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Avatar m tn You just guessed that you have Hiv, then examined your body until you could find something that you think are Hiv symptoms, then concluded that you have proven HIV - your thinking is unscientific.
936016 tn?1332769204 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar m tn hi, Is it possible to have HIV related symptoms exactly after 1 week of possible exposure?
Avatar n tn Bad thing he had a poor oral hygien and tooth decay! I had acute hiv-like symptoms 1 week post exposure! Fever, sore throat and rash! Please tell me what is the possibility of contracting Hiv through kissing and if the symptoms can appear 1 week or less after exposure!
Avatar m tn Thanks for the info, but i also had unprotected sex with her. So could hiv symptoms appear within a week? The lymph nodes on the right side of my groin are starting to swell a little and are tender.
Avatar m tn Also felt little bit fever and one ulcer type bleeding cut in mouth. On 26th march (7 weeks) i went for a hiv test, which comes to negative report. Against after one week i felt senseless and feeling of weight loss (feeling). I went to a doctor alongwith the report, he test normally and told nothing to worry. Is there any further risk or required to consult doctor/test is required.
Avatar m tn HI I had a unprotected oral sex about 7 weeks ago and I tested(4th generation anti hiv test) for hiv in week 3,week 5,week 6 after exposure, all was negative . but from first day after the exposure I have many hiv symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, tongue candida,stomachache. also now after 7 weeks my nails have straight line and I have constipation. I want to know am I hiv positive or not is it possible that my test result after 12 weeks became positive? why I have all of these symptoms ?
Avatar f tn anxiety/hard to breathe/weight loss/not eating/depressed/sleeping all the time/night sweats (all, now aware, are not symptoms of HIV at present) - within 1 week post exposure - white fordyce spots (small white dots) appeared on upper lip/swollen neck (still swollen) - 1 week to 2 week post exposure - oily face/rash looks like it starts to begin on sides of neck (red blotchy)/feels like I cannot swallow my saliva/semen is clumpy and string like and has become thicker since/mucus on tongue whic
Avatar m tn Let's say someone just got infected with HIV and started having ARS symptoms two weeks later. Would these symptoms appear all at once or will there be different symptoms on different days?
Avatar m tn anyone know what parcentage of hiv infected people shows symptoms within 4 weeks after exposure? its completion of 4th week for my assumed needle stick incident and 6th week for my assumed needle stick incidents. I am still scared. i dint felt any visible wired symptoms on my body skin till now please help me with my question.....
Avatar m tn 2 abs. result is non reactive. i am really worried about my symptoms. what is my 4 week antibody test result accuracy.
Avatar m tn is it possible to have symptoms of hiv after i week of possible exposer. Symptoms like sore throat runny nose and swollen glands under jaw?
Avatar n tn That would definitely be too late for symptoms of primary HIV infection (or, ARS). Besides, your 8 week negative is, really, a pretty good indicator that you do not have HIV. So, perhaps time to stop worrying about HIV, v1905. Sure, if you remain concerned, go ahead and get a test at 3 months, but trust me, your 8 week negative is very, very, very, very unlikely to change. If you feel that something is wrong with your body, by all means, go visit a doctor.
Avatar m tn Is this a common problem people having symptoms and relating it to hiv or are these symptoms reason for concern? Is the 7 week test a good indicator? Do you think im over reacting and causing these symptoms from stress I prob. think about hiv 20 hours a day know. I cant sleep it is just really a scary feeling.
Avatar m tn so if some one have week immune system so is ARS Can start from week two and continue up to 3 month or more, i have rash and other symptoms still up to more then three months?
Avatar f tn I am now in my third week and now i sometimes feel cold and tired easily. I started to freak out when i read an article about hiv symptoms. Am i at risk?
Avatar m tn If you get symptoms they come together and fever is the main symptom that one would get.
Avatar m tn symptoms come at once...not one after another over a week or more. symptoms dont diagnose hiv. the symptoms of infection are the same of MANY common everyday STOP with the symptom tell you nothing. a test done 6-8 weeks post exposure will give you a very good indication of your status...and is unlikely to change at that point. follow up at 3 months for a conclusive result.
Avatar m tn The test were conducted on HIV P24 antigen which was negative and HIV 1+2 ELISA which was non-reactive. I didn't see any symptoms until 2 days towards the end of week 4, I started to have some fatigue and a loose stool and sometimes a bit of watery (watery stool not more than two days).
Avatar n tn 3 months post exposure is you when you can obtain a conclusive test result.
Avatar m tn Just wondering the absoloute earliest HIV symptoms can be detected. Cause i have read on some forums that HIV symptoms can resemble strep. I know the internet can lead to a lot of uneeded worry and stress so I will go get checked soon. Any help is great.
Avatar m tn Symptoms are not HIV related.
1227409 tn?1267280808 1)may be the condom itself means u allergy to the condom 2)may the lubricant of the condom allergy for u it seems allergy reaction