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Avatar m tn The first symptoms of HIV infection, sometimes called acute HIV infection or primary HIV infection, occur about 1 to 4 weeks after the virus was transmitted.
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Avatar n tn How common is it for HIV symptoms to appear within the first year of exposure (not counting ARS, just later HIV symptoms). I had a possible heterosexual exposure in 9/07 (I'm a woman) and I'm waiting on the results of my HIV test..just got the blood drawn yesterday. Meanwhile for the last several weeks I've had low grade fevers that come and go (never above 99.5 or so) and 3 hard glands in the back of my head at the hairline.
Avatar f tn re in the US, the statistical chance any particular sexually active women has HIV is under 1 in a thousand. In any case, see a doctor about your fever and sore throat and take it from there. In the meantime, I would advise against treating your fever with advil or anything else. Better to let it follow its natural course, which will be more helpful to your doctor in making a diagnosis.
Avatar m tn Only a small percentage of women experience these symptoms about 4-5 days before the missed periods. Some women have no symptoms except the missed periods. So, you could be falling in this category. Take blood HCG level test at 48 hours intervals. If the levels are rising and doubling, you are doing good. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar m tn   But the non-HIV medical explanations for symptoms are also extremely unlikely - ie Sjogrens is maybe 2% or so of population and of that 90% are women. Can anxiety be doing this?  Have you seen these symptoms from anxiety in patients?  Could this be/if this were early DILS (10 weeks-ish) could that occur without HIV antibody response?  Nonreactive is nice but still concerned   Any ideas?
Avatar m tn how come most people say that early symptoms happen within 2-4 weeks but then i read it can take up to three months? Is it rare to get symptoms two months after an exposure?
10877228 tn?1416678187 Can you have symptoms of pregnancy as early a week before you are due to start your period? If so what coukd the signs be???
540515 tn?1216398193 i tested because i felt sick to my stomach and vomitted. so you can get some early symptoms, but also women convince themselves that they are pregnant because they want to be so badly and they really are not, so the best advice i can give you and try to stay relaxed and not think too much about it and test a few days early. I used the clearblue digital tests, whiched tested at a very low hcg level, and i got a 5 pack of them at walmart for 18 dollars which is very cheap.
Avatar f tn hi my exposure was 4.5 week ago. yesterday i saw white patches or nodules on my swollen tonsils (it never happens before) and it is a early symptom of HIV. i don't have any symptoms like fever,tired feeling,Swollen lymph nodes,Joint and muscle aches,rash. (i saw from that site ) i hope it is not cause of HIV but if it is then what will show 4.5 week HIV test result ? will it be positive ?
Avatar f tn When do early symptoms of hiv being? I had sex with a prostitute on October 5, ten days ago. I was wearing a condom but it broke. I was probably inside of her for like 5 minutes with the broken condom. I don't know if she had any stds our if and does any drugs. I don't don't do any drugs and don't have any stds. Today i woke up with a stomach ache and now i have a head ache and some fever and feel very tired. Could those be done early symptoms for hiv?
Avatar m tn I also still get rash on stomach and forearms which keeps coming and going along with burning/tingling sensation in scrotum and thighs? Could these symptoms tie in with early HIV???
Avatar m tn Hi, I recently had two encounters with another male - the first time was almost 2 months ago, and it was relatively safe - I got rimmed, received anal sex with a condom (did not cum inside) for less than a minute, and gave head for about 15 minutes (did not cum in mouth). I had no symptoms after this encounter, and about a month later (around mid-December) we had another encounter.
Avatar n tn m 4 wks 5 days today and I keep getting told it is super early for any symptoms, but my lower abs have felt achy for almost a wk now...nothing awful but somewhere between crampy and just a dull pressure. I've also been exhausted and peeing up a storm (sorry if tmi). Is it all in my head?
Avatar f tn ve been experiencing a lot of back aches, fatigue, nausea and some other symptoms...just curious what are some symptoms you guys have experienced around week 5?