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Avatar m tn Symptoms however, are a poor indicator of hiv, as you can have no symptoms and have hiv or have all symptoms of ARS and have some flu like respiratory infection rather than HIV. Most people do not have HIV so chances are you dont have it either. Hiv is not an easily trasnmitted disease, chances are on your side that you do not have hiv, however you did have unprotected sex and should get tested for your own sake and that of your partner.
Avatar n tn Do you think that I do not have the symptoms yet because it's in its very early stages and pretty soon I'll start seeing the symptoms? Or is there anyone else out there who was diagnosed with hypo but didn't really have the symptoms? Please let me know what you all think.
Avatar m tn sorry but thanks
Avatar n tn Since I'm here I might as well ask the typical HIV testing questions. Like everyone else on here my symptoms are through the roof but I'm trying to stay focused on the tests and not my body. The only symptom I didnt seem to have was a fever. At least none that I can recall. I've developed alot of pimples on my forehead in the last week which Im hoping is due to stress a couple on my arms. I would think that a rash (if it is a rash) wouldnt show up after 6 weeks.
Avatar n tn You describe extremely safe sex, virtually zero risk and negative test at 8 months PROVES that NONE of your symptoms can possibly be due to HIV. See your health care provider if your symptoms continue and you are concerned about them. No continued discussion, please. By forum rules, I should have deleted this question without response.
Avatar n tn In the US, there are an estimated 40,000 new HIV cases per year. Most of those (roughly 75%, I believe) are men who have sex with other men. So maybe there are 10,000 new cases per year in heterosexuals. The large majority of those are the REGULAR sex partners (mostly women) of men who are at obvious high risk, such as injection drug users or men who have had sex with other men, including men who don't consider themselves gay or bi--e.g.
Avatar m tn She says she's a virgin, and I believe her. I tested negative for HIV while giving blood in October 2007. Since then I have become sexually involved with another woman (woman B) as well. The sex has been unprotected and includes vaginal, oral & anal. Woman B says she tested negative for HIV in August 2007, and has not engaged in any risky behavior, such as sex without a condom since, before getting involved with me. I am currently involved with both women.
Avatar m tn No your immune system is not affected this early even if you would test positive.
Avatar n tn Since that time, I am feeling much better, but I am a little concerned that it could be the early symptoms of HIV for a few reasons. First, for the past couple of weeks, even before the flu like symptoms I have been getting a recurring canker sore in the same spot on the bottom of my tongue. Additionally, I have a rash on my hands that has been there for the past week and a half or so.
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex 2 days ago, I now have a fever, chills, sore throat (no cough) feeling weak, sweating profusely, always cold ... All of this happened two days after having unprotected sex , I've searched all over the internet & they say this is symptoms of HIV , is it possible to be happening so quickly ? Please somebody advise ... I'm worried .
Avatar m tn   But the non-HIV medical explanations for symptoms are also extremely unlikely - ie Sjogrens is maybe 2% or so of population and of that 90% are women. Can anxiety be doing this?  Have you seen these symptoms from anxiety in patients?  Could this be/if this were early DILS (10 weeks-ish) could that occur without HIV antibody response?  Nonreactive is nice but still concerned   Any ideas?
Avatar n tn My throat still feels like there is a lump in it but not really that sore, just feels like an inflamed esophagus. Can you please let me know if I would be experiencing symptoms this early? Thanks for any help you can offer.
Avatar m tn But I started doubting about my health. Initially It seems to me I was fine, I have not seen any symptoms of early HIV or herpes. But after through studying I learned that it is not necessary to have symptoms of HIV and can completely healthy after infecting. Recently I started experiencing little tiredness. Also, my sleeping time is some what late, I go to bed very late, like sometimes 3:00 am and due to some mental tensions I am unable to sleep few hours after collapsing on the bed.
Avatar m tn 2 Weeks after I got sick, during which I was still feeling somewhat fatigued (which I know can be caused by stress and anxiety), I decided to look up the symptoms of HIV, and became even more concerned when the symptoms I found about ARS, matched the symptoms I experienced two weeks prior. Immediately I felt like my world collapsed. I couldn't eat, drink, think, or sleep that night. The next morning, I bought an Oraquick 20-minute home test from a local drug store and took it right away.
Avatar m tn Yesterday was the day that I had my blood drawn for my company paid HIV/HEP test. I told the HIV specialist doctor all my symptoms and showed her several of my rashes along with my recurrent thrush. She did an examination and found that my liver and spleen are swollen by pressing on my abdomen and pressing under my ribs slightly on both sides--it was very incomfortabe. She told me she would be suprised if my HIV results were negative this time.
Avatar n tn i also read that kaposi's sarcoma usually shoes up in advanced hiv...could it possibly show up as early as 7 weeks after exposure??? anyway, im freaking out about this and could use some advice. thanks.
Avatar f tn we don't recommend testing unless you have symptoms. all of your testing was done far too early if it was done at the 3 week post encounter mark. you've had this pain for awhile now. continue to follow up on it with your providers as needed. if it was std related, you wouldn't have pain this long - even untreated bacterial std's eventually stop causing symptoms and none of them just cause groin pain.
Avatar n tn It would be much to early to test for syphilis or HIV or herpes, but the std's that are most likely to be causing your symptoms would be positive by now.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if you are in fact having acute hiv symptoms and you do have hiv is it possible for the test to show up positive early as 2 weeks or the absoulte soonest 3 months. Can u have symptoms n it show up positive before 3 months or the result may not be accrate before 3 months even tho u may be having symptoms. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I thought that the guy was hiv positive and he was worried that he infected me.I starting looking for symptoms and after a couple of days i had mild temperature , and swollen glands . Since i am an extremely anxious person, i am thinking that this was caused by my anxiety. 10 days post exposure i got an early HIV test and was negative. Today is 29 th day post exposure and i got an hiv duo test and expecting my results tomorrow. I am so stressed and cannot sleep.
Avatar f tn Followed by flu like symptoms then severe peripheral neuropathy till now its One year now. Hiv 18 months negative. Syphilis negative but treated it per symptoms. Had rashes but urticaria was on neck only one part. Had pale floating stool once and if i remember two days dark urine. This all was 3weeks after suspected infection. 8th week my urinalysis was normal. No birillubin. Done by dip stick. 5th month my rbc was high with 0.03. Now i feel pain in liver area.
Avatar f tn Hello, all - I'm a 33 year old, recently out of the closet gay man. I totally crushed on the first man I dated (I guess that's not unusual). After several weeks of dating, we had anal sex (he received). As I was inserting, the condom broke. I immediately withdrew and put on another, which seemed to do the rest of the job just fine :). Just a few weeks later, the relationship ended. We never discussed his HIV status, but, in hindsight, there are many things that make me suspicious.
Avatar f tn (I first posted this in the STD forum, but they asked that I post here instead. Repose below. Thanks!) Hello, all - I'm a 33 year old, recently out of the closet gay man.  I totally crushed on the first man I dated (I guess that's not unusual).  After several weeks of dating, we had anal sex (he received).  As I was inserting, the condom broke.  I immediately withdrew and put on another, which seemed to do the rest of the job just fine :). Just a few weeks later, the relationship ended.
Avatar n tn I found on this forum that HIV can create an itchy skin, but I am not sure if that can happen in the early stage. Can that be a symptom for HIV? I was negative 3 weeks ago. I also had a diarrhea that did not last too long (just enough to bring worries). Another question is related to HIV testing. I know I should wait 3 months for antibody test, but http://www.requestatest.com offers HIV PCR test at 28 days for about $200.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have few questions for which I could not find answers after reading web/ forum. I will appreciate if I can get answer for these. 1) The initial HIV symptoms are Fever, Headache, Sore Throat, lymph glands and rash. Out of these symptoms, Fever, headache and sore throats are so common, that how someone call diagnose that these are because of HIV infection and not due to common cold?
Avatar n tn 2) Could acute tendonitis, accompanied by what appears to be Keratosis Pilaris on my arms be a sign of early HIV infection? If not, could it be a sign of something else? 3) Could EXTREME anxiety cause these symptoms to appear? I have also lost weight (173 down to 165). 4) I was tested for gonorrhea, syphallis, chlymidia, from a urethra swab at my first exam which came back negative.
Avatar m tn and when it does cause symptoms, discomfort in the groin is not what I would expect. The main chlamydia symptoms in men are discharge of pus or mucus from the penis, sometimes with mild discomfort on passing urine. However, even if the chlamydia diagnosis is correct, you still are at very low risk of HIV. Heterosexually transmitted HIV is rare in Japan, and regardless of chlamydia, it is very unlikely your partner had HIV.