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Avatar m tn Hi, I recently had two encounters with another male - the first time was almost 2 months ago, and it was relatively safe - I got rimmed, received anal sex with a condom (did not cum inside) for less than a minute, and gave head for about 15 minutes (did not cum in mouth). I had no symptoms after this encounter, and about a month later (around mid-December) we had another encounter.
Avatar f tn hi my exposure was 4.5 week ago. yesterday i saw white patches or nodules on my swollen tonsils (it never happens before) and it is a early symptom of HIV. i don't have any symptoms like fever,tired feeling,Swollen lymph nodes,Joint and muscle aches,rash. (i saw from that site ) i hope it is not cause of HIV but if it is then what will show 4.5 week HIV test result ? will it be positive ?
Avatar n tn I asked him about whether these are the symptoms of hiv he replied that its to early to say this.He said me to take doses for 10 days and if in I don't get relief then my blood would be tested.I was afraid.So today I went to government hospital for blood test.They have taken sample of my blood.I will get the report on 10th October.My question is -Are these symptoms of Hiv. Also I want to mention that each time I had safe sex means I used condom.
Avatar n tn I have read that in any case the per encounter risk of female to make transmission is low even from an HIV positive female to an HIV negative male. Is that true? In that case, the risk with condom must be even much lower..?
Avatar m tn The first symptoms of HIV infection, sometimes called acute HIV infection or primary HIV infection, occur about 1 to 4 weeks after the virus was transmitted.
Avatar n tn not hiv related
Avatar n tn How common is it for HIV symptoms to appear within the first year of exposure (not counting ARS, just later HIV symptoms). I had a possible heterosexual exposure in 9/07 (I'm a woman) and I'm waiting on the results of my HIV test..just got the blood drawn yesterday. Meanwhile for the last several weeks I've had low grade fevers that come and go (never above 99.5 or so) and 3 hard glands in the back of my head at the hairline.
Avatar m tn I have also been very stressed out about the idea of being HIV positive. What are the likely chances that these symptoms (and the tingling sensation in my feet) are from the incident i.e. also phlegm in my throat, fatigue, etc.
Avatar n tn As I said during your last exchange with me, your exposure was no risk for HIV. The symptoms you describe are not suggestive of HIV. It appears that you are looking on the internet and trying to match your symptoms, which are most likely all due to anxiety, to symptoms of HIV infection. This is an error since there are no symptoms which are highly specific for HIV and as a result you can find reports of just about anything being associated with HIV.
Avatar n tn pain in my armpits which started at 8 weeks, groin pain/tightness, the lymph nodes in my neck are swollen (but my dr says its sinus related). In regards to HSV2: anal itching, redness and pain and a few cracks in the skin in my genital area that seem to come and go. My question is are my test results accurate? ( I still plan to retest at 12 weeks). If so how accurate and why does the CDC have such a large window period? What do my symptoms mean.
Avatar m tn how come most people say that early symptoms happen within 2-4 weeks but then i read it can take up to three months? Is it rare to get symptoms two months after an exposure?
Avatar n tn of symptoms associated with the acute retroviral syndrome (ARS) of early HIV infection, the symptoms of the ARS are TOTALLY non-specific and when people experience "ARS symptoms" they are much more likely to have something else, usually some other, more typical virus infection. When this has been studied in the US, less than 1% of persons seeking medical care for "ARS symptoms" are found to have HIV, the remainder having symptoms due to other processes.
Avatar f tn The only way to know your status is to test. You can obtain your conclusive negative test result 3 months post exposure.
Avatar n tn You say nothing about the sort of exposure you had or about your partner making it quite difficult for me to judge just how low your risk is but following a single sexual exposure to a partner of unknown HIV status, no matter who the partner or the sex act, the risk if low and typically very, very low. Your symptoms are in no way suggestive of HIV. They occurred too early to be typical of the ARS and sound like they are more likely to be due to anxiety or, at worse, a summer cold.
Avatar n tn I'm not asking for a positive diagnosis, only if these symptoms are those of an acute HIV infection. I stated that I knew testing was the only real way to know.