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Avatar n tn Hi everyone, just wanted an opinion my risk was very low, but 10 days after possible hiv infection , I got a slight sore throat and diarrhea and headache, day 11 diarrhea died down a little, but lots of growling sounds in my stomach, headache continued . day 12 headache and still gas and growling sounds, headache. day 13 still rumbling sounds gas headache and PAIN under my ribs left hand side SPLEEN?? Day 14 still rumbling in stomach and pain in spleen.
Avatar n tn not hiv related
Avatar m tn STOP SHOPPING FOR SYMPTOMS ! ! ! symptoms dont diagnose hiv...only a test at the appropriate time can do that.
Avatar m tn During this primary HIV infection symptoms usually include fever, sore throat, headache, diarhea, swollen lymph nodes and a rash. I have experainced all but sore throat and rashe. in addition persistant headache, stomach ache, loss appetite and diarrhea. During this window period eaither 6 weeks - 3 months test show negative result. However antibodies can be produced during the 4th week which has been the average for those tested positive.
Avatar m tn I had sex on Saturday and I started showing HIV symptoms like fatigue and headache 2 days later on Monday, my question is should I be worried?
Avatar n tn Dear Doc, It has been 5 days after i had unprotected sex with a sex worker in Singapore. Last nite i awoke with very acute muscle and joint pains, headache. I am very worried. I took HIV test yesterday and have to wait til next week to find out. Are these early symptoms of HIV?
Avatar m tn If you mean unprotected anal sex that you need to get tested at 3 months post-exposure for a conclusive result because you might have an HIV risk from that. But oral sex doesn't count as HIV risk under any circumstances.
Avatar n tn No those are not signs of HIV. Your symptoms came on to quick to relate them to HIV. You were protected until the condom fail. Test at 6 and again at 12 weeks to receive a conclusive test rest result.
Avatar m tn ( am really worried...
Avatar n tn 6 and HCT at 40. I have a lot of fatigue, headache and body pain. I have been tested for HIV after 3 months of expousure and it shows negative. Can anyone help me plz.
Avatar n tn I'm not asking for a positive diagnosis, only if these symptoms are those of an acute HIV infection. I stated that I knew testing was the only real way to know.
Avatar m tn Some newly infected people never have ONE symptom, and MOST people who experience what they perceive to be classic HIV symptoms often go on to test negative. 99% of people seeking HIV tests based on symptoms have tested negative. Not to mention, the onset of your "symptoms" would be WAY too late to be consistent with ARS. You do not have an HIV concern. Don't give this another thought.
Avatar m tn Would an HIV related headache be painful like a normal headache? Its just the weirdest feeling - almost like congestion in the sinus, but I have no congestion!
Avatar m tn 4 days after 'exposure' to HIV is it possible to show symptoms? I have had a nonstop headache, nausea, and been generally feeling flu ill like symptoms but no cold, runny nose or the like.
Avatar n tn A friend told me that it could be cos i worried too much abt HIV (for 3 whole months, i was thinking of HIV at least a 100 times a day and was sure i had it) I went to my doc who said it could be migraine, he did an instant blood test and ruled out bleeding in the brain ( cant remember what test it was ). However, i dunno whats causing the headaches- the pain is like heavy pressure on the front part of my head in the middle,just behind the forhead. I have no nausea or what so ever.
Avatar m tn In less than a week I developed viral-type symptoms (fatigue, headache, sweating, chills, etc.) Is it possible to develop hiv symptoms in less than a week after exposure?
Avatar m tn now i am having a sore throat and even our symptoms resembles. so can u tell me if it could be HIV symptoms. and when should i get tested. please reply at the earliest.
Avatar f tn On Jan 12 I went to get tested for std and hiv. The hiv test was a quick blood test that I was told that works like a pregnancy test. It was negative. The std test took about 3 days and it was all negative. The pain in my back and headache got worse by Jan 16 I was feeling bad. I never got a fever tho. Towards the end of January I started getting hip pain and groin pain when I stood for too long. I get pains thru out my body. Some pains on my muscles feel like I have been working out.
Avatar m tn After the 3rd week, I am having chills with headache. I recently developed a toothache as well and I noticed the chills and headache coming after the toothache. Am I in risk of contracting HIV? And I plan to take a home hiv test.. Will that be accurate if the result turns negative or is it too early for me to take the test?