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Avatar f tn I cheated on my girlfriend 29 days ago at a adult video store. I gave a guy oral sex. At the time I had a canker sore in my mouth.i was dumb I didn't think.about two weeks ago I developed a stomach flu, that's what the emergency room said it was. It went away kind of in five days.about 3 days ago I started getting nasal congestion while sleeping, someone within the last 3weekd iv developed extremly dry moth while sleeping. I think I got a sore throat from from the nasal drip.
Avatar f tn If you were tested for HIV in 1996, 2003 and donated blood in 2004, 2005 and 2006 (which IS tested for HIV and if it had been postitive, you would have been notified) then you were tested this past Tuesday which would cover the time between 2006 and now, I say you could be pretty darn sure you're HIV- I will assume you trust your husband 100% or you use condoms? That's a tough question to ask and I mean no disrespect, but reality dictates that it gets put out there.
Avatar m tn [2] The second-generation EIAs utilized HIV recombinant Escherichia coli –derived HIV antigens. This resulted in a reduction of the window period for detecting early HIV infection from 56 to 42 days. Although false-positive results still resulted from bacterial protein contamination, this assay had an improved specificity of 99.5%.[2] The third-generation EIAs utilize conjugated HIV antigens in a new "sandwich" format.
Avatar m tn your symptoms are NOT indicative of early infection. a test at 6 weeks is a good indication of your status and is unlikely to change. YOU had unprotected sex...YOU will have to wait for that conclusive result.
Avatar m tn I asked him are these symptoms show this early and he said no much later on not this early. My Gp looked at the pimples on my back and said was foliculitus and that foliculitas has nothing to do with HIV. But when I looked it up on Mayo Clinic is says that one type of foliculitis is in HIV. I also showed the black spots to the dermotologest and he said there nothing. The next day I called him and told him that he didnt understand that they all poped up just recently.
Avatar n tn Having researched the early symptoms of HIV I realize that I may have been infected. I am obviously deeply concerned. Having always been extremely carefully about my gay adventures. I can't believe I let myself and my family down with this reckless encounter.
Avatar n tn I'm quite sure I am HIV negative, I have just gotten out of a monogamous gay relationship of 2 years, and have started dating a guy who has confessed to me that he is HIV positive. I am trying to inform myself of the risks and what exactly is low-risk behavior. We have shared mutual masturabation and oral sex so far, but I can't seem to find any information of when semen is exposed to the air, or any that agrees lets say.
Avatar m tn Just after December, maybe the 10th-15th, me and my mother both fell ill with flu like symptoms which could easily be HIV ARS symptoms but then could be anything else for that matter, hers differed from mine, where mine was mostly flu and headache, nauseua and fatigue, hers was coughing, sore throat etc. Both our flu lasted approx 5 days - 1 week and wore off mostly before Christmas.
Avatar f tn The official recommendation via the CDC is 3 months 2 - any negative test is a good thing 3 - no. symptoms or lack of symptoms cannot tell you anything about your HIV status 4. co-infections will not delay the development of antibodies 5.
Avatar m tn These infections are transmitted by genital skin-to-skin contact, and the condom doesn't protect all your skin. However, getting anything from a protected encounter are pretty slim. None of this is anything I'd overly worry about.
Avatar n tn Would there be any reason to re test? If she was HIV positive from the start, would I not have contracted HIV in the early stages of our relationship? I've had some anxiety issues as of late, stemming from a sore lymph node under my jaw. If I was HIV positive, would I be showing any symptoms since this relationship has been over for almost a year? Thanks!
Avatar m tn Coughing has nothing to do with early infection of HIV. That's what you were told. You can watch all the videos you want it's not going to change the fact that you are not at risk for HIV.
Avatar m tn (This is by far the most stressful symptom). Constantly chew gum. Is Dry Mouth considered a symptom of early HIV infection? Do people with HIV get a dry mouth within 6 months of being infected? 2) I feel cold constantly. Is lower body temp a symptom of early HIV infection. 3) I have no appetite and intestinal rumblings (not painful), but I feel movement and am somewhat constipated. Is this a symptom of early HIV infection? 4) I have Insomnia and I used to sleep like a baby.
Avatar m tn //freedomhealth-co-uk.blogspot.com/2009/10/ultra-fast-ultra-early-hiv-1-hiv-2.html And you can see a short video with Dr Merv and myself by pasting this in - http://www.freedomhealth.co.uk/videos/video001.
Avatar n tn sorry about the second post, please don't flame me.
Avatar m tn This appeared out of the blue in June 2012 (I say out of the blue because I don't take drugs, don't smoke, don't have diabetes, didn't have chemotherapy, and didn't take medicines for long periods of time -besides 1 week of cyprofloxacin in March 2012). I had a sexual exposure in February 2012 with bizarre symptoms exactly 2 weeks later that lead me to think on HIV (a cervical swollen lymph node, neck stiffness and then an urinary track infection), but I tested negative several times.
Avatar f tn The symptoms you are experiencing are NOT early symptoms of HIV. There are ONLY three ways (outside of a medical setting) that you can acquire HIV. I have listed them here for you. If you have NOT engaged in either #1 or #2, YOU HAD NO RISK. #3 does not apply to you. 1) Unprotected insertive anal/vaginal sex with an HIV+ partner 2) Sharing drug works (IV needles) with an HIV+ person 3) HIV+ woman to her unborn child.
Avatar n tn as you have probably read, any symptoms are irrelevant when it comes to HIV - the test is what matters. You definitely should be tested at the 13 week mark. Again, have hope. Your overall risk was low to moderate, and he was unknown status. Statistics are really worthless at that point...but HIV is notoriously difficult to catch. Stay out that situation in the future. And...
Avatar m tn I honestly feel like I am infected. I watched a youtube video of a HIV positive man who said if you tap into your own body you know it doesn't feel right. My muscle aches are so bad, its not over exertion or else i would look like a wrestler. Its just sudden onset. Its like a burning sensation. Comes and goes. The pain in my joints comes and goes at differnt times too. What if the strain I have progresses rapidly.
Avatar m tn Just after December, maybe the 10th-15th, me and my mother both fell ill with flu like symptoms which could easily be HIV ARS symptoms, hers differed from mine, where mine was mostly flu and headache, nauseua and fatigue, hers was coughing, sore throat etc. Both our flu lasted approx 5 days - 1 week and wore off mostly before Christmas. She is still suffering from a cough, and I am still suffering constant headaches & fatigue to this day, we have both suffered a little weight loss.
Avatar n tn Are these symptoms assosciated with these infections or is it too early? A doctor also informed me that maybe only 30% of people will mount an antibody responce to HCV, is that true in any way? Being hypochondriac I am trying to stay away from testing but I am also scared!
207091 tn?1337713093 Much of the burden of STDs falls on adolescents and people in their early 20s, the CDC says. The report, "Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance 2007," also said that women and minorities in particular are more likely to have sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs. That fact isn't surprising, experts say, as studies on STDs in the past have also shown that women and minorities bear the greatest burden of STDs.
Avatar f tn For these reasons, therapy for hepatitis C should be recommended even in HIV-infected patients with early and mild disease. Once HIV infection becomes advanced, complications of therapy are more difficult and response rates are less. The decision to treat people co-infected with HIV must take into consideration the concurrent medications and medical conditions. In particular, ribavirin may have significant interactions with anti-retroviral drugs used to treat HIV infection.
Avatar n tn Hello all, I'm pulling out of my fear of having contracted HIV from my situation but I want to make sure I'm ok on the other STD front as well. In early November, I met a guy in the video booths of an adult bookstore. He had been masturbating himself and I had been masturbating myself. We masturbated each other for awhile then we rubbed our penises together for awhile. The heads did not touch. He also rubbed the tip of my penis with his hand.
Avatar m tn There is a video made by a physician on YouTube-under hiv-Did i just contract hiv? She treats hiv patients so let's say she's an expert in these matters. The symptoms she lists includes a cough...fingering is not a risk though ans you were protected, if your still concerned i would test. Testing never hurt anyone, anyone uncertain of there risk of exposure or who does not know there hiv status should get tested man.
Avatar n tn Three weeks is a long delay for new genital herpes symptoms; more often the onset of symptoms is 3-7 days. So I have to wonder how accurate her sexual history is or whether the diagnosis is correct. Assuming her diagnosis is accurate, the main explanation for a negative blood test result in her partner is that he too had an early infection--that is, he might have acquired his infection only a few weeks earlier. It takes up to 3-4 months to develop a positive blood test.
1132574 tn?1271676066 Before all my crazy symptoms popped up in October, I was a hard core exerciser- 5-6 days a week, cardio dance, kick boxing, weight training etc. My llmd enouraged me last week to get back to it when I feel up to it. This morning I took a cardio dance class, took it easy though. I'm feeling a little worse though right now... tingley face/ gums, eyebrow pain (strange one) and more tired. Just wondering if you all can share some of your experieinces about how you feel when exercising.
Avatar m tn Hi ps11, I am trying to forget HIV but i am finding it very difficult, due to symptoms I have which are not normally associated with mono - things like sebhorreic dermatitis, dry mouth/white coated tongue (possibly thrush), peripheral neuropathy, etc. I had confirmed blood tests for acute EBV mono in November - so i know that I had this. My worry is that I was co-infected with something else (possibly HIV) at the same time.
Avatar f tn It is there or it is not and can still be passed even if there are no symptoms. 3. Chlamydia is not like HIV and does not enter the bloodstream to infect breast milk. It would cause PID first and be detected and eventually cured before it got that far. 4. Testing today is very accurate. Mostly because of human error, there may be false results from time to time. 5. Test results are accurate about a week after initial infection. Her baby is not at risk.