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Avatar f tn Does anyone know what this means? This was the last paragraph of the above link about the new drug. "The Food and Drug Administration is scheduled to make a decision on Gilead's four-in-one "Quad" HIV pill by Aug. 27.
Avatar n tn my husband is C5/6 quad. I came off pill just before we married, which is over 7 yrs. We started 'trying' to conceive Jan 08, we've been through many tests, which have all come back fine. Only issue is motility of sperm, which may be from urinary infection because of catheter, but sperm count very high. We've been referred for fertility treatment and are due to have our 1st meeting @ clinic within next 5/6 wks or so.
Avatar m tn got tested at 9 weeks for hiv and it was neg. i just found out that conclusive is 3 months but was originally told it was 6 weeks so i guess i should test again. has anyone ever gone from neg to pos after 9 weeks? I have symptoms like testicle discomfort, abdominal pain in right upper quad, muscle pain in back of thighs and joint pain in knees. also tested neg for chlam,gon, and hepabc at 3 months. cbc is normal and so is sed rate.
Avatar n tn Was it just the quad screening or was it the detailed blood test that also tells the gender? Because the quad screening has a habit of having false positives. I got a positive on the quad screening with my first baby for Trisomy 18. An amniocentesis did confirm that she actually did have it after she passed away when I was 8 months pregnant with her.
Avatar f tn In 2 weeks there gonna do my quad screen test, you think.they'll tell me gender.? I havent had a us since my 8weeks check up. I'll be 16 weeks.
Avatar f tn I took a quad screening at 13 weeks. It's a blood test that checks for down syndrome and trisomy. There are also ultrasound tests and things they look for when checking for downs. You can request a quad screening if they don't offer one.
Avatar n tn t want to stress it i felt something in my quad move upward into my quad more, now today it is really sore in that spot and prior to this My quad never really hurt but it was what I hit. The area around my knee cap also hurts. I am just wondering how long it could take for a quad muscle to heal from a direct blow but with no bruising and if the weakness in the VMO muscle could cause my knee to pop and IT band to snap at times and cause pain in my pes anserine bursa.
Avatar f tn A lot of bumping into and brushing shoulders. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my back quad. Like a poke. It hurt for a few seconds. About an hour when I got back to the hotel I looked and noticed a red dot and a puncture hole. There was a tiny amount of blood that had bleed too. What are my risks of someone posibly pokeing me with a used HIV needle? Should I rush to the emergency room for PEP? I'm extremely worried. Is there risk here giving the circumstances.
Avatar n tn I had quad by-pass surgery 6 months ago and still have stabbing pain and pinching in my chest.
Avatar f tn 150 for downs (age 30, 1sttest pregnancy). So now I just had the MaterniT21 (?) Test. I also have to get a level 2 ultrasound at 20 wks (was a level 1 previously). Anyone else get abnormal quad test? My husband and I are very stressed now and this didn't even occur to us. We have no family history and I didn't think 30 was a HUGE worry...
378557 tn?1233249392 My doctor ordered a Quad Test for me in a few weeks; I will be 11 weeks by that appointment. I have been reading online that Quad tests are not done until weeks 15-20.... is this true?? Is there even going to be a point for me to get tested at 11 weeks; will it be accurate? I have read all about the test and know what is involved. I'm just wondering if anyone else had a Quad test so early on?? Thank you!
Avatar m tn Abdominal bloat and pain and constipation.
Avatar m tn Abdominal bloat and pain and constipation.
Avatar f tn if positive result, then amnio recommended (15-22 wks) If your first visit with your health care provider is AFTER 14 weeks, then you would have Triple or Quad prenatal screening, though Triple has been replaced by Quad in most areas because it is a little more accurate. Both Triple & Quad screens are blood samples taken at 15-20 wks with amnio recommended at 15-22 wks if results are positive.
514585 tn?1328740013 but they asked me if i wanted the triple or quad testing, the cvs, or the amnio...and i told them no. I was 34 when i GOT pregnant, and turned 35 2 weeks AFTER i got pregnant.....did i make the right choice??? not sure if the test were to come back abnormal if i would have done anything or not. i have had 3 very normal children with no real there really a high chance of having one WITH problems???
Avatar n tn My husband was quad riding about two weeks ago when he flipped over with the quad and it was going to land on his chest but before it did he lifted his hands to move the quad , he's been telling me that it hurts in the inside of his left back and chest and he only sleeps on his right side . Can u please tell me what he might of hurted himself inside of his body.
Avatar f tn I had my quad screening a couple of weeks ago and everything came back normal. I have had two ultrasounds, and both times the baby measured at two weeks later than they though. So this Friday ( the last ultrasound) they finally changed my due date. They recalculated my quad screen and now it is abnormal. With a 1:22 chance of baby having downs. Could this at all be wrong due to them changing my due date? None of this was explained too well by the nurse who called me.
Avatar f tn I'm going to pass on the quad screen... If it were 100%, I or much closer than 75% accurate I may do it...
Avatar m tn The undetectable viral load occurred after one month medication. He is in a medication study with a new "Quad" pill, which is a combination of 4 meds which have been proven effective but not manufactured into one pill. To answer sweetprince, I am certain he did test positive as I went with him. I have also been to the same rapid test site. When you get your results, and they are negative, you are in and out in minutes.
Avatar n tn It has been 4 months since I hit my VMO quad hard at my desk. There is a constant dull pain and at times sharp sensations and tingling and my leg will contract trying to do something. About 3 weeks ago I was standing and felt something release and felt blood flow down the back of my leg. I thought this may have been the end of it. The next morning I woke up and there was a bruise right in the spot where I hit it. This is the first time there was ever a bruise.
Avatar m tn I am one who was not skeptical about this trial because it was quad therapy from the start and Gilead has vast experience in the tx of HIV. Also I believe that mary4now on the forum has had good results with another Gilead trial which included SOC. I think you are still in with a good chance. For the quad therapy you don't need to have such a good ifn response.
Avatar n tn If he tries to run or jump, he will get sharp pain. His quad is still really week, which the Dr says is why it hurts. The fragment was in the outer top right of his right knee. But his pain is coming from lower inside of his patella. Would love to hear anyone who has had this surgery and how they are doing now.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor again and asked about conception date as it was my first month off the pill and he told me it would have been 5 weeks from the ultrasound. That would have made me 7 weeks pregnant. Now, when I got home and read up on fetal heart rates, everything I saw said at 5 weeks from conception, it should be in the 90-110 range and it wouldnt go up until about 7-8 weeks conception to the 171 range.
Avatar n tn when I do straight leg raises and contract my knee I sometimes encounter that sharp knife pain in knee. Also my knee locks up after doing quad sets and leg raises, Ive been told cause of the weak quadricep that is why? Anyone else out there with this?
359142 tn?1321120923 The Quad test is a blood test. It tests AFP, hCG, Estriol, (uE3), Inhibin (DIA, dimeric Inhibin-A). See if you can take a look at this link that shows how normal levels at 14-20 weeks are compared to those who are carrying Down's Syndrome or Trisomy 18 babies.