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Avatar n tn after another 3 weeks (41 days) I found through research that I could take a DNA PCR test which I did and now I am waiting for those results. My question is what are the odds of me contracting HIV? Did I waste money on the DNA PCR test?
Avatar n tn The latest being the taste buds on my tongue being longer then normal which is making my tongue feel rough and look white all over it. Please be honest and tell me my odds of being HIV negitive.
Avatar m tn How accurate is the pcr test after two months after pep treatment given that the pep might have driving hiv to undetectable levels? long would it take for hiv to replicate and become detectable on these tests?
Avatar m tn Whats the chances of getting HIV . --If you have Vaginal unprotected sex with a HIV + person??? I know there is always a risk, just wanted to know if you would get HIV 100% ?? my case the person i slept with says she not got HIV and willling to go for a test.
Avatar n tn Hello. Why would we assume your partner had every STD in the book? This is not a sound assumption. Let's say your partner had active genital herpes. Your chance of getting infected with herpes is ZERO for oral sex. Let's say your partner had genital warts. Your chance of getting infected with warts is ZERO for oral sex. Let's say your partner had genital gonorrhea/chamydia/ngu and syphilis. Your chance of getting infected with these is ZERO for oral sex.
Avatar m tn I had oral sex unprotected without ejaculation and receptive anal sex. We discussed HIV status beforehand and I had relations with this person 4 years ago. I am bisexual and every now and again the urge is overwhelming! He claimed to be "clean" , but I cannot verify this as he said he was tested one year ago.I recollect him donning a condom and applying lube.
Avatar m tn No risk from this. Oral sex does not transmit HIV.
Avatar m tn Your risk for HIV from the exposure you describe is modest. Risk for getting HIV is determined by two main factors - the likelihood that you partner has HIV and the sort of sexual exposure you have. My guess is that the likelihood that your partner has HIV is low. You could find out more if you were to ask her or if she was willing to get tested if she has not been recently. If she is HIV infected, the risk of a single episode of virginal sex is about 1 infection per 1000 exposures.
Avatar n tn No, anal rimming does not cause HIV. 5) If a provider is known to be HIV positive, what are the odds of catching HIV with that provider after one act of unprotected intercourse? The probability to catch HIV if you have one unprotected vaginal sexual encounter with a known HIV+ person is 0.0009 (about 1 in 2000).
Avatar n tn I am going to get tested soon, and want to know when. 4-6 wks? Do I have to wait 3 months?? Is it true that a male's odds of getting HIV are 1/2000 with an HIV+ female?
Avatar m tn What are the odds of 'catching' HIV as a male if you are having unprotected sex with a prostitute. I don't want to hear 'this is extremely risky' or 'this is stupid' etc - I want a number. I believe this number to be 1/5000 multiplied by the % chance the prostitute has HIV/AIDS, so probably something like 1/50,000. If this number is far off the mark, please let me know and let me know why.
Avatar n tn I am real worried, i got checked about a year ago for all STD's including HIV and came back negative. I am so scared right now could you please tell me my odds of contracting this, and how long I need to wait? Thank you in advance.
Avatar n tn I was tested, but i don't know what kind of test it was, are there tests in use that could have miss diagnosed HIV? is 25 days to early? What are my odds of having contracted HIV given my particular history? I have purchased an HIV home test but i have been a little paranoid with this and feel i have to ask some one.
Avatar m tn No chance of contracting HIV as long as you didn't penetrate her unprotected even a second long. That's what a condom for.
Avatar f tn The thing is, yes, I read a lot about it and I've found many contradictory informations about oral sex and odds of getting HIV. Some of them say the risk is equal as a risk involved in every other sexual activity, some of them agree that it's unlikely to get HIV from oral sex. But I can't sleep, I can't study, I can't think about anything else, and I've been thinking about suicide to get the hell out of this situation...
Avatar m tn I am ver afraid of this disease and always careful, a couple days ago went to a bachelor party where I had sex with one of the girls, it was protected, but am not sure if the condom was propoerly used, I mean, if I put it correctly, it never fell off or broke, but I might have put it the incorrect way. What could my odds be of cpontractiong HIvand what are the odds of contracting HIV in a one time encounter, I am a male cirumcised.
Avatar f tn I'll still have a 3 month test but I'd like to know what are my odds of actually turning hiv+ after the 30 day mark. I've been very very stressed, I've had foggy mind and dizziness for over 5 days, are these symptoms related to the stress or fear of having hiv?