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Avatar m tn Can the flulike symptoms of ARS been experienced in less than a week after someone had been exposed to HIV? This is just a general questions not linked with a particular case that I have posted here before, but has been gone unanswered.
Avatar n tn I had sex with a hooker a week back. I used a condom and it didn't look if the condom broke. I have the following symptoms 1. Mouth Ulcer (left side) 2. Swollen Lymph node under left chin 3. Burning eyes Are these symptoms of ARS? Please help..
Avatar m tn After an exposure is it possible to show symptoms of hiv less then a week. A friend of mine called an hiv hotline and they told him if you become infected you get extremely sick, nausea, headaches, fever within a few days after exposure. I guess my question is can you show symptoms before the two weeks like a few days after your exposure.
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Avatar m tn During these 67 days i have been having slight tingling pain in my lymphs, tiny black dots on arms and chest and occasional pimples that go away in a day.. Today i am having diarrhoea and a itchy nose. I have been tested -ve (negative) on the 28th day (immunochromatograhy test) 55th day (CMIA). Should I be worried ? Please answer, the anxiety is killing, i am unable to focus on anything.
Avatar n tn Hi, 27 male here. i had protected sex a few backs back with a person I met online. I gave oral to her and probably had a brief moment of rubbing my penis (without condom) on her butt and between (but don't think I had pre-cum or cum then, this thing didnt even last more than 15 seconds). Exactly after a week of the incident. I started to feel chills and fever with fatigue. The next day I had a low grade fever which ran the course for 2 days.
Avatar f tn It is now day 12, I do not have diarrea but still a bit of a sore throat and plugged nose. Are these signs of HIV infection. What are the early signs. (I am very afraid of HIV contact even when no risk and have seen therapists for this.
Avatar m tn could these be the actual/real symptoms of the HIV or any other viral or bacterial infection.... please do advice as am in a panic situation... worried all the time not able to concentrate on my daily routines... dyeing each and every second of time thinking of HIV and even really scared to get tested.... and also please tell me is it possible to get attract HIV even in protected sex. So my Qnt is... 1. are these the exact early symptoms of hiv 2.
Avatar m tn A doctor told me that CBC is never a good indication for HIV. Symptoms are not either, since a lot of people do not have symptoms of ARS and are HIV+, while some experience ARS symptoms but they are caused by something else. I would say definitely invest money in the expensive RNA test and have a peace of mind, because obviously you are going to spend much more living with this stress. Get tested because your risk was very high. I hope your results are good and wish you the best.
Avatar f tn Not only am I worried about this white tastebud but I'm also worried about the dry cough/mucus I've had over the past week and a half. None of this hints HIV? I Want to know if I'm safe to engage in unprotected sex with my girlfriend.
Avatar n tn 3), Can I test during the 12th week of exposure or Should I wait to complete 12 weeks and in 13th week I should go for a test? 4), I am married and I avoid having sex with my wife giving excuses. Can I have normal sex with her (unprotected) in this situation? 5), Even oral Sex is said as safe, doing long time with can increase the risk?
Avatar m tn You had no HIV risk.
Avatar m tn the symptoms for hiv are mostly same as symptoms for most of the common diseases u get once in a while.
Avatar m tn I tested using a rapid finger prick test after 3 weeks and came back negative, since i assume i had all ars symptoms i continued to do more test on week 4 elisa, and western blot end of week 4, it all came out negative. after that i waited for 12 weeks and tested using Genie II Hiv 1/2 bio rad, finger prick test.. which came out negative also,Thank GOD.
Avatar f tn After kissing my partner a week ago, he started getting canker sores, a headache, and a sore throat. Even though its only been a week, can HIV symptoms show up this quickly? Or is this just being mistaken for mono or strep throat? What is my boyfriend going through.
Avatar m tn I was out in some bars and club some days before so I may actually have got whatever I have in my throat in one of these crowded places but I am still freaking out a bit.
Avatar m tn I hope to get some feedback on my situation. my exposure was a one time contact at a massage parlor. I received unprotected oral sex for a few minutes after the condom fell off, immediately after I sprayed my private with alcohol in fear of any STD's. I did touch her vagina for a few seconds and also immediately after, sprayed my hands with with alcohol. I tested for all STD's at 8 weeks post exposure and ELISA HIV all negative..
Avatar f tn But in 8th week I got some symptoms as headache, fever, sore throat. I tried some general medicines, got tested for cold or other type of fever all of the report was correct. Fever wasn't there after one day but sore throat doesn't go while using heavy antibiotic medicines. I got scared so I tested again at 56 day of my exposure that is when 8 week is completed. It was also negative. I have to ask you one question.
Avatar n tn Bad thing he had a poor oral hygien and tooth decay! I had acute hiv-like symptoms 1 week post exposure! Fever, sore throat and rash! Please tell me what is the possibility of contracting Hiv through kissing and if the symptoms can appear 1 week or less after exposure!
Avatar m tn So, I had unprotected sex (not the whole of it, just few minutes) about 3 weeks back. I have itchy skin and rashes on my abdomen, arms and thighs (nothing on the genital area) for some days. I have my dermatologist appointment next to next week. In the meanwhile, I looked through the net to see what it could be and shingles symptoms match ~100% with my situation. I haven't had any other health issue and have had perfect health (I'm M, 25).
Avatar m tn A sore throat is not an idication of HIV infection, i have a sore throat and have been very sick the past week and i could say its HIV symptoms but i know its just a normal sickness. stop overthinking everything.