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Avatar m tn You just guessed that you have Hiv, then examined your body until you could find something that you think are Hiv symptoms, then concluded that you have proven HIV - your thinking is unscientific.
Avatar f tn your sore throat is a coincidence and is not due to HIV. Your blood tests, both the 8 week HIV 1/2 EIA and the oral swab test taken at 83 days are completely definitive and indicate that you do not have HIV from your past exposure. Don't worry. there is no need for further tested related to your past exposure.
Avatar n tn Bad thing he had a poor oral hygien and tooth decay! I had acute hiv-like symptoms 1 week post exposure! Fever, sore throat and rash! Please tell me what is the possibility of contracting Hiv through kissing and if the symptoms can appear 1 week or less after exposure!
Avatar m tn u cannot diagnose hiv by symptoms.... the symptoms for hiv are mostly same as symptoms for most of the common diseases u get once in a while.
Avatar m tn my question is, can I take my 8 and 9 week negative as not having contracted HIV?,, I am going to retest at 13 weeks though with p24 antigen, full panel STD. I am freaking out about these symptoms since I never had anything like this before..did my one time exposure lead to being infected..thanks for your response and all the best.
Avatar m tn After an exposure is it possible to show symptoms of hiv less then a week. A friend of mine called an hiv hotline and they told him if you become infected you get extremely sick, nausea, headaches, fever within a few days after exposure. I guess my question is can you show symptoms before the two weeks like a few days after your exposure.
Avatar n tn Is that sore palate itchy is HIv symptoms?after my risks 2 week ago my sore palate have keep itchy and i keep feel i'm this is alergy or hiv symptoms?
Avatar m tn If these symptoms were due to hiv would my test three weeks later have been positive.
Avatar m tn went to my local GUM clinic a couple of days after onset of symptoms,was screened for std,s and had a duo hiv test and hepatitis tests..All tests came back negative.The symptoms described continued so I decided to retest at 6 week mark (duo test) Again it came back negative much to my surprise as I am convinced I have picked up its been 7 weeks since last exposure and the symptoms continue now over 5 weeks.. Been to my doctor had some blood tests done and nothing unusual has come up....
Avatar n tn Can I just put this behind me? It seems like the first round of symptoms appeared so soon that they could not be HIV, but I cant seem to forget it. Thank you.
Avatar m tn HIV-1 = negative; HIV 1/0/2 Abs, Qual = negative; HIV-1 DNA = negative. 1) what did these different tests test for specifically? 2) how reliable are these tests between 3-4 weeks after exposure (24 days) 3) given my exposure, symptoms, and current test results, what should my next step be?
Avatar f tn decreased appetite, weakness, fatigue, sore throat, pain in my neck, occassional chills, 13 pound weight loss. Can I rely on my 10 week hiv test? are all these symptoms of mono? am so worried. I've never been this sick before.
Avatar n tn I have been have symptoms of dry throat(not hurting).
Avatar m tn If you had unprotected vaginal or anal sex then yes you have a chance of contracting HIV. Forget about symptoms. HIV has no specific symptoms.
Avatar m tn I was certain the symptoms I read where the ones. I even went to get other blood tests not just HIV. they all came back fine. It was all in my head or s simple infection. I want to thank the advice column in this forum for giving me information and reminding me that the only true way of knowing is to GET TESTED!
Avatar m tn about a month ago i recieved unprotected oral sex not sure on there status and then a couple days later i had unprotected sex with one of my friends that ive known for a few years. i told him of my symptoms and he assure me that i was fine.
Avatar m tn Some newly infected people never have ONE symptom, and MOST people who experience what they perceive to be classic HIV symptoms often go on to test negative. 99% of people seeking HIV tests based on symptoms have tested negative. Not to mention, the onset of your "symptoms" would be WAY too late to be consistent with ARS. You do not have an HIV concern. Don't give this another thought.