 months possible exposure. Thanks.
Avatar n tn other than that never experienced any symptoms as the malaysia trip was in late July 05'. My wife and I were both recently tested for HIV and I'm curious what the chances are of testing positive for HIV considering the unprotected sex was with a girl from 3rd world country with high rate of stds and HIV? Also we have been given antibiotics for the Chlamydia, and was curious if after it goes away is there ever a chance of this returning in the future?
Avatar m tn Had sex at a massage place in Malaysia. First time ever having sex with a prostitute....and forever regretting it and paying for it mentally everyday! She gave me a handjob then put the condom on. She then gave me oral. Afterwards we had just vaginal sex with the condom on. I ejaculated inside her with the condom on. I would have to say the whole time having sex i wasn't 100 percent hard.....but I don't remember the condom ever coming off completely...I definitely would have noticed....
Avatar m tn Second, the series of test results that came back negative should be definite fact that you do not have HIV. 12 weeks (3 months) is conclusive and symptoms that continue after 12 weeks are not related to HIV. You must get these symptoms checked out by either your general physician or clinic physician for diagnosis. I cannot tell you whether you've taken the right type of HIV test or if your lymph node and white spot is related to HIV, you need to pay for the real experts to tell you that.
Avatar m tn You don't have HIV. Move on with your life.
Avatar m tn OK - so I guess it is alright to assume I can have unprotected sex with my gf? Thanks.
Avatar m tn sorry but thanks
Avatar f tn Hey guys. British guy working in Malaysia. So a few weeks ago I slept with a Chinese-Malaysian girl form East Malaysia. We had sex 4 times, used a condom for 3 of them and the last time I stupidly had unprotected sex for around 3 minutes or so. Also the condoms I got where too big (was so nervous buying them in the shop I got the xl ones lol) So the day after I started to get a rash which went down after a while then came back last week.
Avatar m tn but i believe that condoms i used didnt break, tear or slipped.. so why am i having all these symptoms? am i infected by hiv? plz help me.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with a girl(Pro) in Malaysia. The encounter did not last long and I stopped short of ejaculation. This occurred during the first week of December. During my flight back, I noticed that my legs were in severe pain. Probably due to an 18 hour flight and minimal movement. The pain persisted for a week. Then I started having yellowish discharge and a constant burning in my penis. I saw my dr. he told me that I probably had gonorrhea or clamydia.
Avatar m tn You may go for PCR RNA or HIV Duo (Antibody+Antigen) Do not pay attention towards symptoms, they do not mean much and often confusing and misleading, just believe in the test report. You may keep your medicines in refrigerator at a moderately cool temperature but not in the freezer compartment.
Avatar n tn A conclusive negative test is 3 months, doesn't matter what type of test it is. We are not talking a positive test result we are talking a conclusive NEGATIVE. and a DUO test is only one week quicker than a standard ELISA in early diagnosis.
Avatar m tn I didn't have a test at the time because I was not aware of hiv symptoms and thought it was an allergic reaction from soil/insects when I went for a bush walk one day. About a week after this incident I moved to the UK (during winter) and continued to cough for a few weeks until I got new antibiotic medication. I had a similar reaction about 5 months later in the UK when I broke out in a full body rash for no apparent reason. I was not having sex at the time. The rash was itchy.
Avatar m tn im quite confius with this situation and am i at risk of having hiv??? The symptoms is im having a mild headache constantly,shaking hand and leg constantly,muscle pain. Done the hiv screening using InTec advanced quality rapid anti hiv 1&2 (finger prick) on government clinic : 4.
Avatar m tn While waiting for my test results I started looking up the symptoms of HIV and noticed the rash and swelling of lymph nodes is common in hiv infected patients. I don't know that the girl in Malaysia is hiv +ve. She is unaware and taking a test now as I contacted her yesterday. I was assured at the HIV prevention forum that i dont have a risk cause I used protection however I have been freaking out so much over the last couple of days (I should get my results tomorrow).
Avatar f tn i had rule the first generation as the test was performed by detecting hiv 1 and 2. i m actually in malaysia and where their testing equipment might not be as up to date like those in most developed countries.
Avatar m tn I felt pain at my right armpit ( no pain when I press on my armpit and seems like no swollen) last night which is 2 months post the HIV exposure, I have some cough also sometimes due to chest discomfort. Could all these HIV related symptoms? Can you tell me what are the HIV early symptoms? Two months is late for the symptoms of early HIV and most persons who get HIV do not have early symptoms.
Avatar m tn my question is how reliable is rapid test here in malaysia because i ask the clinics they told me 99.8% but i want to know do i need further testing like elisa. the other foundation told me their test is equivalent to EIA. i am scared all these symtoms within the exact ars frame. please help me do i need to test again?
Avatar m tn No muscle wasting does not have anything to do with ARS. HIV has no specific symptoms the only way to know your status is by testing.
Avatar f tn Based on other posts I figured this would be the answer, but the symptoms are either an amazing feat of anxiety, guilt and depression or peculiarly ARS like. My stomach is a mess right now and my throat quite scratchy, though I wouldn't say sore. It comes and goes. I was thinking about getting an HIV RNA qualitative test done at 15 days. Would that provide any accuracy or is it best to wait for 30 days on the DUO? What is the rate of false positives with the RNA?
Avatar m tn And right NOW i neerrvveee is in a wreck Prior returning to Australia, i had gastric problem may be due to over eating hot local food and experienced slight sorethoat which went away already. I underwent a HIV test (Elisa) in Malaysia after 8 days of exposure from the first encounter and it came back negative. I just returned to Australia on 21 April and had a flu injection.
Avatar f tn I am worried that maybe the condom broke without my recollection.
Avatar n tn She tested negative and told me that she tested negative 3 months ago in China ( I do not know how far is this true ) She just came to Malaysia for the past 2 weeks . After 3 weeks , I went for an ELISA test myself . I tested negative . This is the thought that has been banging my head and causing me steepness night for the past month . 1) What if she was in her acute stage of HIV infection when my condom ruptured ( she just got infected ) .
Avatar n tn You never had an exposure so your symptoms don't have anything to do with HIV.
Avatar m tn 4) Am i consider conclusive for HIV Result? In Malaysia, a lot of GP recommend to have 6 month HIV test instead of 3 month which really confuse me. 5) Do i need to follow my GP to go for 6 month HIV test again? 6) I did some general treatment because of mild fever and some other sickness, will medication affect my HIV Result too? 7) Is there any window period for WB and it is reliable for negative result at week 4? Please help me Dr, I'm so worry and confuse.
Avatar n tn This answers all of your HIV questions, and if you can think of any more just reread about the 3. You had zero risk therefore testing is irrelevant to your situation because you had zero risk. HIV is a fragile virus, which is instantly inactivated in air and also in saliva which means it is effectively dead so it can't infect from touching, external rubbing or oral activities.