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Avatar n tn Does anyone know if early HIV infection in women (infection within the last year) can cause stange menstral cycles and infratility problems?
936016 tn?1332769204 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar m tn And should I test from the day I had sex with the hiv + woman or do I test from the day I had sex with any women ? I'm confused because I might've been reinfected by the other woman.
1503835 tn?1302984542 Symptoms are not helpful in judging new HIV infections. The identical symptoms occur in acute HIV infection and in innumerable other, minor medical conditions. In any case, your symptoms are on the late side -- usual onset is 10-14 days -- and HIV rarely causes only minor pharyngitis or low grade fever. Over two thirds of newly infected people have all 3 among severe sore throat, fever (typcially 38C or higher), and body-wide skin rash.
Avatar f tn Correct about HIV risk, both because kissing and oral sex carry little or no risk, and if you're in the US, the statistical chance any particular sexually active women has HIV is under 1 in a thousand. In any case, see a doctor about your fever and sore throat and take it from there. In the meantime, I would advise against treating your fever with advil or anything else. Better to let it follow its natural course, which will be more helpful to your doctor in making a diagnosis.
Avatar m tn All of this within 2 weeks of my possible exposure. Are these early signs of HIV infection? If not whatelse kind of stds would be causing these symptoms? majority of them have to do with my skin.
Avatar m tn Symptoms however, are a poor indicator of hiv, as you can have no symptoms and have hiv or have all symptoms of ARS and have some flu like respiratory infection rather than HIV. Most people do not have HIV so chances are you dont have it either. Hiv is not an easily trasnmitted disease, chances are on your side that you do not have hiv, however you did have unprotected sex and should get tested for your own sake and that of your partner.
Avatar n tn 1) Your risk and the chance you have HIV both are virtually zero. 2) Your symptoms started too late for ARS. 3) The symptoms do not suggest ARS. 4) From a medical or risk standpoint, you don't need HIV testing But people in your situation often are more reassured by a negative lab test results than by advice by an expert; for that reason, I recommend you be tested. This does not mean I really believe you are likely to be infected; I do not.
Avatar n tn You are reading wayyyyy too much into each word. If you have HIV symptoms and test neg at 6+weeks, so what? Your "Hiv" symptoms are not "Hiv" symptoms. Since HIV symptoms lines up with a million other things you certainly have one of the million other things. Most brought on by stress. Your risk factor and testing trumps all your symptoms. If you hav a 6-8 week test your done, move on, audios, next subject. Symptoms: HIV symptoms dont hang out.
Avatar f tn HIV takes more than 2 weeks, on average to cause the so-called ARS symptoms of early HIV. Other STDs may take 2-3 days but NEVER less than 24 hours. What to do? Work on getting over your guilt. This can be done in part by getting tested to make sure you did not get other, relatively common STDs such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. these tests can be done at this time and will be reliable. As for HIV, I suggest you get an HIV blood test at 8 weeks.
Avatar m tn well i was reading that one of the early symptoms of HIV in a women is yeast infection that are really bad and dont go away do to a weak immune system and my question id how long does it take for ur body to get to the point were u cant fight infections ?
Avatar n tn None of the symptoms you describe sounds like any STD or HIV. And in any case, if your sexual history is accurate, you couldn't have acquired any STD anyway. But at to what IS causing your symptoms, I cannot even speculate. Just follow up with your provider, in the confidence that you don't have an STD or HIV.
Avatar m tn i had recived a blow job from a women about 1 month ago she has hiv for about 5 years now i found out after the blowjob i found out a month after i did not see any visible blood when i got the blowjob and i urinated within a minute of the blow job i did not knoe that there was a chance of getting hiv through an insertive fellatio thats all that happend i know that theres never been a documented case of hiv through insertive fellatio i know that the chance of hiv through is .
Avatar m tn Every symptom seems to point to acute HIV and I can't get that out of my head. Is it too early for acute HIV symptoms to appear? When is the earliest I can really get accurate HIV testing? What do you think these symptoms mean?
Avatar n tn As I have already said, the symptoms of early HIV do not come and go and in relation to your current questions, the symptoms of early HIV do not last more than a week. Further, as also explained earlier, an isolated sore throat is not the ARS. As for oral gonorrhea, this is typically asymptomatic. Your persistent sore throat does not suggest oral gonorrhea either. I suspect this is just a lingering, non-STI viral infection. Try not to worry.
Avatar m tn I am currently involved with both women. Early after beginning my relationship with woman B, I received oral sex from woman A. About a week later, she had a horrible sore throat, with white marks on her tonsils, and she was generally just really sick. She sought medical help, but because I am not as forthcoming as I could be, she didn't test for HIV. She was prescribed an antibiotic (I don't know which).
Avatar n tn Could mono have affected the test results and made them negative even if I am HIV infected? Also, if I was just experiencing ARS or even early symptomatic HIV infection, would atleast one of these tests have picked it up by now? I have recently read that the PCR DNA tests are not that reliable because a lot of people have undetectable virus in them.
Avatar m tn I know that I have to wait 3 months or so after exposure to get an HIV test done, but if I am feeling early symptoms of HIV, wouldn't my body be producing anti-bodies right away? What is the earliest to get tested? Thank you so much Dr. HHH! I would really appreciate if you could answer my questions. Thanks again!
Avatar n tn I really did not know these women. I got a girlfriend. We had sex, some unprotected, the last encounter being June 11 2010. I took the Home Access test, from what I understand a 2nd generation elisa, 12 and14 weeks after our last encounter. They came back negative. At 15.5 weeks I took the clearview 1/2 at planned parenthood. It came back negative after 15 minutes. I feel pins and needles muscle pains in my arms. I can feel a lump, (was it always there?
Avatar n tn My guess is that somewhere around a quarter of the threads on this forum ask questions that are variations on yours. Search the archives and threads using terms "HIV anxiety", "HIV transmission risk", "ARS symptoms" and "HIV symptoms" and you can find a wealth of information in more detail.
Avatar n tn The far back part of my tongue is whiter than the front of my tongue, and I kind of got cotton mouth with white saliva today, is this a symptom of early HIV? 5. I know this is a question you get asked a million times, what do you think my chances are of having HIV? 6. I also got tested today (25 days after the incident) I will get the results tomorrow. If it comes back negative can I assume I don't have HIV? Thank you for your time and help.
Avatar m tn I am currently involved with both women. Early after beginning my relationship with woman B, I received oral sex from woman A. About a week later, she had a horrible sore throat, with white marks on her tonsils, and she was generally just really sick. She sought medical help, but because I am not as forthcoming as I could be, she didn't test for HIV. She was prescribed an antibiotic (I don't know which).
Avatar m tn Sore throat in the right side after 5 days of exposure. I know the symptoms are very early but I am in big worry. Can anyone could let me know: 1. If this problems are relate to ARS? 2. Why this fever persists for this long? 3. Rate of sex worker being infected in Bogota Colombia? Waiting to here form you. Please reply soon to my query.
Avatar m tn Is it too early to get tested at the local clinic thirteen days after latest possible exposure? I am thinking of going today to help ease my mind. I haven't been able to sleep or even work, and I cannot imagine another 10 weeks of this. My anxiety comes and goes. At times I have moments of clarity and rational thought, and then other times I wake up in the morning and it's all I can think/worry about. This has truly been a reality check for me.
Avatar m tn But I started doubting about my health. Initially It seems to me I was fine, I have not seen any symptoms of early HIV or herpes. But after through studying I learned that it is not necessary to have symptoms of HIV and can completely healthy after infecting. Recently I started experiencing little tiredness. Also, my sleeping time is some what late, I go to bed very late, like sometimes 3:00 am and due to some mental tensions I am unable to sleep few hours after collapsing on the bed.
Avatar m tn all gone within a week except the skin rash its pinky and almost in chest area and labs, we tried everything and we have visited several dermatologist I was not really worried till her delayed menstrual she call feel the menstrual pain for a week or more now and nothing yet released and its suppose to be last week she is also not pregnant we are 100% since the last rash of her I did not have an sexual contact I was afraid that I am the reason and we have checked the pregnancy test and its (-),
Avatar m tn As for your symptoms, while a flu-like illness can be a manifestation of early HIV, when people with CLASSICAL flu-like symptoms are studied, fewer than 1% turn out to have HIV, the remainder having the flu or other common, non-STD viral illnesses. While some of your symptoms, like the fever and chills are seen in persons with HIV, pothers, like your cough are not. Thus your symptoms are not particularly worrisome. If I were you I would not be worried about HIV from this encounter.
Avatar n tn Please read other forum threads about how low your risk is. Symptoms mean nothing. Undoubtedly the doctor you saw reassured you. There is no need fo rhIV testing. 1) Symptoms are meaningless as an indicator of new HIV infection. Search the threads for "ARS symptoms" and/or "HIV symptoms". 2) Many of your symptoms are due to anxiety. None are due to HIV. 3) I don't know. Maybe some of your symptoms are due to smoking. 4) You do not need testing.