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936016 tn?1332769204 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar n tn 1 degree fever swollen neck lymph nodes (1 month now) itchy skin - skin will turn red after itching and then it will go away in an hour dry cough re-occuring yeast infection
Avatar m tn Symptoms are not HIV related.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. Heterosexually transmitted HIV is less common in the US (and other industrialized countries) than you might think. The large majority of women like your partner do not have HIV, and the odds are very strong that you weren't exposed at all. Even if you were, the average transmission risk from unprotected vaginal sex, female to male, is around 1 in 2,000 -- and that's only if the woman is infected.
Avatar n tn Yes they are amongst the listed symptoms of ARS but they usually occur along with other measure symptoms like High fever , a skin rash , sometimes diarrhea... They can only be indicative and not confirmatory. If you have had a exposure to HIV and have these symptoms you should get a Antibody test @ 3months or later...
Avatar f tn HIV "symptoms" are also symptoms that could be related to about a bazillion other phsycial ailments/issues. "Safe" sex is just that...SAFE. HIV is NOT an easy virus to transmit...and an intact condom is sufficient protection against it. Move on.
Avatar n tn Now it's been like 3 years later and i've been sick now for 17 days, I've cycled through many symptoms on a daily basis, sensitive skin, chills, fast heart rate and double vision as well as others i forget right now.
Avatar n tn You cannot get HIV from oral sex. Any symptoms you may have experienced were unrelated. Symptoms are worthless as indicators of HIV status.
Avatar f tn Experts say oral sex with or without a condom is no risk. Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV. As for STDs you will have to post in the STD fourm they will help you.
Avatar m tn I have no fever or sweating,though? Could it still be HIV symptoms still? I plan to do another HIV test at the end of 13 weeks mark.
Avatar m tn You had no HIV risk.
Avatar m tn after 2 weeks my last exposure i am having experiencing hiv symptoms acute infection i am having diarrhea and loose 3-4 stools daily watery and yesterday i was having fever 101c i am having skin rashes also and diarrhea not responding to medicines and treatment and i am having pain in my abdomen and stomach ache and mouth ulcers also my exposure was with female when i went to massage salon full naked body massage and she gave me handjob for 15minutes and i put my mouth in her boobs and i touch h
Avatar m tn Are these the symptoms of HIV? 2. Isnt a 12 day P24 antigen teto st a realiable indicator of HIV? 3. can oral candidiasis occur as early as day 5 after possible exposure to hiv? 4. What are the chances of 26 day negative elisa result to turn positive?
Avatar m tn It is therefore every responsible person's job NOT to mention the word HIV in any forum related to everyday symptoms. Based on studies and all the research available, HIV thankfully still remains a very difficult and rare infection to catch. This discussion is related to Sore throat.
Avatar m tn anyone know what parcentage of hiv infected people shows symptoms within 4 weeks after exposure? its completion of 4th week for my assumed needle stick incident and 6th week for my assumed needle stick incidents. I am still scared. i dint felt any visible wired symptoms on my body skin till now please help me with my question.....
556087 tn?1226599014 No it was to early to develope symptoms that early and as you know you can't go by signs or symptoms. If you want to test which you should test at 6-8 weeks post exposure and then do a 3 months conclusive test.
Avatar n tn Your spot on your tongue also does not sound like any of the common symptoms for acute hiv. Finally, you should not be looking for symptoms, that is not wise and will lead you to believe symptoms for hiv are present when they are not there- like the rash on your leg which would not be a result of hiv. The likelihood of you acquiring hiv from a minute of unprotected intercourse, with a portion of the populaiton that rarely has hiv in the first place is very very small.
Avatar n tn No worries there. your symptoms are not suggestive of HIV since there are no specific HIV symptoms. In any event, you don't diagnose HIV by symptoms. Your risk is too low to even measure. You are fine. Whatever is troubling you has nothing to do with HIV. Please continue to use condoms for anal/vaginal intercourse and you can fully expect to avoid HIV infection.
Avatar n tn hello, i am 22 years old male i was in a relation in july, 20/ 2010 and since that time i am very scared please help me i had a flu like symptoms on the 24th of august but with out high temperature just cold symptoms and yesterday i found out the i have small bumps on my forehead and i am very scared i really think that i will have a panic attack the bumps are same color of my skin i am middle eastern please help me i am really in big worries and i was sweating too much for 5 days and then i go
Avatar m tn i foolishly assumed that everything would be alright but shortly after (maybe a week) my sexual episode, i started noticing a slowly proggressing burning sensation when i urinate and i did have a couple of hiv symptoms. i had 1 or two sweaty nights, i did feel flu like symptoms for mayb 2-3 days. i also have noticed a small discharge (couple drops) that i actually have to kind of "milk out" the tip of my penis.
Avatar m tn And if so, does anyone know approx when it would occur and for how long? B) can symptoms of cystic acne or weird skin stuff happen this far along during seroconversion ( would it have stopped at some point and gone away)? C) Lastly, has anyone ever heard of someone becoming positive after they've been tested at 7weeks and had a negative result?' Thank you for your replies and Support! I understand that I must test at 3mo to be sure, 6mo to be dead on sure, but just for peace of mind.....
Avatar n tn 6,7) The appearance of HIV related skin rash and the timing of your symptoms don't matter. Your negative test at 7 weeks proves HIV isn't the cause. 8) Self-diagnosis of enlarged lymph nodes by medically untrained persons rarely is reliable. Anyway, just as with the other symptoms, among all people with enlarged lymph nodes, the large majority have causes other than HIV. Should you be worried about HIV? No, not with your negative test results.
Avatar n tn but the only thing I cant comprehend that the symptoms I have now its usually in a advance stage HIV infection usually after 10 from first exposure to hiv, whereas I had my only un-protected sex 3 years ago other than my wife...I have no other symptoms other than shortness of breath and skin rash or arms/lymph node swollen..etc my weight is pretty consistent.... But I am extremely worried that I may have advanced HIv infection....please give me your opinion...