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Avatar f tn i mean that the most common symptoms that would appear in most cases in all primary hiv infected people. i mean that what would be the most common symptoms among 40 to 90% people who show the symptoms? can these symptoms appear 7.5 weeks after exposure? i only have painful lymph nodes in my left neck, my right armpit. i dont know exactly if they are swollen. they are not but i am feeling pain in these areas and sometimes in my groin. can lymph nodes due to hiv cause pain?
Avatar m tn Thank you very much doctor. That is extremely reassuring. I did have the 8-day test so that would deal with gonnorhea/chlamydia (see above - negative). I will probably do the 6 week test for HIV/Syphillis as soon as I get there. Quick question - assuming that thrush occurs as a result purely of HIV infection, is it something that doesn't appear for like 6 months?
Avatar m tn Not everyone who becomes infected with HIV will have symptoms but if one were to have symptoms they would appear at around 2 to 4 weeks after infection and they would include 1.very high fevers 2 .very sore throat rash on the trunk--torso and limbs.
Avatar f tn Do u think anxiet can case same symptoms in all of them even thou most of them didnt even think about hiv till they got these symptoms ? Is there a different virus they got and duno about it thats why all of them experiance the same symptoms !? Im just thinking loud and would like to hear ur opinion ..
Avatar n tn not hiv related
Avatar m tn Sean Cummings, one of the experts in this forum says that it amounts to 70% of the newly infected people. He also describes that the 3 most common symptoms which are likely to occur are: high fever, very sore throat, and rash. See: So, to answer your question, the majority of newly infected people indeed will show symptoms, but definitely NOT all of them.
Avatar n tn Hi I've had unprotected sex with someone that I'm not sure wheter or not they are HIV positive or negative. He did not ejaculate inside of me, but two days later my lymph nodes in my throat was really swollen and my throat is really sore like I'm developing the flu. About one week later I started having pains in my shoulder joints. Do you think that I'm HIV infected? I know it's to early to determine from a test.
Avatar n tn You and I have come to different conclusions. Most people who have molluscum do not have HIV. In persons with HIV the infection is more aggressive bu tthat is only in persons who have had HIV for years. I have nothing more to say. Please let us know about your test results as they become available. I remain confident they will be negative.
Avatar m tn Symptoms don't start at 1 week. And all the symptoms you list are a direct result of anxiety from the situation.
Avatar n tn How common is it for HIV symptoms to appear within the first year of exposure (not counting ARS, just later HIV symptoms). I had a possible heterosexual exposure in 9/07 (I'm a woman) and I'm waiting on the results of my HIV test..just got the blood drawn yesterday. Meanwhile for the last several weeks I've had low grade fevers that come and go (never above 99.5 or so) and 3 hard glands in the back of my head at the hairline.
Avatar m tn You can never rely on symptoms. HIV has no specific symptoms and half the people infected have no symptoms. You had a risk so test. 3 months post exposure will give you a conclusive test result.
Avatar m tn I am sorry to hear you are in this position. Your partner needs lessons in prevention, public health, and common courtesy: she should have informed you of her HIV infection before getting sexually involved with you, not afterward. She also should have insisted on condom use. Still, the chance you were infected is low.
Avatar m tn I know ars sympthoms can't last for 3 months but is this common for the early stages of HIV? first 3 months after possible infection.
Avatar m tn so if a person who guess infected with hiv but in six weeks he hadnt any fever and flu-like symptoms and other early symptoms so his immune system is weak or strong?
Avatar n tn The large majority of CSWs in Singapore and other eastern Asian countries do not have HIV. As for your symptoms, they started too soon to be due to HIV; a week is the minimum and usually it's 10-14 days. And if it was HIV, the fever would continue for at least a week. So as you were told on the community forum, if you caught anything from your commercial partner, it was just a common cold -- regardless of not having nasal symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hi, Aside from sexual contact, HIV can also be transmitted by sharing needles and/or syringes with someone who is infected, or, less commonly through transfusions of infected blood or blood clotting factors. Also, babies born to HIV-infected women may become infected before or during birth or through breast-feeding after birth. If there is no chance of these routes of transmission, then there is nothing to be worried about.
Avatar f tn I've read info stating it can be small and dark raised bumps on skin to red patches on torso. Often different sites and opinions don't distinguish clearly between a newly infected person's rash to an hiv rash later in hiv stages. Online pictures are often unclear as well. I'd actually say they're more unclear than the written information. I understand symptoms should never be used to diagnose and that's not my intention.
Avatar n tn Before I address your personal concerns, let me also emphasize that the internet is sometimes not a good place to seek information about HIV or, for that matter, other health symptoms. The symptoms of HIV, like those of many other illnesses, are share by many other health problems. Health care providers go to school for long periods of time to learn how to best put the variety of symptoms and signs that each person has to generate an accurate diagnosis.
Avatar m tn This usually occurs in the starting months of HIV infection when HIV/AIDS - early symptoms of HIV infection start surfacing. Some of the most common symptoms in the first few months of infection (if the virus has infected) are sore throat, digestive problems, tiredness, rashes on skin, aches, pains and swollen lymph nodes.
Avatar m tn Further, I can assure you that your symptoms are not a reflection of early HIV infection. For starters, your symptoms are non-specific and do not represent the complete set of symptoms which are caused by HIV. More importantly, the symptoms of recently acquire HIV do not begin until about two weeks are the infection is acquired. Early HIV would not cause symptoms just 3 days after infection.
Avatar n tn more than likely coincidence. only about 1% of the population is actually infected, so chances are this guy does not have hiv. even though preinseminal fluid is also infectious, the amount of fluid does not begin to compare to that lessens your chances even more. even if this man was is NOT an automatic transmission of hiv. now...with that being still put yourself at risk by having unprotected sex.