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Avatar m tn Ok, us with hiv negative tests and persistant problems can discuss here on this matter and hopefully come up with some constructive answers
Avatar m tn Had 3 blood test 3x (cbc ptt..etc.). in last 6 months even lyme anti body. stds and 10 week HIV antibody all negative... All are normal. show no inflammation or abnormalities in white and red bold counts...nothing to go on I get spramatic red lines on my body. I also constantly get deep "sleep" looking lines on body from lying down(just short periods of time) or from my jeans sitting on chair.They go away after hr or so but very deep looking from any kind of pressure..
Avatar m tn 1. Should I be concerned?! I certainly am worried. 2. I plan on taking an HIV-1 DNA PCR and HIV-2 DNA PCR at the 4 week point. Thoughts on that approach? I can't wait the 3 months. I'm very worried. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Sorry I had seen other posts with pics I didn't know it was against the rules. I did crop all photos so there is no inappropriate material. I went to my General Physician and he said the sores looked very herpedic. He checked my eye for ulcers(flourescent lamp or whatever) and there is no cloudiness in the cornea so it's not keratitis. He swabbed my eye and the sores.
Avatar m tn can sombody please tellme why i have this rash in my leg i have two picture, please expert go see them tell me if it related with hiv..
Avatar n tn and the large majority of CSWs in Singapore don't have HIV anyway. Your symptoms are not typical for HIV anyway, and an ophthalmologist has already examined you and given you a diagnosis unrelated to HIV. In any case, HIV test results always overrule symptoms and exposure history, so even if you had had a substantial exposure or typical symptoms, your negative test results prove you didn't catch HIV. Ten weeks is always sufficient time for reliable testing.
Avatar m tn I will do my best to answer your questions with this reply but, if you have many additional questions or follow-up they must be on the HIV Prevention site. Sorry We have a policy not to look at photos on this site. The reason for this is that we have learned that photos are often misleading and can make our advice less useful to you because we may make incorrect assumptions based on photos. Even without the photos, I am confident that I can provide answers to your questions.
Avatar n tn I’m asking this because molluscum has a white substance which I have not noticed. What do you think that my odds are of have HIV with these symptoms (U.S)? I understand that a one time possible exposure is low but I’m concerned with these symptoms. I understand that there are many kinds of HPV however I’ve researched and read that sexual transmitted HPV can not occur on the skin such as arms.
Avatar m tn go back to be seen for your current symptoms. repeat your syphilis testing after 6 weeks post encounter and herpes, hiv and hepatitis testing after 3 months just to properly cover your bases.
Avatar m tn I don't believe that lymphoma b symptoms come and go...I think they are pretty constant since b symptoms usually occur when the lymphoma has advanced. You are presenting with a few of the b symptoms but the mouth sores, swollen tongue and dots on the tongue does not sound like lymphoma. My guess is that you are suffering from some sort of infection. The only way to know for sure if you have lymphoma is with a biopsy of a swollen node.
Avatar n tn Hiv rash is known to onlyu come for 2 to a few days and with other symptoms. It doesn't itch. No point looking for pictures of hiv rash as you will just see photos of every other rash and think you have hiv rash. I too had a rash in the correct window period, also as you explained a kind of heat rash coming and going. Can be a number of things like allergic reaction to medication, bacteria infection of even stress/anxiety worries.
Avatar f tn If one contracts hiv and gets symptoms, is it possible for the fever to be cured by paracetamol and last for two days only?
Avatar f tn Anxiety and other emotional disorders can produce symptoms that are similar to HIV symptoms. I can't tell you whether that applies to your situation, or whether you have a common viral infection, or there is some other cause to your symptoms, but I can tell you without equivocation that your symptoms are not due to HIV. If your symptoms were 'somehow' due to acute HIV infection, your 8 week test would have been positive. Nobody has ever been infected from situations such as yours.
Avatar m tn Symptoms are the least reliable of all ways to judge whether or not someone has HIV. Even the most typical symptoms of a new HIV infection are almost always due to other common, mostly minor medical conditions -- and in any case, your symptoms aren't typical for HIV. The same is true for exposure history: no matter how high the risk of HIV may have been at the time of exposure, test results always overrule.
Avatar m tn Spoke about this in my previous posts which I won't go into much details anymore. The symptoms was highly like HIV, but with 3 negative tests within 2 weeks of encounter. I understand this testing period is way too quick but the anxiety is really killing me. Now I know, I surely had yeast infection and is now getting treated. That is great news for me as I could not nor the doctor could think of any reason why I had the symptoms.
Avatar m tn I mainly panic about the seats of taxis since there was ONLY ONE reported cases about HIV needle attack and now I cant take a cab. I always take photos to make sure there were no blood on that surface if I touch it. It cause me a lot of pain, please help me!!!
Avatar n tn I'll just say that having only a rash, without other symptoms, is strong evidence against HIV. Just about everyone with acute HIV infection with rash also has fever, multiple enlarged lymph nodes, and other symptoms--not just tiredness. There are innumerable potential causes of measles-like rashes, and you didn't necessarily catch it from the partner you describe. Some rashes can be signs of serious health problems.
Avatar n tn And about three weeks ago I noticed a cluster that looks like the ones in the herpes photos. It is under my penis not on the head but next to the little skin where it looks stitched. They are VERY tiny about 10 tiny bumps and hard to see if my penis is not dry. The place where they are at is not very reddish. They've been there unchanged for these past three weeks.
Avatar m tn did you get a test for herpes thats still not a risk for hiv hiv is a fragile virus how do you know she had hiv and no not foolish smart you did use protection i see no risk here
Avatar m tn A month later my tongue on the sides also had this translucent coating and my entire mouth started to go white (I checked my mouth every day and could clearly note the changes, wish I took photos). My doctor said it is oral thrush and I started using Nystatin. My parotid ducts where also slightly swollen, could feel this when I ran my tongue over them. Mouth wash did nothing much. My dentist said he does not see anything to worry about.
Avatar m tn Tested with Rapid Point of Care HIV Antibody test 38 days post last exposure (33 days after symptoms first began). Combo and Rapid results were all Negative. Liver & kidney function normal. Hep A,B,C tests Negative. Monospot Negative. Suffering severe anxiety, primarily in light of buccal mucosa purpura, burning lungs & worsening fatigue. Will retest @ three months.
Avatar n tn 1.HIV can't be guessed 2. Symptoms are not the indicator of HIV infection however the symptoms that you've mentioned here are unrelated to HIV 3. If you're concerned about HIV, the only thing that can relive you of your anxiety and doubts is an HIV test. Hence, don't shy away from the test and spend time in guessing but get tested at the 84th day from the date of your exposure for your peace of mind Mike.
Avatar m tn I saw an infectious disease specialist last week and he said I tested positive for CMV and EBV but they weren't recent infections and shouldn't be the cause of my swollen lymph nodes. He also tested me for HTLV and HIV which came back negative. He also told me all my blood test came back normal, even though I had elevated monocyctes a few weeks back they now went back to normal levels. I am scheduling a biopsy to get to the bottom of these symptoms once and for all.
Avatar m tn And even if it is, shingles defintely does not mean you have HIV. It's only slightly more common in HIV infected persons, and even then it's an issue of people with longstanding infection, typically for several years (i.e. with advanced immune deficiency). Finallt, although shingles is most common after age 50, it is by no means rare at your age. Either you have found a misleading website. Or, more likely, your anxieties are filtering what you "see" about shingles.
Avatar n tn // some VA clinic exposed people to HIV by reusing dental instruments. So for you to dismiss that these things can happen is wrong. Someone who believes you goes home has sex with his wife, she breast feeds the baby now everyone is infected. If you can’t stand peoples questions then do not reply with condescending comments.
Avatar m tn jpg I ask here about HIV she says no si dont have hiv, but maybee she lies Im now so shocked, i didnt sleep last night How big is the Chance to contract HIV;-( regards
Avatar m tn Although I am unfamiliar with HIV epidemiology in Zurich, I would be surprised if more than 5% of such persons has HIV. Fourth, your symptoms really don't sound like those of acute HIV infection, regardless of what you think you have learned by online searching. You don't mention fever -- and that alone is strong evidence, since fever almost always is present in acute HIV infection.
20817617 tn?1521532028 Hello, well we are not doctors on here but I am a microbiologist. You have quite a medical history. I am not an HIV expert. If you do have HIV were you tested and confirmed positive? If so then I don't know any particular doctors in Los Angeles but these links might help: The CDC has other things on HIV that might help. I personally don't look at links off of MedHelp.
Avatar n tn Your partner is very unlikely to have HIV. He has been tested and was negative. While he certainly could have gotten HIV since his last test it is unlikely. 2. Your exposures were virtually no risk. There is no risk for HIV from bodily contact or from his use of his fingers to stimulate you. As for giving or receiving oral sex, the quoted figure for HIV risk, if one has oral sex with an infected partner is less than 1 in 10,000 and, in my estimation that is too high.