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Avatar m tn m asking can Acute HIV symptoms appear after the 2 to 4 week period? Sex n feb symptoms in may basically.
405614 tn?1329144114 Lately we've talked about video-taping symptoms to show our neurologist. Quix suggested that I should have my roommate tape my eyes when I first wake up and my vision is all jittery. When Fluffy woke me at 4 am and my vision was jittery, I rolled over, saw my cell phone, so I grabbed it and turned on the video function. I discovered several things; 1. I do not look that good on video at 4 am, especially in the light of a dim bed-side table. 2.
Avatar f tn I cheated on my girlfriend 29 days ago at a adult video store. I gave a guy oral sex. At the time I had a canker sore in my mouth.i was dumb I didn't think.about two weeks ago I developed a stomach flu, that's what the emergency room said it was. It went away kind of in five days.about 3 days ago I started getting nasal congestion while sleeping, someone within the last 3weekd iv developed extremly dry moth while sleeping. I think I got a sore throat from from the nasal drip.
Avatar f tn I recently watched a video on YouTube where a male with hiv said that he had dry blotches in his skin during ars. Is dry flaky skin a hiv symptom?
Avatar m tn Hiv is not diagnosed by symptoms ..! If you talk about symptoms i am still sick and i have a Hiv -ve test at 104 days..! So do not worry and go to a doctor to evaluate your symptoms and get a test done at 12/13 weeks that is anytime after 84 days or so.! And that will be -ve ;-).
Avatar m tn If you have been coming here for any length of time then you know we don't discuss symptoms because HIV has not specific symptoms.
Avatar m tn , buy a new video game, go to the gym, take long walks, post new pics on your myspace, facebook etc...BUT DO NOT surf the net for HIV symptoms or anything like that!
Avatar m tn STOP SHOPPING FOR SYMPTOMS ! ! ! symptoms dont diagnose hiv...only a test at the appropriate time can do that.
Avatar n tn s equivalent to giving BJs to infected men once daily for 27 years before transmission might be expected. No STD, including HIV, causes sinusitis symptoms (i.e. nasal congestion, runny nose, etc). The major problem here is probably related to a sexual choice you regret, i.e. a psychological/emotional issue. The chance you caught any STD is small.
Avatar f tn 9 days ago I went to an adult video store. I was watching a video and a guy enterd the room. I allowed him to put his penis in my mouth a few times and then I felt to scared of diseases to go on. He did not come in my mouth but thereay have been the presence of pre come. I am very nervous now that I have hiv and am scheduled to be tested in two days. Whats the likelyhood that I got hiv from this breif encounter.?
Avatar n tn t stop worrying about the result, especially since I just saw a video of a man who contracted HIV when he was my age (admittedly, it didn't say how he got it) which developed to AIDS after only 6 months! I understand that oral sex is low risk but the timing of my symptoms seems to point towards possible HIV. Basically, I just want to know if I should be worrying or not.
Avatar m tn // These are on the front page of the forum. There are many many more.
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum. I do believe that The Chiari Insitute has a video on this proceedure and others..... I have not watched it as I am the type that does not want to see that until after and maybe not even then...I have a sensitive stomach.....
Avatar m tn I am a very anxious person by default but what has added even more to my anxiety is that the next day I found a video of this escort on the Internet of her performing her duties with another client. Naturally I watched...mainly to ensure that she had protected sex and he didn't do a better job than me. She did and so did he. What are the chances of HIV being transmitted through prolonged cunninglingus? I am having mild throat symptoms but I am hoping it's my mind playing tricks on me.
Avatar m tn ll provide the information by letter you first know about how common HIV is in adult video actresses or commercial sex workers, then the risk of HIV associated with specific sex acts. Here goes- VERY few adult film actresses. The industry standard is for these actresses to be tested for all STDs, including HIV on a regular basis. Similarly, few commercial sex workers have HIV.
Avatar f tn No. I can't participate in your irrational thought process. I am here to provide you with a logical approach and there are 2 important things that you need to know: 1. You were never at a risk for HIV contraction and any symptoms that you can come across can't be associated with HIV because you were never exposed. 2. Genes and hormones sometimes play a role in Sebhoric dermatitis, this condition that has several triggers, including anxiety and fear.
Avatar n tn ve had some anxiety issues as of late, stemming from a sore lymph node under my jaw. If I was HIV positive, would I be showing any symptoms since this relationship has been over for almost a year? Thanks!
Avatar m tn Has anyone seen this video of a man claiming he got infected on purpose. What do you all think? Is this possible?
Avatar f tn I really appreciate and admire the fact there's individuals providing information to help support peace for others . I've also, worked in hiv/aids outreach in Louisiana where I experienced training on prevention and transmission, "including the symptoms". Definitely sorry for the late response, but I had to go back and re-read everything you've elaborated to me.
Avatar m tn HIV is unable to reproduce outside its living host (unlike many bacteria or fungi, which may do so under suitable conditions), except under laboratory conditions; therefore, it does not spread or maintain infectiousness outside its host.