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Avatar f tn 48 hours after having unprotected sex I got a bad rash all over my body oil on my back my shoulders my neck the back of my knee caps my elbows I went to a doctor they said it was eczema and i took a hiv test that came out negative But now the rash is healed up in his red spots all over my bodyshould I still be concerned
Avatar n tn There after I got the following tests done - a) HIV (six tests ELISA and DNA PCR across 9 months) - the last one one was a ELISA at 9 months from exposure - The result was negative (Also I have not had any sex with any women during this period, not even my wife) b) Syphillis - negative (at eight months) c) Herpes - negative (at one year) All tests were done at highly acclaimed labs with no reason to question quality. Inspite of these tests, I have red spots apprearing on my penis repeatedly.
184420 tn?1326743408 Red spots are very common both in the HCV and general population. I've had red spots on my collar bone (and other places) and I do not have cirrhosis. May I ask where you had your Fibroscan and who gave it to you? Are you sure it was a Fibroscan and not an Ultrasound? I ask because Fibroscan is only available in a few U.S. sites and mostly in a trial setting. Also, when I got my Fibroscan, the results were given to me on the spot.
Avatar m tn On nov 28 I had a drunken 1 night stand with another male, we had unprotected sex ( me giving ) on dec 24 I noticed a few ( 2-3 ) flat red 5-6mm spots on my neckline and random light red marks about the size of 10p and 5p on my chest.
936016 tn?1332769204 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar n tn Should I be worried abouut the sweats if otherwise no symptoms and no fever? 2. Could the red spots be thrush in view of the antibiotics - worried about herpes. This was a one-off and am married (wife abroad). Terribly worried about herpes/HIV - thought oral was ok if no cold sores visible on person - and thought HIV was no risk too. Please help.
Avatar m tn Also you would not have gotten AIDs it would be HIV but even so you were protected so your chances of contracting HIV are slim to none... for any follow up questions to HIV please see the HIV forum. Any follow up questions for HSV you should see the Herpes forum as they could better assist you with better and more accurate info.
Avatar m tn 1st question - recently after sex with wife, unprotected, I've notice sall red spots on head of penis, they appear as though they may manifest into something more alarming but typically subside over a short period of time. the dots are accompanied by some minor irration. - any thoughts? possible std? 2nd question - my wife has been feeling nauseous, with some body aches and headache.
Avatar n tn You did not have a risk, you had protected sex. If you are concerned about your red spots see a dermatologist this is not an HIV concern.
Avatar f tn had possible exposure 2 months back and started having some tiny red spots 5 weeks after PE ( about 2mm in width) then they disappeared and come up again. most on the arms and some on the legs. didnt have swollen lymph nodes or fever. but just now - 8 weeks after PE - i discovered 2 red spots on each of my arms - each about 5mm in width . im now reallly worried! could it be ARS symptoms ??
Avatar n tn Second, I've been getting some mild/minimal pains where my biceps are, elbows and sometimes my back and chest hurts. And today I noticed on my left forearm that a few red spots came out. They are light blush red. I'm really worried that I may HIV. What do you think?
Avatar m tn hi, i am wondering what is goin on, I have these white bumps on my testicles and they really itch once in a while, i had a girlfriend for about 2 months, so around that time I started to get a lot of itchy white and red spots on the face and then they spread throughout my body. Now some turn brown and they look like moles. Ontop of that now it seems my family and others like my girlfriend are getin them too. I have had all types of tests from std's and hiv/aids and came back neg.
Avatar m tn Hi There!! For the past month I have noticed red spots on one side my penis glans. However, I did test for HIV and STDs which I was negative. The portion of skin is not itchy and not bumpy, and neither I have a discharge. I am sexually active and had unprotected sex with my partner. I do regularly tan using tanning beds once every 2-3 weeks. I have been using Gold Bond Aloe lotion for moisturizing it, otherwise it dries up.
Avatar f tn Hello i have small spider bite red spots that come out on my face and body 4 months ago, and also big frekkle like like spots too.. They wont go away i thought i had hiv ! But every test has been negative Any ideas of what these can be ??
Avatar m tn Some how I can not find an answer. I have these red spots on the head of my penis. They are bright red, no pain, no oozing, no bleeding. I have been tested for everything and everything was negative except for hsv-1. I went to see an infectious disease dr and he said I had nothing to worry about. That was after I was tested. He said the number that i had just meant I had been in contact with the hsv-1 through chicken pox i think or something like that.
Avatar m tn Although I know the fatigue can be explained by the stress I had a non itchy rash on my chest for one day after being incontact sexually with a friend of mine. The rash went away but a week later i noticed very faint red spots in the chest area again. This worries me because I don't know what could cause this? Contact with her skin? I have been on a huge bender as far as drinking goes as well and three days after I stopped drinking excessively is when it faintly reappeared. Please help me.
Avatar m tn One concerning thing was I have series of red spots on bumps on a part of my back but other than that all the other spots are very separate and few and far between. I've also experienced high fatigue lately and the swollen neck glands have emerged again. I'm normally a very energetic but I have lost all motivation and strength to exercuse and be active. I get tired very easily and just want to sleep.
Avatar f tn I am aware symptoms are not adequate in diagnosing HIV however, I feel I need to tell someone my symptoms and ultimately my worry. This would also help those who are reading multiple forums like me based on identifying symptoms. I have a test in a week (4 weeks post exposure). I engaged in a high risk activity. More so than most others I have read and will regret it for the rest of my life.
Avatar m tn The problem was, at that time, I had two smal red spots on my penis. Not bleeding, just a red skin. It was not an open cut, most likely something more related to my skin condition, to dry, Eczema like spots, minimaly peeling. The first spot was covered completely by the condom the second was realy close to my body and the condom half covered the spot. I applied some alcohol on this spots couple of times and they did not sting.
Avatar m tn Hello, Well, I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend on september 5th a couple of times that day. 3 days later, i saw red spots on my penis, no sores, no white fluid, nothing like that on my penis and the foreskin. I went to the doctor because I was afraid I might have gotten herpes, but he said no and prescribed me Loprox (1% cream top). He told me to use that for a week and it would clear itself out.
Avatar m tn I have rashes that comes and goes,diarrhea from about 5 day now,stomach pains,my fingers are peeling now from 5-6 days too.There are some small red spots in my mouth and my legs and stomach are vibrating for no reason.What causes all this.My doc said to my you have to test for hiv,but the clinic says i have to wait 3 months and now is been only 7 weeks.Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Also when I get in the bath the rash shows up more . They are not spots but full patches of red .
Avatar m tn Molds that I've had around my body seems to have gotten bigger. Two big spots on my right thigh that looks like bruises but not. Small red dots on and above my upper lip. Some kind of abrasion that puffs out inside my right cheek. I now have a allergic reaction to seafood on my skin and hands that get itchy and sting. i never had an allergic reaction to seafood in my life. I've been tired and weak, and would have to force myself out of bed in the morning, and would be drowsy throughout the day.
Avatar n tn I have noticed a few more spots on my chest and today noticed a rash (at the moment it is not very red just mild spots) on my chest. I have been sweating more and was not sure if my glands were sore. (I think my thoat was sore from the making mysef sick) Should I be worried about HIV? The hospital say no. I have called a couple of helplines and they do not want to know. I have organised counselling. This has not come thorugh yet. I don't know how I will get through the next couple of months.
Avatar m tn light headedness, forgetfulness, cloudy thinking and again--dizziness. Some of the other symptoms that I've had, burning mouth, lips, weird red spots on my chest, arms, and most recently burning acne (cystic) on my face--I never get acne except when i was a teenager. Lastly, I had bad night sweats for a couple weeks straight in October and lost about 6 lbs.
Avatar m tn or just some viral fever as i have a bad sinus as well...please reply is my hiv duo test reliable or is it hiv ars symptoms...please freaking out...