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Avatar m tn Sorry to bother you. Can the early HIV symptoms begin only with swollen lymph nodes in your groin? I have been experiencing such pains for the last couple of days. But no high fever, no diarrhea, no rashes. Please tell me what is your opinion.
Avatar m tn Hi, I recently had two encounters with another male - the first time was almost 2 months ago, and it was relatively safe - I got rimmed, received anal sex with a condom (did not cum inside) for less than a minute, and gave head for about 15 minutes (did not cum in mouth). I had no symptoms after this encounter, and about a month later (around mid-December) we had another encounter.
Avatar m tn There is nothing to brief you on, you never had an exposure.
Avatar m tn I also still get rash on stomach and forearms which keeps coming and going along with burning/tingling sensation in scrotum and thighs? Could these symptoms tie in with early HIV???
Avatar m tn Hi maybe anybody can answer my question on 1 wk is too early for ARS symptoms to occur? Thanks! Appreciate much.
Avatar m tn My ear hurts on occasion as well. All the rashes come and go in roughly the same amount of time. Are all of these symptoms worth getting tested for hiv? The girl said she is clean but i doubt i can trust her and since i am usually healthy, it doesn't make sense for me to keep getting on and off sick like this. All of this started after I had sex with her. I began feeling sick only 3 days after I slept with her also. This is 5 months later and I can't figure any of it out.
Avatar m tn How many days after unprotected sex,a person can get early symptoms of acute HIV infection? What are all the symtoms a person could have? I heard that most of the Hiv infected persons will get some symptoms like fever,cold,lymph swelling diahrea etc. with in 1 -3 weeks of infection for sure . and few people wont get any of these symptoms at all..
Avatar n tn t have the characteristic coughing or fever of either of these. Are rashes and swollen lymph glands almost always apparent in early infection stage?
Avatar m tn symptoms of early infection come at 2-4 weeks post exposure. a rash is a very common occurrence... testing at the appropriate time will tell one's status...
Avatar m tn I had flu like symptoms 3 days after sex and I know you guys said too early to be hiv symptoms. I just started noticing red pin points on my chest, neck, chin and some on my back. I'm scared they HIV rashes. My lemph nodes are swollen. They also hurt when I look down. I'm soo scared guys that it maybe HIV. What o rashes look like?
Avatar m tn i have not been any exposure to HIV, but due to the rashes on my body, i am worried that i might have been contracted to HIV as rashes is a symptoms to HIV. because previously i do not have any allergies on my skin and this is my first time getting rashes on my body.
Avatar n tn There`s no guarantee of a rash or anything with HIV. Please try not to go on symptoms. They mean very little and invariably cause more mental anguish than good. Unprotected oral carries a very low risk for HIV.
Avatar m tn How many days typically does it last? What is the nature of HIV rashes. do they appear on the back. Do they leave behind tiny bumps making the surface rough? Your reply on this will be extremely appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar f tn still Seborrheic Dermatitis is not related to HIV infection symptoms . when we are talking about the HIV virus symptoms then we are referring to the reaction of the body after the HIV virus is in the blood stream which will happen normally 2 weeks after the infection , Seborrheic Dermatitis can be related to HIV but not at such early stage .
Avatar m tn i had an exposure 5 months ago in thailand i believe i had ars and seroconverted a month ago i now have the following symptoms mouth sores for 4 months follicular rashes that come and go heat rash and fatigue are these common in early infection?
Avatar n tn You interact with others so sore throats and flu are to be expected at any time. Your symptoms are too early for ARS anyway, and are possibly just in your imagination from worry, but if concerned see your doc since it can't be HIV.
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Avatar m tn Here is the list of symptoms you can get from this (HIV symptoms): None Here is your risk: None You had no risk for HIV
Avatar m tn HI, this is stalin coming to my exposure I had sex with a SW and underwent HIV test 3 month's post exposure and the result was negative. But from past few week's I am having pain in my groin and back of my ear's,rashes on my leg and abdomen,burning sensation on skin,black spot's on my skin and my skin color is changing to black. So are these symptom's related to HIV.
Avatar m tn I have a real concern about HIV rashes. Can they start eight months after exposure? What do they look and feel like? I have small bumps under my mouth and nose and they itch.