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Avatar m tn The first symptoms of HIV infection, sometimes called acute HIV infection or primary HIV infection, occur about 1 to 4 weeks after the virus was transmitted.
Avatar n tn not hiv related
Avatar n tn How common is it for HIV symptoms to appear within the first year of exposure (not counting ARS, just later HIV symptoms). I had a possible heterosexual exposure in 9/07 (I'm a woman) and I'm waiting on the results of my HIV test..just got the blood drawn yesterday. Meanwhile for the last several weeks I've had low grade fevers that come and go (never above 99.5 or so) and 3 hard glands in the back of my head at the hairline.
Avatar f tn No, this would not cause me to worry- for three reasons. First, it happened a bit early to be a manifestation of early HIV, secondly, because isolated upper respiratory tract symptoms are only part of the symptoms of early HIV, and third becasue even when people have "typical" symptoms of early HIV, less than 1% of them have HIV - the rest just have every day colds and viral illnesses unrelated to sexual activity.
Avatar m tn Volume 16(17) 22 November 2002 pp 2350-2352 Risk of HIV infection attributable to oral sex among men who have sex with men and in the population of men who have sex with men Page-Shafer, Kimberlya,b; Shiboski, Caroline Hb; Osmond, Dennis Hc; Dilley, Jamesd; McFarland, Willie; Shiboski, Steve Cc; Klausner, Jeffrey De; Balls, Joycea; Greenspan, Deborahb; Greenspan Page-Shafer K, Veugelers PJ, Moss AR, Strathdee S, Kaldor JM, van Griensven GJ.
Avatar m tn   But the non-HIV medical explanations for symptoms are also extremely unlikely - ie Sjogrens is maybe 2% or so of population and of that 90% are women. Can anxiety be doing this?  Have you seen these symptoms from anxiety in patients?  Could this be/if this were early DILS (10 weeks-ish) could that occur without HIV antibody response?  Nonreactive is nice but still concerned   Any ideas?
Avatar m tn how come most people say that early symptoms happen within 2-4 weeks but then i read it can take up to three months? Is it rare to get symptoms two months after an exposure?
Avatar n tn Its typically 3-5 weeks for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and NGU for men. Early HIV symptoms don't last a couple of hours. They'd last days. Haven't you been tested? I can't remember for sure, but if you haven't, you should. I don't think you have anything, but I know you aren't going to be able to move past this until you do.
Avatar f tn hi my exposure was 4.5 week ago. yesterday i saw white patches or nodules on my swollen tonsils (it never happens before) and it is a early symptom of HIV. i don't have any symptoms like fever,tired feeling,Swollen lymph nodes,Joint and muscle aches,rash. (i saw from that site http://www.aafp.org/afp/990800ap/990800d.html ) i hope it is not cause of HIV but if it is then what will show 4.5 week HIV test result ? will it be positive ?
Avatar m tn No your immune system is not affected this early even if you would test positive.
Avatar f tn When do early symptoms of hiv being? I had sex with a prostitute on October 5, ten days ago. I was wearing a condom but it broke. I was probably inside of her for like 5 minutes with the broken condom. I don't know if she had any stds our if and does any drugs. I don't don't do any drugs and don't have any stds. Today i woke up with a stomach ache and now i have a head ache and some fever and feel very tired. Could those be done early symptoms for hiv?
Avatar m tn Symptoms however, are a poor indicator of hiv, as you can have no symptoms and have hiv or have all symptoms of ARS and have some flu like respiratory infection rather than HIV. Most people do not have HIV so chances are you dont have it either. Hiv is not an easily trasnmitted disease, chances are on your side that you do not have hiv, however you did have unprotected sex and should get tested for your own sake and that of your partner.
Avatar m tn I also still get rash on stomach and forearms which keeps coming and going along with burning/tingling sensation in scrotum and thighs? Could these symptoms tie in with early HIV???
Avatar m tn HIV is not transmitted by oral sex, so you are not having ARS.
Avatar n tn Teak man don’t get me wrong but we read that weight loss is one of the early symptoms of HIV and this is well known site such as Wikipedia and other medical sites. That’s all what I meant.