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10947 tn?1281404252 A Symptom Checker is coming soon to MedHelp. You'll be able to input a bunch of symptoms to help narrow down possible causes. If you're interested in this tool, leave us a comment below and we'll let you know when it's available.
Avatar m tn The only real symptom I would be concerned about is very high fevers.You had none.
Avatar m tn Then started focusing on these symptoms. And tiding them to HIV through an online std symptom checker. Then found the same ones on an anxiety checker. The Internet can be a scary scary place , and I have learned that you can tie all symptoms to anything if you look hard enough. But I really needed to hear it from a medical professional. Thank you again.
875426 tn?1325528416 My suggestion is that when you do a search for the symptom checker, you can actually get it to come up so you can go ahead and type in your symptoms. I have done a search Medhelp (search this site) for it and not been able to get it to come up that way more than once in the past. Thanks for listening.
Avatar f tn http://symptoms.webmd.
Avatar n tn My 5 year daughter has high feever, stinging when weeing, abnominal pain, lower back pain and has started weeing the bed and can not always make it to the toilet on time - she has been prescribed Nitrofurantoin - are these all the normal symptoms of a UTI or could there be something else.
Tbd //|swelling|swelling&symptomids=406|5|5&locations=66|50|62. My suggestion is to see his doctor to discuss. Congestive heart failure is indeed also associated with swelling.
Avatar f tn So here we are May 2008 and every day she either has nausea, dizziness or pressure, or all three. She is constantly questioning what different symptoms in her body could be... flickering lights, sharp pain in top of head, back ache. etc, etc, etc, She is only 17 years old and repeatedly says she is not anxious or depressed about anything. She has had a brain MRI, brain CT Scan, every possible blood test her primary dr.
Avatar n tn Examples of existing Symptom Checkers are WebMD, Medical Symptoms Database , Online Medical Symptom Checker , MSO Online Medical Symptom Checker , or Diagnosaurus, etc. 2. More home health tests and tools available openly on pharmacy shelves. Examples – Home General Health Diagnostic Tests (e.g. CBC), Stethoscopes, etc. - plus how to use instructions. 3.
Avatar n tn That sounds like an unusual symptom of recovery. I would keep after the doctors for answers.
Avatar f tn Hello, lately I have had a fever of between 100 and 101.8 and I have no idea why I am not sick I don't have a cold or flu I have no stomach virus nothing of the sort. Recently I went to a minute clinic and the dr said it was probably due to a bacterial sinus infection.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing several uncomfortable symptoms for about 12 years now and I’m wondering what specialist I should see. Here is a list of my symptoms (may or may not be related to one another): Asymmetrical joint pain (shoulders, knees, ankles, wrists, hips…all sporadic) Irritability Increased anxiety/anxiety attacks Increased sweating/blushing I have had two pregnancies over the past three years and have been breastfeeding for over two years.
Avatar f tn I have very fair skin so I know it's important to limit my UV exposure. The problem is that my skin is very sensitive, and I've had an adverse reaction to every sunscreen/sunblock I've tried (including pure zinc-based ones). So I limit my sun exposure, and wear a big wide brim sun hat and long sleeves and pants when I'm out in the sun. I have a portable UV checker which detects the intensity of UVA/UVB rays. So that helps me know whether I'm getting much or any UV light.
Avatar m tn You had no HIV concern so the symptoms can't be HIV related. Symptoms don't come on years after form an exposure. If you have never had an HIV test then do so, but not because of the above non-risk.
10947 tn?1281404252 Our upcoming Drug Interaction Checker will allow you to check for possible interactions between 2 or more drugs. If you're interested in playing with this new tool when it's available, leave us a comment below and we'll let you know when it is.
645800 tn?1466860955 I just finished downloading the Firefox Browser and am loving the spelling checker. You can even add on a medical dictionary to the spelling checker. I also added a reminder add-on that seems really great as well. Maybe now I won't forget to take out my trash on garbage day like I do so often when I get busy on the Internet in the morning.
Avatar m tn The root cause of all this might be your anxiety levels, address the root cause, not the symptoms. Focus on the root cause, the symptoms are distracting you from getting this resolved.
1030618 tn?1260933378 I have been living with OCD my whole life even though its not something you can get used to, I tend to think I have things the worse two are Cancer and HIV everything or anything can be wrong with me and i can some how connect it to those 2 illnesses, I should be a Medical doctor i can tell you the symptoms to just about anything.