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Avatar f tn So I was just diagnosed with "trich" and as I am doing research on the disease it keeps talking about a higher risk of HIV with this disease. This makes me nervous as I am in a monogamous relationship and he denies infidelity. Is the HIV a concern because of this disease or just the usual risky behavior in which it is usually acquired? And with me knowing I've been faithful in my marriage and I also believe my husband as well what is the likelyhood of getting it from the G.I.
Avatar m tn I was just diagnosed with hep c 1a and was wondering what to expect. I have a appointment with a Dr. Kevin Bacon in St. Louis but not untill Dec. 21st.
Avatar m tn t shed often from the oral area to be transmitted that way. Just trying to clarify this for other posters and for yourself. how were you diagnosed? just the blood test? condoms are not 100% protection either - only about 30-40% reduction in transmission. I also encourage you to change your decision about not talking to potential partners about your hsv2 infection. 2 wrongs do not make a right as the saying goes.
Avatar n tn i forgot to mention before my ngu diagnose i also went through a 10 day course of zithromax which would have killed the infection so this is a new one ok chlymidia tests just came in they were negative so just goes to show the i myself and others on here have caught ngu from handjobs it is a new infection doctors dont even know much about they tried to get my to be a lab rat for them but i said forget it SO FROM MY EXPERIENCE YOU CAN CATCH NGU FROM HANDJOBS
Avatar m tn Just keep seeing all these different forums regarding hiv oral risk and window period 11 week test and I'm still feeling weak with alot of ars symptoms after oral risk with a few different women
Avatar n tn in july of 2008, after having unprotected sex with a new partner, i started to notice a swelling in my genital area, particularly the outer labia (would this be considerd lymph nodes?) along with a slight tingling/burning sensation that sometimes produced an itchy feeling around the opening of my vagina (especially during intercourse). after about 2 weeks of these symptoms i noticed a couple of sores on my outer labia. the pain associated with urinating became unbarable.
Avatar f tn does anyone have an answer or advice for my question?...
Avatar f tn Hi all. I've been having the following syptoms for over a year. Tried migraine meds etc no joy..... 1 migraines with vomiting 2 dizzy spells where I can't function 3 stroke symptoms (paralysis left side, slurred speach etc) 4 I can't use my hands properly for simple tasks 5 words are jumbled 6 confusion 7 brain zaps (like shocks) 8 feeling being hit at base of skull with a brick or bat 9 complete paralysis (most terifying) on waking up from sleep. 10 anxiety and depression.
Avatar f tn I was just diagnosed Monday 6/15/15. All I know right now from my MRI results is that mine is 11 mm. I've been having awful headaches especially when I'm bending over picking clothes toys etc... I'm a mother of 4 so I stay busy the headaches are awful best way to describe it is a brain freeze on top of a migraine. I have slight neck stiffness and sometimes the tip of my toes are tingly. I'm going to be scheduled to see a neurosurgeon but I'm so lost and just need more info.
Avatar f tn I was just diagnosed haven't felt right for.a long time but this year has.been worse..I'm very dizzy but what bothers me.most is my eye sight has been very blurry and at times.
Avatar f tn I was just diagnosed with Chiari, I am 20.
Avatar n tn I was just diagnosed with diabetes but do not want to go on drugs. My doctor wants me to see a Endocrinologist but all that the Endocrinologist will do is prescribe medication. What other options do I have?
Avatar f tn Hi! My girlfriend was just diagnosed, and will have her first appt. with a Hepatologist in March. Her physician said that because the enzymes went up three times in three weeks that it is very active. Can someone explain exactly what that means? This was in December, the physician was need to go right away, but the specialist scheduled her three months away! I guess I just want really to have some idea about what is going to happen to her.
Avatar f tn I was just diagnosed with herpes2 this is all new to me but i have been doinf alot of research. I didnt have any symptoms but my boyfriend about was feeling a burning when he was urinating. He went to get checked and the Dr said it was most likely gohnarea, but my redults came back negative for gohnarea but positive for herpes. So i have 2 questions. Can symptoms in men with herpes be comparable to the symptoms and of gohnarea.
Avatar f tn I was just diagnosed with hepatitis C. I don't have a clue how long I have had it. I'm 51 so it could've have been awhile. My VL is 13 million. I have researched it quite a bit by now. I can't get into a specialist for 5 mths. What can I expect? Should I go somewhere else for another specialist (would have to go out of state).
Avatar f tn I think it was just the culture. I had blood work done, I have a follow up appointment on Friday. Is there anything I should ask for about the blood work ? Do you thinks what's on my hand is just dry skin? I have faint small spots/ cuts. But my skin is very dry.