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Avatar n tn No. You are not correct. Women and men can manifest symptoms in the same time period. And herpes is not found in blood. It's located in the nerves. Is there any reason not to believe your partner? Just because you are anxious about STDs doesn't mean she's lying to you. The way you worded your message ("she swears to me...") sounds like you projected your anxiety onto her (and maybe not in a good way). Hopefully, you weren't rude or disrespectful to her.
Avatar n tn Finally a topic both men and women can associated with. Men R from mars and women from venus??? not with thyroid issues. we are all on earth together.
Avatar m tn All my relationships short or long were with women and I get emotionally and physically attracted to women, but when I'm in bed I fantasize about men alot but only sex related but I picture it all. As Bisomething said I feel I lost my true self as I don't what I am from all the countless sexual exposures I've had with both women and men. I cannot delete or deny what I do with men.
7736596 tn?1393783098 So, I am a 25 year old bi-sexual guy from India. I've had several sexual encounters with both men and women, mostly men & protected. But let's just consider the possibility that I may have gone unprotected. November of 2013, I was screened medically for Dubai residency for any infectious diseases and thankfully I was free from any of them. I came to India soon after that. I have had a couple encounters since my arrival here and 99.
Avatar m tn as we have described innumerable times on this forum, even the most classical HIV symptoms usually are due to other conditions, especially in low risk situations like this one. And that's the second point: this was a low risk exposure. That your partner is concerned about YOUR status with respect to HIV tends to confirm that she is quite sure she isn't infected and intends to stay that way.
Avatar n tn (Howeverr, your symptoms do not particularly suggest HIV to me.) You need a blood test to know and symptoms simply are not helpful. Since your exposure was a month ago, you can get tested now. You wasted your money on the PCR test; a standard blood test (for one tenth the cost) would have been sufficient. Anyway, the chance you got HIV from the encounter you describe was close to zero. Just relax; you're overly stressed about this.
Avatar m tn I'm just wondering what if the virus is more infectious in men (gay) than the women because saliva and hormones of men are different from women?
Avatar n tn ) The quick reply is that your risk was too low to even have HIV testing, regardless of your symptoms. Interesting to see those statistics on HIV in Scotland; that's less than one third the rate in the US. And surely the large majority of those women are commercial sex workers, injection drug users, immigrants from HIV endemic countries, or partners of known HIV infected men. The chance your sex partner had HIV undoubtedly is even lower.
Avatar m tn Dear doctor , iam 25 year old male ,i had sex with a prostitute before three months,whose hiv status unknown ,during virginal intercourse my condom broke at the top ,i senced and took it out , it was there for a max of two min, know i have symptoms like sore throat for more than a week ,and thick water colour discharge from penis only after erection,tiredness .pls advice me what would be the symptoms ,and what should i do.
Avatar m tn I have many doubts after reading some of the online blogs and information about HIV. 14 months back I had sex with a women without protection. I asked her before involving that are you DD free. She said I am and asked me whether I was, and requested to pull off at climax so she do not want fluids in her. I was positive on that and we went for it. Later I meet her twice, but did little.
Avatar f tn but the odds of this are very low because this happens in cases of disseminated Gonococcal infection which only occurs in 1% of men and women. There's a higher likelihood you are experiencing simple flu symptoms and nothing more though.
Avatar n tn It doesn't matter if she's slept with an army of men. Most people are HIV negative, and its harder for men to get it from women than the other way around. Your odds are very low here for HIV. But see your doctor.
Avatar m tn I instantly started freaking out inside, the guys she had slept with where black (I'm black also, non-American), I've read information online that the incidence of HIV in 18-35 year old black males in 1 in 5. Please noone read prejudice in mention of "blacks", I am black myself, the statistic just adds to my paranoia that she has HIV, besides I do not even know that this statistic is real.
Avatar m tn I went in to the doc the other day to get checked for STD's, and when I told him I have no symptoms and no known contact with someone who has a STD, he said not to worry about getting checked. I get checked during my physicals for HIV and another big one (either gonorrhea or syphilis, I can't remember), so I don't have either of those. The doc said, that as a male, if I had any other STD's, I would have obvious symptoms.
Avatar m tn It is very unlikely your partner has HIV or, even if she does, that you caught it. First, HIV is rare in women and heterosexal men in most industrialized countries, except in a few groups like injection drug users. Second, what you were "led to believe" is wrong; HIV is a rare cause of the symptoms you describe in your partner. They are much more typical for a garden vareity virus or strep throat, or even mono, than HIV.
Avatar n tn I am a 22 year old male living in New York City, I just moved here a month and a half ago. I am in good health and rarely get sick, I have no got sick in 5 years. Anyways, exactly 25 days ago I had protected sex with a prostitute. She was also 22 years old and informed me that she had been doing this for 2 years now. She seemed very clean and well kept. About 2 hours before she arrived I took a shower and shaved my pubic area because I thought it was unattractive, ha ha.
Avatar m tn Three HIV tests in a year's time is excessive, unless you have had especially high risk exposures, such as unprotected sex with men or with women known to have HIV. In any case, don't assume that just because you have sex and then develop infeciton symptoms that HIV is likely. It is virtually impossible in the circumstances you describe. Of course you are free to be tested yet again if it would boost your confidence.
Avatar m tn In addition, mucosal lymphoid cells in the oral epithelia and tonsils, as well as the salivary glands, appear to be a target of HIV infection and a possible reservoir of infectious HIV. In this regard, oral tissues can be infected in vivo and in vitro, and can support viral replication. Oral trauma, ulcers, drug use, smoking, co-infection with oral herpes, sexually transmitted bacterial diseases (e.g., oral gonorrhea) or periodontal disease might increase oral HIV transmission. Ok...
Avatar n tn partner's genital secretions trapped under the foreskin, prolonging exposure. It's the same reason women are at higher risk, in general, than men, if exposred; women have continued exposure to their partners' genital secretions long after sex is over. But don't over-interpret the circumcision risk; for most straight men in industrialized countries, the overall risk of HIV is low, and even doubling that risk probably wouldn't make much difference in overall HIV incidence and risk.
Avatar m tn 08 PM ET 413 Comments Email Print Gonorrhea and syphilis are on the rise in the U.S., mostly in men who have sex with men, a trend the government said is linked to inadequate testing among people stymied by homophobia and limited access to health care. The rate of new gonorrhea cases rose 4 percent in 2012 from the year before, while syphilis jumped 11 percent, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today in a report.
Avatar n tn circumcized men are in the MINORITY worldwide. Even in the United States, there is a substantial minority of uncircumsized men. Let's not forget that.
Avatar n tn Chlamydia, herpes, HPV are different, but in most settings in the US, HIV isn't a common issue for heterosexual men and women. Of course choose your partners with care and use condoms--but don't panic over the occasional slip-up.
Avatar m tn Over 85% of sexually active women will have HPV infection at some time in their lives. The figure for men is less well studied but similar. In some HPV will cause genital warts, in others it will not cause warts but may lead to changes in PAP smears; if your HPV was detected by PAP smear, the test is doing its job and may have detected an infection which could have been present for some time.
Avatar m tn For men the signs and symptoms are discharge from the penis, burning or pain when urinating, itching, irritation, or tenderness, and underwear stain. ...And I dont have any of those. Just pain in the pelvis off and on, randomly...
Avatar n tn i am terrified of having HIV...i'm waiting for the 3 month time to go get tested but the anxiety and worry is killing me...just want to know what my odds are of being infected.. Oh i know this doesn't count for much, but i got a really bad cold two weeks after the encounter. Thanks!!!
Avatar n tn New CDC advice (which I helped develop and have long recommended) is that both men and women with chlamydia should be re-tested about 3 months after treatment. This is termed "rescreening". But if a 3 month rescreening test is negative, you can be confident it will not come back.
Avatar n tn I can't add to my previous reassuring replies. But if it helps to hear it again, here goes. Since it is almost impossible that your exposure resulted in HIV, it is equally impossible that your "fever" or other symptoms indicate HIV infection. ARS symptoms always start within 2 weeks. That amount of temperature variation is entirely normal.
Avatar m tn In the US, HIV rates are far higher in African Americans than whites (but of course not all AAs), far higher in urban than rural areas, much more common in gay men than heterosexual men and women, and among heterosexuals, much more common in the eastern half of the country and the south than the west and north. Colorado has low rates compared to most states, and Denver has low rates compared to many comparable sized cities, especially among heterosexual men and women.
480448 tn?1426952138 NSSHB, 2010 •Receptive oral sex is reported by more than half of women who are in a co-habitating relationship between the ages of 18 and 69. It was also reported by more than half of women cohabitation between ages 18 and 49, and more than half of married women ages 30-39.NSSHB, 2010 •A similar pattern was found for women performing oral sex. NSSHB, 2010 ~(Info courtesy of The Kinsey Institute)
Avatar m tn Those figures are equivalent to giving or receiving BJs with infected partners once daily, infection would not be likely for 27 and 55 years, respectively. The symptoms of HIV include just about any and all symptoms that humans experience with innumerable other medical conditions. Nerve irritation/inflammation (medical term neuropathy) that causes tingling etc can occur, but is probably never the only symptom of HIV.