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936016 tn?1332769204 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar f tn Thank u so much but do u know anyone who test negative at 3 months and his result is change at 6 months stress killing me I cant sleep almost cant eat and I have all the symptoms in first few weeks of incident and throat sore I stll have help me
Avatar f tn My wife has symptoms like cough/sorethroat most of the time and only fever once. - is it hiv releted. 2. Why different kid shows different result, like checked positive and in othe lab with spot test negitive.- Is any sub virus presisits. I am afraid of hiv 2 virus of slowai progress.
Avatar n tn hey greg, none of your symptoms even ressemble hiv symptoms. that said, symptoms are never reliable in diagnosing hiv period. plus,YOU WERE PROTECTED. no chance of getting hiv, even if you had a condom break, the chance of infection with one exposure doesnt happen often, you have a better chance of hitting the lotterry. dont even worry bout hiv.
Avatar n tn Any single sexual act is rarely the cause of an HIV infection, and in such a short period (10 seconds?) of penis-anus contact it's probably not going to transmit the virus. But you're going to have to wait for the test results, so try to think about happy things for the next few days! Everyone else: Just as a note to everyone on this message boards: Merry Christmas! It's so odd how they put World AIDS Day between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Avatar m tn I really don't know what to do. I'm still in the window period that's why I'm very observant of the possible symptoms that I'm experiencing now.
Avatar n tn the one thing about HIV symptoms that confusses people, is that the web sites that talk about it are vague, one thing I can't seem to find is what exactly does an HIV rash look like? does anyone know?
Avatar n tn This lasts about 24 hours and then I get my period w/in a few days. I am happy to hear that healthy women suffer w/ this because I have Wegener's Granulomatosis and I was scared they were related.
Avatar n tn and this is an especially weird disease, in that some people can have cirrhosis and have no symptoms, and some people can have stage 0 or stage 1 (low to no liver damage) and have many symptoms... many docs and researchers think it's because it's the virus itself that wreaks havoc with the immune system, etc...and that;s what's causing many symptoms...
Avatar n tn Hello I was in your same situation....I had all the same symptoms. But instead of the recurrent yeast in the vagina I had it in the mouth which is what I thought was the dagger in the heart.SO I just knew I had it also..My mono test was neg and they still insisted it was mono...I had the antibody test done 4 times all neg. and every one I consulted said to let it go and move on with my life..I also had mouth issues...Gum and teeth pain as well as blotchy gums...I am just starting to feel better.
Avatar n tn Not marijuana or any other drug, nothing. Your negative test result at 7 weeks means you are not infected with HIV. Most women in the US, even the most promiscuous, are not HIV positive. Of course you should use condoms: why take even a small risk of a deadly outcome? But your risk of getting HIV probably was pretty low.
Avatar f tn Even though you did not know the girl well, the fact is that few (less than 1 in 10,000 American women) have HIV. Further the odds of infection following an single (or even two) sexual encounters are very low. thus, even before testing the odds that were not infected were quite good. With testing you have eliminated the possibility that you might have been infected from the encounter that you describe.
Avatar n tn i know that symptoms are not a good indicator...but my question is, how long does HIV fever usually last? i did have a fever twice in the past 3 years that lasted about 3 days at most, and a sore/strep throat with it, which after it disappeared i had cough for another week or so with no other symptoms? (maybe bronchitis)?. my exposures include a few episodes of unprotected oral sex 2-3 years ago from women who's status im not sure about.
Avatar f tn Everything I read says the HIV RNA test has a window period of 9 to 11 days. This is confusing to me. Can i get tested at 9 days or should I wait until it's been 11 days? I had high risk situation, I am a female who had unprotected anal (with no ejaculation) with unknown status male on two separate occassions. He is a white straight 45 year old, doesnt use any form of drugs, but he is promiscuious (meets women online and has unprotected sex).
Avatar n tn most such women are not HIV infected; if she was, the odds of getting it withotu a condom are only 1 in 2000; and you don't even know if you were exposed! Second, the chance your partner's symptoms are due to HIV are almost zero. They sound like any garden variety virus--and she was exposed to an obvious source of viral infection! Putting all the odds together, my advice is that you worry about things that have a greater risk of harming you or your girlfriend.
Avatar n tn I am a straight male and had unprotected sex with a girl four weeks ago. Two weeks after exposure, my finger tips began to peel and became raw. Also, my palms have developed red spots and my hands have been sweating profusely. In addition, i had a mild rash on my chest which has dissappeared and a mild sore throat that comes and goes. The main reason that this bothers me is because i found a website which stated peeling, red spots and sweating of the hands as signs of acute hiv.
Avatar n tn As said previously 6 weeks is the window period in the CYA statements on Mass. and some Australian HIV test results - in australia usually ag/ab tests. do you all agree? Like what if people do walk around with the 6 week piece of paper and are positive, i know the doc has said inemerable times 6 weeks is close to 100% but what is close... 95%, 98%, 99% or 99.999% ? could this be in fact contributing to the spread of HIV ?
Avatar n tn To my knowledge, acute HIV symptoms never start within 2 days, and the risk of catching HIV during any single episode of vaginal sex is very low. Your symptoms may be typical for acute retroviral syndrome (ARS), but they also are typical for many other illnesses that are more common. You probably caught a garden-variety virus, maybe or maybe not from the same partner.
Avatar m tn I spoke to the two women in question, the first one (5 weeks) quickly produced paperwork showing no HIV infection. The paperwork was dated 5 days prior to the date we had sex. She also claimes to have re tested after I asked her and produced paperwork showing negative duo tests again. The results seem to have come back extremely quickly from her primary care physician (in a matter of days as opposed to the weeks ive been told it takes.
Avatar n tn The prevalence of HIV in the general population in the UK probably is simlar to the US; if anything, probably it is lower. (However, there are proportionately more immigrants from HIV-endemic counries in the UK than in the US, but that doesn't influence your situation unless either of your partners was from such a country.) You describe a low risk situation, if your partners were not at obvious high risk; and even if they were, the chance you were infected was low.
Avatar n tn R,I have read many research abstracts and complete research thesis on MMT and have read nothing negative in regards to women and hormonal development. I must add that I did not see research directly related to MMT and menopause. And honestly, I was not looking for that kind of research.
Avatar n tn So today is 13 days since the oral episode and I am freaking out that I am experiencing ARS as a result of contracting HIV through her fluids in my mouth. Would alcohol increase chance of transmission since I had a lot to drink.
Avatar n tn So, if you have seen people seroconvert after 5 weeks, just out of curiosity, what's the latest you have seen someone seroconvert? I know you're not a doctor & I know everyone says my test @ 4 and 1/2 months is conclusive and I don't personally have to worry about HIV from that exposure. I'm just wondering what your personal experience w/ this has been.
256486 tn?1189759433 Can a Women predict (100%) her next period? Is it possible for a women to know that in the next 2 or 3 days she is going to have her period? I know this question is not a good one, but I do need an answer. Do women drink during her period? or Can women drink during her period? Anyways!!! take care... all women..
Avatar m tn plain and simple i met a girl we had sex unprotected i know i messed up no need to lecture me on protection,prior to this i was in a 6 yr relationship and this was the first time i had sex since the ending of the relationship,afterwards she tells me she has herpes and is on medicine for it,she said she found out a month ago by a breakout and has been on the meds since! truthful she is i do not know,and havent spoken to her since..basically she said it was my fault for sleeping with her!!!
Avatar m tn HIV-ask this in the HIV forum Herpes-ask this in the herpes forum Hep-as this in the hep forum Gonorrhea-over 90% of men get symptoms within 5 days, and I think about 60%-70% of women will get symptoms within those 5 days Chalmydia-50% of men will get symptoms within 7 days and only about 20% of women will get symptoms in that time frame. Syphilis-Everyone gets stage 1 canker and stage 2 rash. Timing does vary but symptoms always present.
Avatar m tn First I thought I had HIV from oral sex on the girl, then Syphilis. From talking to HIV helpline in UK, and the advice on here there is virtually no chance of catching that. I have excellent oral hygene and there was no blood from her. The groin pain has gone, but I keep prodding my neck/throat as it feels a bit inflammed and tight in the Lymph nodes area. This is after 4 weeks or so after the exposure. Any ideas? Thank you for advice so far...
Avatar f tn Please note that BCP does not protect you from HIV nor other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In order for it to be effective, BCPs must be taken daily and best not to miss any doses. It is recommended to be taken at the same time everyday for effectiveness and medication adherence. Loestrin 24 Fe contains 24 tablets of combined ethinyl estradiol (estrogen) and norethindrone (progesterone), in addition to 4 tablets of ferrous fumarate or iron tablets.
Avatar n tn any little cut in my mouth could have given me HIV. If I was in panic mode before, I was in full on desperate, crazy as bat sh*t panic mode after that. Stupid doctor - I don't go to him anymore. He also said I'd have to wait 6 months to get a conclusive test. Now I was really freaked. Luckily, I just didn't believe him. So, called CDC, who told me my risk for having caught HIV was significant, and that I'd have to wait 6 months. At this point, I was really going nuts.