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Avatar n tn Could anybody please tell me if this is the ARS symptoms? 1./ Does late HIV infection stage, symptoms come up slowly like step by step or it just all pop out at once and turn to AIDS from HIV ? 2./ Does the symptoms show up after early infection (but before it turning to AIDS) ?
Avatar m tn The chance of having HIV - however miniscule - played on my mind. When my current girlfriend had strep-like symptoms that the doctors had a difficult time identifying, I unwisely Googled and did Internet research, and of course, assumed the worst - that she was experiencing acute HIV syndrome and that I gave it to her (despite us always engaging in safe sex.) It got so bad that I eventually went to a state-run clinic to get a rapid HIV test, which came back negative.
Avatar f tn I must admit I did fall victim of Google symptom checker so I started worrying about HIV. Sore throat lasted another few days followed by the onset of a runny nose and bit of lathargy more a cold type rather than the flu. Some night sweats although mild. It more feels like pollen allergies but I can't shake the worry its HIV. My ex says he is clean but I am not sure he has checked this out.
Avatar n tn The acute phase subsided but now I feel like I have permanent migraines, a purple blotch under my eye, a lump in my eye lid, full body nerve/neurological symptoms, runs. BASICALLY every symptom that cdc suggests about advanced HIV desease. I tested negative at 4 months with Elisa, Eia, Pcr DNA, RNA VL and a couple of other tests. cbc is normal. I also have symptoms of Stjorgens syndrome which is an autoimmune desease.
Avatar f tn Dear achilles2, Thank you for your reply. No sweeteners. Magnesium normal. Vit D and B 12 were low normal. Taking supplements. Celiac labs were normal.
Avatar m tn No those are not initial HIV symptoms. Did you go get an HIV test done?
Avatar m tn Now i go through the symptoms chart , all the symptoms match with early HIV infection. I'm really scared to death and not in a condition to think what should be done. Please help. Are these really HIV symptoms. When should I get tested to get a conclusive result. Why am I feeling such a heavy pain in my knee and ears ??? Anybody living with HIV , remember experiencing such symptoms. Pls help.....
248608 tn?1189759432 I regularly have minor throat aches and coughs, and my body is always sore because I sleep very uncomfortably, so I can't really say any of this is hiv. If anything I believe it totally to be stress. I haven't had any full on flu symptoms, but yes I have had little throat aches. I mean I had allergies when I slept with him, so I mean I don't really know what I should be looking out for.
Avatar n tn Like most of you i got online and ran a symptom checker only to find that Hiv popped up. Keep in mind that around this same time I started a new stressful job where I was working 60hrs a week and sometimes 8 or 9 days in a row. All the sudden I had every symptom of acute Hiv infection. I lost 12lbs in a week, I couldnt eat, I couldnt sleep, occasionally I would have night sweats, and my mind was totally preoccupied with the fact that I was sure I had contracted this disease.
173930 tn?1196341998 Infected 37 years and I feel really very good. Do you think it stands to reason that those with few symptoms going in are more likely to come out better than those with many? It very well be that those with problems have more room for improvment.
Avatar m tn The only real symptom I would be concerned about is very high fevers.You had none.
1699033 tn?1514116733 It has changed throughout the years. First I started out as a this off, is that off, do I have everything, etc. Then I went off to college and developed a fear that I would not make it to the bathroom so I went ALL THE TIME! In addition, I obsessed about my grades and studied for every test to the point where the teacher COULD NOT surprise me. a job in a lab working with HIV. Developed HIV anxiety. Quit that job...
Avatar m tn You had no HIV concern so the symptoms can't be HIV related. Symptoms don't come on years after form an exposure. If you have never had an HIV test then do so, but not because of the above non-risk.
Avatar m tn Then started focusing on these symptoms. And tiding them to HIV through an online std symptom checker. Then found the same ones on an anxiety checker. The Internet can be a scary scary place , and I have learned that you can tie all symptoms to anything if you look hard enough. But I really needed to hear it from a medical professional. Thank you again.
Avatar m tn Doc my question is do you think that I may have contracted hiv 10 to 12 yearrs ago and if so would my health as good as it is or do you feel that I may have got it before marriage I have never tested for it. The only symptoms from the symptom checker are the herpes 10 years ago and these pins in my finger tips for 5 secs 8 weeks ago and never again.
Avatar n tn i would just like to know if someone is infected with hiv, who does experience ars, are the symptoms i've mentioned in general related to ars. and also, after the onset of symptoms, how soon roughly would antibodies show on a standard test. any further comments would be appreciated. i'm worried and i'm just trying to eliminate any possibility until i reach 13 weeks for another test.
Avatar m tn You can never use symptoms to try to get an indication. You did not have a risk for HIV.
Avatar f tn Been to alot of doctors and tests since then, blood work, ct scans, mri, colonoscopy, endoscopy.
1030618 tn?1260936978 I have been living with OCD my whole life even though its not something you can get used to, I tend to think I have things the worse two are Cancer and HIV everything or anything can be wrong with me and i can some how connect it to those 2 illnesses, I should be a Medical doctor i can tell you the symptoms to just about anything.
Avatar m tn Do you guys see alot of 6 weeks neg turn pos at 12 weeks
Avatar m tn When I put all my symptoms into WebMD symptom checker, medication reaction was at the top of the list of possibilities, but not that far down was "viral syndrome" Thats when I began to REALLY freak out.
Avatar n tn any body please give me some feedback i jus wanna no if my risks are higher becuz of no saliva or lower...
Avatar f tn Each time I receive a test result I feel relieved for around 10 days, then the fear returns or I doubt the test. After reading the symptoms of HIV I have began to develop them, sore throat, rash, ulcers. I had no health problems before I allowed myself to be sucked into this constant state of fear. Is it common for someone with OCD to feel this way and doubt the medical profession as much as I do? Please if anyone can help I would appreciate.
Avatar n tn Dear Doc. H. I hope that this post is acceptable as it isn't a 'symptom checker' or a query on a specific case but rather a more general query about HIV transmission mechanisms. You have mentioned that you have never seen a male infected by a single heterosexual exposure to vaginal sex, yet have seen plenty of guys infected from multiple exposures to an infected partner.
Avatar n tn If that test is negative, you do not have HIV. If it is positive, you are considered HIV positive. But, the simple fact of the matter is that all of your tests came back negative. Congratulations! That must be a relief. If you and your girlfriend have been monogamous, then you cannot possibly have HIV, and thus whatever is troubling you now is not related to HIV in any way, shape or form.
Avatar m tn A LOT of the symptoms you describe are typically seen with anxiety, and some of the things you've assessed may indeed not really have been an abnormal finding (like your oral symptoms)...but after reading about HIV, you've now begun associating them to HIV (ie the OHL). The mind is a very powerful's very possible to turn "nothing" into "something" after ruminating and worrying about long enough.
Avatar m tn Also I do not know if I suffer from OCD but is it possible that ADHD can manifest itself in the mind and give some of the symptoms of OCD? On the ocd front I am not a checker,or ritual person. In the part I said about burst of creativity and what not I hope I did not come off as arrogant but thats the best way I can say it.
Avatar m tn fear (fear of having your house robbed), or an irrational one (fear that they would be at risk for HIV from being stuck with a needle while sleeping).
Avatar m tn The doctors tell me that I have NOTHING to worry about. First it was HIV even though I had been tested so I got tested again. Then it was bacterial stuff so I got tested again. Now it is hepatitis C. I can't afford to keep taking these tests. I will be so scared that I have a disease and will spend hours looking up information on it just to keep myself calm.I knwo that once I give in I can't quit looking. It is interfering with my productivity and my happiness.
8066593 tn?1404998963 In 2010 I slept with a guy with a condom and freaked out as I cut myself down there bringing on symptoms and making myself poorly thinking he gave me HIV it took me a year to build up the courage to test.