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Avatar f tn Hello, You can not rule out HIV if your HIV test is negative. Your HIV test result reveals only your HIV status and does not indicate whether or not your partner has HIV. HIV is not necessarily transmitted every time you have sex. This is why this should not be seen as a method to find out if your partner is infected. The enzyme immunoassay or EIA is the most common screening test used to look for antibodies to HIV.
Avatar m tn after receiving oral sex from a women I started to feel a burning sensation after urination. a white liquid randomly appeared out of my urethra. they eventually went away (this was a few months ago). recently i noticed a burining sensation during sex and masturbation and a generally a mild sensation when iam urinating or not doing anything. my doctor did swab my urethra to do a culture test (it hurt so bad when he shoved that cue tip in my urethra). everything came out negative.
Avatar m tn I know who I got it from and like a fool, I gave her the benefit of the doubt (symptoms in women go undetected often) both got treated and continued to have sex. Of note, my partner came back positive for Bacterial Vaginosis and chlamydia We waited a month and started having sex again. Unfortunately I'm not 100% sure if 1) she got treated and 2) if she did get treated, what the antibiotics were and when she took it. Regardless we continued our relations.
Avatar n tn i am lady .i did intercourse with HIV positive man with double condom but condom stuck in my vagina penis pull out from vagina semen spread above vagina and ***.
Avatar m tn I am 30, hetero male. I have not had an HIV since 2004- it was negative then but since then I have had sex with four women. None of the women were sex workers but like me, they did probably have casual sex. In each instance, I used condoms and cannot recall a break. About one year after the first encounter, around 2005, I got mild Seborrheic Dermatitis. I have had it on the scalp and a little bit around the nose for years, and it is controlled by head and shoulders.
Avatar m tn i am having hiv ars symptoms i receive handjob for 15minutes and i was completely naked and women was just wearing her pants and she rub my penis with her hands and gave me handjob i was not wearing any condom i mean my penis was without condom and women massage e for 40minutes and i ejaculated on her belly she put massaghe lotion on my penis i am having diarrhea loss of appetite and fever and rash and confusion i need to get tested for hiv women was 30years old and i did not do sexual intercour
Avatar f tn Hi I just had a phone call from the doctor saying there is an opening to go on treatment next week, how bad can the symptoms get and are they hard to control. There are a lot of things I do need to do everyday as I am the only one with a license in the family I do all the driving, I am also studying, and I have a 3 mon old daughter to look after. What are some ways of coping.
Avatar m tn t test does not show a symptoms how many months will he know he have HIV? If a person shows a symtoms is it always accompanied with fever and lymph nodes?
Avatar m tn I was meaning later symptoms of HIV infection and not primary infection symptoms.
Avatar f tn I had sex with hiv women for 6 months in nigeria. I tested positive in rapid test at 8 months and wb tested indeterminate in nigeria. I was afraid and went to india and tested with rapid tridot hiv1/2 negitive at 9 months. Please help : is hiv 2 slow pregress.
Avatar f tn Hello, my name is Kiki, I am 23 and just found out I have GM. I had a biopsy last month and was given the results this past Tuesday May 31st. I have another appointment at the end of June but I am feeling clueless, I won't know much til then. Does anyone know what is the next step as far as treatment? What do the doctors first attempt for treatment? I know everyone's case is different but I just wanted to know a little bit more since there isn't much information online.
2021910 tn?1339896686 Either can be used with non-pregnant or pregnant women, but the recommended dosages differ. Women with BV who are HIV-positive should receive the same treatment as those who are HIV-negative. BV can recur after treatment. How can bacterial vaginosis be prevented? BV is not completely understood by scientists, and the best ways to prevent it are unknown. However, it is known that BV is associated with having a new sex partner or having multiple sex partners.
Avatar m tn OK so I have been dealing with a problem for the last year and have been unsuccessful in finding any help from a wide variety of Doctors. I have seen my primary care doctor and I have also seen a urologist as well as an infectious disease doctor. Well a year ago I had sex with a women who meets all the criteria of high risk behavior. Ever since then I have had periodic pain in the tip of my penis and the urethra has also been consistently red.
Avatar f tn I had a possible HIV exposure on February 19th. Had flu-like symptoms about 4 weeks after. I was tested on March 29th and I tested negative. According to users on this sight, this is a good sign. But still having headaches, diarrhea and loss of appetite. I have noticed that my breasts have enlarged in the past couple of weeks or so. I have heard that this is a sign in women who may be HIV positive. Thoughts on what the heck is going on?
1503835 tn?1302980942 Symptoms are not helpful in judging new HIV infections. The identical symptoms occur in acute HIV infection and in innumerable other, minor medical conditions. In any case, your symptoms are on the late side -- usual onset is 10-14 days -- and HIV rarely causes only minor pharyngitis or low grade fever. Over two thirds of newly infected people have all 3 among severe sore throat, fever (typcially 38C or higher), and body-wide skin rash.
Avatar n tn Some people like myself had no symptoms at all. So symptoms means nothing when it comes to HIV and HIV has no specific symptoms.
Avatar n tn .Welcome to the forum. I will try to help. While I agree with your doctor that the risk of HIV from the exposures you mention is low (most women, even those with multiple sex partners, do not have HIV and even if they did, most exposures to infected partners do not lead to infection), following three broken condoms with three different partners, testing for STDs, including HIV is a good idea.
Avatar n tn Than a lot for the reply. But the symptoms are very typical of an HIV infection, thats the reason for my anxiety.
Avatar n tn You seem to have learned my answers by reading the forum, so you won't be surprised by my replies. (The reason threads stay available is so that people in your situation can learn what they need to know without having to ask their own questions.) The quick reply is that your risk was too low to even have HIV testing, regardless of your symptoms. Interesting to see those statistics on HIV in Scotland; that's less than one third the rate in the US.