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Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. Heterosexually transmitted HIV is less common in the US (and other industrialized countries) than you might think. The large majority of women like your partner do not have HIV, and the odds are very strong that you weren't exposed at all. Even if you were, the average transmission risk from unprotected vaginal sex, female to male, is around 1 in 2,000 -- and that's only if the woman is infected.
Avatar f tn Hello, You can not rule out HIV if your HIV test is negative. Your HIV test result reveals only your HIV status and does not indicate whether or not your partner has HIV. HIV is not necessarily transmitted every time you have sex. This is why this should not be seen as a method to find out if your partner is infected. The enzyme immunoassay or EIA is the most common screening test used to look for antibodies to HIV.
Avatar n tn Speak to a doctor and see if there is any kind of protocol for someone who has been in contact with bodily fluids of someone who is HIV positive, in other words, any kind of proactive medical treatment.
Avatar f tn Has to do with poverty rate in the black community, in poverty theres more drug use(IV) , theres a high rate of blacks in prisons and you are more likely to have HIV if in prison. Less prevention education in pverty stricken communities. The majority of black women get HIV from Hetero sex from black men that aren't honest about their backgrounds.
Avatar m tn Further, and more importantly, even most unprotected exposures do not lead to transmission of infection and condom use reduces this greatly. In your case, oral sex is very, very low risk for HIV- the estimated risk of HIV from oral sex with an infected partner is, on average, less than 1 infection in 10,000 exposures and there are no proven cases in which a man has gotten HIV from receiving oral sex- none! As for your specific questions: 1.
1503835 tn?1302980942 Symptoms are not helpful in judging new HIV infections. The identical symptoms occur in acute HIV infection and in innumerable other, minor medical conditions. In any case, your symptoms are on the late side -- usual onset is 10-14 days -- and HIV rarely causes only minor pharyngitis or low grade fever. Over two thirds of newly infected people have all 3 among severe sore throat, fever (typcially 38C or higher), and body-wide skin rash.
Avatar m tn go see a doctor, even though your chances of contracting hiv is very low, there is still a chance. weather the condom was removed properly or weather you had cuts prior from masturbating etc... go see a doctor, and i think as for myself stress and anxiety can cause allthe symptoms you have ormost anyways.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr, I really appreciate your service,Sorry for my English but I will try to explain,my scenario is I had protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex with many CSW during 2008-2009,(mostly in Bangkok and London)my last exposure was unprotected vaginal sex in 2010 with a women whom i wanted to marry, i knew her almost 1 year and we were chatting on the internet, she is my friends sister in- law and she seems to be a nice person(she was married and seperated after ) I didnt have any symp
Avatar m tn You don't have HIV.
Avatar m tn But I have recently been diagnosed with Seborrheic Dermatitis and have been getting alot of anxiety as it is HIV related. If anyone can please comment if Seborrheic Dermatitis is a common skin disease or if it is predominately related to HIV? I just had a few questions to see if my possible exposures could be related to HIV? Possible exposure 1: Protected sex with 10+ women? (Just wanted to ask what the chances are of getting HIV?
Avatar m tn -dry skin on my face and hands -something that looks like dundruff in my eyebrows -scalp problems with small areas that bleeds when scrapped -patches of dry skin on arms around 1-2 cm that gets redish after bath and are surrounded by areas of what is called "chicken skin" I've read that these symptoms are hiv related and I've read what hiv pos people wrote about their dry skin problems. From your knowing, does these symptoms come as soon as 2-3 months after infection?
Avatar m tn Hello everyone, About a week ago, I had unprotected sex with a woman and have been having some std like symptoms that i would like some help with. We engaged in sex several times but the last time I penetrated without a condom for less than minute and then put a condom and completed. I also had completely protected sex with a different women then next night. It has been several days and I have had several symptoms of perhaps an STD.
Avatar m tn I hope that your concern about HIV has not slowed you from getting tested because your risk from the exposures you describe is close, if not, zero and your symptoms in no way suggest HIV. To elaborate a bit, chances are that none of the women you report contact with had HIV. In addition, kissing is no risk, even deep kissing and even with gum or dental disease.
Avatar m tn From what you say, you're symptoms don't match shingles (herpes zoster) at all. Singles would be a sharply localiized patch, only on one side of the body, and typically very painful. See your doctor as planned, but I'm sure that's not it. And even if it is, shingles defintely does not mean you have HIV. It's only slightly more common in HIV infected persons, and even then it's an issue of people with longstanding infection, typically for several years (i.e.
Avatar m tn I note that part of your concern comes from noting that you had symptoms which have been described in persons with HIV. Please let me point out that symptoms are terribly non-specific and there are NO symptoms which are unique to HIV. The sorts of symptoms that you describe (rash, swollen nodes) are the sorts of symptoms that most people get once or twice a year due to common, community acquired, non-HIV, non-STD viruses.
Avatar m tn i am having hiv ars symptoms i receive handjob for 15minutes and i was completely naked and women was just wearing her pants and she rub my penis with her hands and gave me handjob i was not wearing any condom i mean my penis was without condom and women massage e for 40minutes and i ejaculated on her belly she put massaghe lotion on my penis i am having diarrhea loss of appetite and fever and rash and confusion i need to get tested for hiv women was 30years old and i did not do sexual intercour
Avatar n tn Dermatologic Manifestations of Staphylococcus Aureus Staphylococcus aureus is the most common cutaneous bacterial infection in persons with HIV disease. Approximately 50% of HIV-infected persons are nasal carriers of S. aureus, explaining in part the high rate of infection.(4,5) Infection with S. aureus may occur before any other signs or symptoms of HIV infection.
Avatar n tn Those are not any kind of symptoms of HIV. You did put yourself at risk so you should test.
Avatar m tn I was with four different women unprotected. I am experiencing different symptoms 2-3 months after; Cold sores, swollen glands and red tenderness with some skin peeling around my fingernails. I'm worried to death, but I know I have to wait 3 months to get tested. Just kinda wondering what my odds are I guess. I hope you can reasure me somehow. Please let me know.
Avatar n tn data is that fewer than 1 in 10,000 American women have HIV- it does not surprise me that the figure might be lower still in Canada. Further, the risk of unprotected genital sex is not greater than 1 infection in 1,000 sex acts and probably lower. Thus on a statistical basis your mathematical risk for infection is something less than 1 in 10 million (far less than your risk of being struck by lightning).