Early hiv rash symptoms

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Avatar m tn I also still get rash on stomach and forearms which keeps coming and going along with burning/tingling sensation in scrotum and thighs? Could these symptoms tie in with early HIV???
Avatar f tn hi my exposure was 4.5 week ago. yesterday i saw white patches or nodules on my swollen tonsils (it never happens before) and it is a early symptom of HIV. i don't have any symptoms like fever,tired feeling,Swollen lymph nodes,Joint and muscle aches,rash. (i saw from that site http://www.aafp.org/afp/990800ap/990800d.html ) i hope it is not cause of HIV but if it is then what will show 4.5 week HIV test result ? will it be positive ?
556087 tn?1226595414 No it was to early to develope symptoms that early and as you know you can't go by signs or symptoms. If you want to test which you should test at 6-8 weeks post exposure and then do a 3 months conclusive test.
Avatar m tn so if a person who guess infected with hiv but in six weeks he hadnt any fever and flu-like symptoms and other early symptoms so his immune system is weak or strong?
Avatar f tn Your dermatologist has more knowledge about your rash than you and me. ARS rash doesn´t show up in 7 days and doesn´t go away with steroids. A tongue ulcer is meaningless. Maybe a self-bite? Maybe related to your anxiety or anything else? Receiving oral sex and protected sex is not a risk for HIV, that is key in this case.
Avatar f tn And all I have now is a rash no other symptoms , I goolged it and it says you habe symptoms all at once. I think its a bit to late to start having symptoms now isn't it ?
Avatar m tn Hi, I recently had two encounters with another male - the first time was almost 2 months ago, and it was relatively safe - I got rimmed, received anal sex with a condom (did not cum inside) for less than a minute, and gave head for about 15 minutes (did not cum in mouth). I had no symptoms after this encounter, and about a month later (around mid-December) we had another encounter.
Avatar m tn I am not sure if that is because of my HIV fear....Could this stuffs be a HIV rash? Does HIV rash appears within 9 days of encounter?? What could be the time frame? --> Symptoms are NEVER reliable to detect the presence of HIV. Only an HIV test can tell whether or not you are infected. All the best!
Avatar n tn ive read that the rash lasts for two weeks but i have had mine for months. do these symptoms sound similar to those of hiv/aids? and would a yeast infection caused by hiv happen within 2 months of exposure?
Avatar n tn .Welcome to the forum. I will try to help. While I agree with your doctor that the risk of HIV from the exposures you mention is low (most women, even those with multiple sex partners, do not have HIV and even if they did, most exposures to infected partners do not lead to infection), following three broken condoms with three different partners, testing for STDs, including HIV is a good idea.
Avatar m tn not just a single symptom? , what type of skin rash is the mostly common one with hiv early symptoms? is it only Shingles(Zoster) ? or an infected person could have another type of rash ? if i get tested now after about 7-8 weeks from exposure,the results are not conclusive , but i read here on the forum that the tests this early is 98% conclusive .
Avatar n tn Is it possible to get hiv early symptoms as early as 4 days and then for them to end in 10 days ??
Avatar n tn So, what test is that? sorry if its too much. But den am really concern. So, is that p24 or something? I waited so anxiously for a month. Whats the probability?
Avatar f tn do ARS (early phase HIV symptoms) occur simultaneously (flu symptoms occuring with rash)? I know the risk of oral sex contraction of HIV is low, but there was also vaginal sex (even though there was no ejaculation). Does anyone have any answers. I am waiting out a few weeks before I get tested, as it seems getting tested too early gives unclear results. Thank you, I just want to stay informed in this anxious period.
Avatar f tn I've read info stating it can be small and dark raised bumps on skin to red patches on torso. Often different sites and opinions don't distinguish clearly between a newly infected person's rash to an hiv rash later in hiv stages. Online pictures are often unclear as well. I'd actually say they're more unclear than the written information. I understand symptoms should never be used to diagnose and that's not my intention.
Avatar m tn I was given full STD screen for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, and HIV of which all returned negative (although I understand that it was too early to test for both Syphilis, and HIV) was told to continue on my course of Doxycycline which I had been on for the previous 4 weeks as Malaria prophylactic. 6 days later I got severe pain in lower abdomen and testes and left groin lymph node and also pain in the urethra. Next day or day after I got a rash on my lower torso.
Avatar f tn Assessing HIV from symptoms is mostly irrelevant.
Avatar m tn I am having rash on my body when i woke up early morning and while coming from my work ? This symptoms i have more than 6 weeks ... what is the reason?
Avatar m tn Had you acquired HIV and your symptoms due to HIV, I would expect your symptoms to be more severe than what you report. 2. Would PEP delay (26 days) and reduce severity (short fever/other symptoms) of ARS? I know knowledge is limited but your experience? Same answer as for 1 above. I have never had PEP fail in a patient who took their medications. 3. Abdominal pain common in ARS? No. 4. Could rash be caused by something else (rash followed fever by 1-2 days but did not overlap) Sure.