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Avatar m tn my question is how reliable is rapid test here in malaysia because i ask the clinics they told me 99.8% but i want to know do i need further testing like elisa. the other foundation told me their test is equivalent to EIA. i am scared all these symtoms within the exact ars frame. please help me do i need to test again?
Avatar n tn (MALE) Hi I wanna ask. I had sex with prostitute on February , it was protected vaginal intercourse and unprotected oral sex (giving). then on march had sex with another prostitute, it was also protected vaginal intercourse and unprotected oral sex (receiving). currently now I had red spot all over my chest, it looks like pimples. and i'm having muscle ache. also had sore throat on and off. I checked online and this signs were identical to early hiv symptoms.
Avatar m tn On december of 2009 i had condom failure with a csw which ended her been positive since then i had some clinical symptoms of hiv but tested via ab elisa 1&2. Right now i am on treatment of nystatin for oral thrush and still suffering from severe nuero spasm and swollen neck and pelvic gland. Doctors here highly suspect a virus but which one is the question so they taking different viral analysis but so far nothing found.
Avatar m tn tests in malaysia is upto date and very dont have hiv..
Avatar m tn How long hiv window period in malaysia?i have hiv blood test come back negetive 12week after my exposure?anybody know pathlab in malaysia use what gerenation hiv test (elisa)?
Avatar n tn im from malaysia..86-88 days after unprotected sex exposure rapid test ANTI-HIV I & II : NON REACTIVE (by abbott EIA Method) is that conclusive?and can i stop worry now ?
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor: Sorry I ask the last last two questions again for my poor English understating. Because I don't really understand what do you mean by this sentence "When symptoms and test results disagree, believe the test results"? Is this mean that once the HIV symptoms is presenting, the HIV antibody test will always become detectable when I do the HIV test? I already called my local clinic's doctor and asked he about my HIV test.
Avatar m tn Do the Malaysia hospital test for HIV/AID prior to such operation?
Avatar m tn they are very confident said after 3 month i am very free for hiv. but they also tell me our guidline in malaysia is still 6 month and i need to do a test to get confirmation.
Avatar m tn So from the beginning of March, I always surf the Internet to look for information about HIV, the body rash, oral white spots began to fear they are infected with HIV symptoms. Keep distance with my wife and children.
Avatar m tn after talk with malaysia aids council people they said in malaysia history dont have any people get hiv after 3 months test. most are they test positif before 3 months.
Avatar f tn Im an indonesian 20yrs male student who currently study in malaysia. Had an possible risky exposure back in 17 july. I was drunk and had sex with a csw in malaysia. first she put a lube to my penis for a handjob (dont know the lube she used) then we had a protected vaginal sex. After about a minutes i put off the condom for an unprotected oral and used the same condom again for the vaginal sex because i wasnt pleased with the oral.
Avatar m tn See your doctor if you are concerned about symptoms they have nothing to do with HIV. You were never at risk of contracting HIV.
Avatar m tn symptoms, or lack thereof, do not diagnose hiv...only a test will tell one's status.
Avatar n tn I was in Malaysia last week for holiday I had a sex with a girl in hotel.We took Shower together and she sucke my **** without condom for 1 minute and the I wiped my dich and I put the condom and put in her ***** and started a sex iI shaved my **** 10 minutes before sex so my skin was fresh so hiv virus could come inside my body from the skin cause condom does not cover whole the penis as you know,,So I had oral sex with out condom and vaginal sex with condom.
Avatar m tn Yes, I am outside of US. In fact, I am from Malaysia just for your info. So, do you thin my HIV risk increased based on my current situation as mentioned above.
Avatar m tn I had all these symptoms BEFORE I even attached them to HIV symptoms and got tested.... I'm just not sure that a US based screening would always test for all different HIV subtypes...
Avatar m tn 4) Am i consider conclusive for HIV Result? In Malaysia, a lot of GP recommend to have 6 month HIV test instead of 3 month which really confuse me. 5) Do i need to follow my GP to go for 6 month HIV test again? 6) I did some general treatment because of mild fever and some other sickness, will medication affect my HIV Result too? 7) Is there any window period for WB and it is reliable for negative result at week 4? Please help me Dr, I'm so worry and confuse.