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Avatar f tn So I was just diagnosed with "trich" and as I am doing research on the disease it keeps talking about a higher risk of HIV with this disease. This makes me nervous as I am in a monogamous relationship and he denies infidelity. Is the HIV a concern because of this disease or just the usual risky behavior in which it is usually acquired? And with me knowing I've been faithful in my marriage and I also believe my husband as well what is the likelyhood of getting it from the G.I.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with HPV. After being diagnosed, I became a basketcase. I automatically started checking my vagina everyday and every little thing that I noticed, I freaked out. I decided to get tested for all STDs including HIV and the results came back negative for all. I then started reading about Herpes and since this is a test that gets done only if you have an actual outbreak. I started doing research on the internet.
Avatar m tn I was just diagnosed with hep c 1a and was wondering what to expect. I have a appointment with a Dr. Kevin Bacon in St. Louis but not untill Dec. 21st.
Avatar m tn hsv2 doesn't shed often from the oral area to be transmitted that way. Just trying to clarify this for other posters and for yourself. how were you diagnosed? just the blood test? condoms are not 100% protection either - only about 30-40% reduction in transmission. I also encourage you to change your decision about not talking to potential partners about your hsv2 infection. 2 wrongs do not make a right as the saying goes.
Avatar n tn I just tested positive with a blood test as having herpes antibodies and to being exposed to Herpes and have symptoms of an outbreak. I have a small lesion on my right buttocks and am numb/pins & needles in my right side-vagina, thigh and foot and have three swollen lymph nodes near my groin/pelvis. Two or so weeks ago I had a swollen vaginal gland and was treated with antibiotics and when I went back for a follow up visit to the gynecologist she said all was fine.
Avatar f tn well i was back at ubc yesterday i am finally diagnosed with benign ms what is benign ms and how can ms be benign
Avatar n tn I have a brother just diagnosed with HIV. Our family is devesated. We were wondering if there is a cure for this on the horizon and if so how long? We know there are treatments but do they work for everyone? How do we help keep him healthy?
Avatar n tn i forgot to mention before my ngu diagnose i also went through a 10 day course of zithromax which would have killed the infection so this is a new one ok chlymidia tests just came in they were negative so just goes to show the i myself and others on here have caught ngu from handjobs it is a new infection doctors dont even know much about they tried to get my to be a lab rat for them but i said forget it SO FROM MY EXPERIENCE YOU CAN CATCH NGU FROM HANDJOBS
Avatar n tn i was prescribed Aldera cream and have used it three times so far (i was just diagnosed on Tuesday). the cream seems to be making that area pretty sensitive and i am having slight burning and this normal? I was lucky to get some samples from my gynecologist which will last me two weeks ( i have three more samples left which will get me through another week) although i have heard that this cream is very expensive....does anyone have any idea of the price of this cream?
Avatar f tn But I was being concerned about HIV. I got tested for HIV twice now since that encounter, including again now and it was negative.
221913 tn?1372280261 I'm a 38 year old gay male and was just diagnosed with HEP C today. I was told I have chronic HEP C Genotype 1 and am a carrier. My doctor has referred me to a radiologist to have a liver biopsy done probably next week to determine if my liver is damaged and if so how badly. They use a scale of 1 thru 4, 1 being minimum damage and 4 being a lot of damage. He's told me that if it comes back a 1 or 2 then he'll wait a year or too and then check my viral load again.
Avatar n tn I have just been diagnosed and i am terrified. I am a 22 year old actor/singer . I was just on my first real gig when i became ill and was diagnosed with hep c. My sypmtoms are strong. I cry every day, cant sleep, and pretty much feel like i have a bad hangover every day. I am trying to get insurance and am pending but I am absoloutely wrecked over this. my friends and family are trying to do what they can..but there is no way they can understand.
Avatar m tn Okay, so long story short (I posted on the EBV board a month of two ago), I have been ill for the past few months and was starting to get very depressed because I knew something was wrong and I didn't feel like it was just mono. I convinced my dr. to do a lyme's test and I just found out it was highly positive/elevated. I am now starting 3 weeks of antibiotics. The funny part is that I was on antibiotics a few weeks ago and no wonder I felt better towards the end of that cycle!
Avatar f tn I was just diagnosed with HPV warts. The doctor treated them, but said I need a coloscopy because my cervix turned white when she wiped it with vinegar. I was also tested for other std's and hiv. I am freaking out, because I read that when you have warts in more than one area there is a good chance of hiv infection. I will not get my results for a few days and I have never been so scared in my life! What are your thoughts on this?
Avatar f tn According to statistics, almost 85% of every people have this evil. you just cant get rid of it by pills, because it sleeps and hides in your nerves. And you just can't know from who you took it or to whom you gave it. Like I said, almost everyone has it this or that way. From this on, is my experience: What I know is that hsv1 does not like genitals, which does is hsv2. and hsv2 does not like upper parts like mouth but hsv1 does.
Avatar f tn He tests negative. I guess it doesn't matter. I just have to deal with the fact that I have it. I am just really scared that I am going to get sicker, and I don't know how I am going to deal with that. I wonder if alot of people have to stop working while going through treatment? Do you know? I hope you get in to see a doc soon. What area of the country are you in?
Avatar m tn She doesn't necessarily have HIV if she has chlamydia. Did she go and get tested for HIV? Just get tested at the 4,6,8,12 week mark. Also, dont keep looking for symptoms on the internet it will just add to your anxiety and stress. I have been in the same boat before and this will only drive you crazy. Its your anxiety and stress giving you insomnia. Try and keep yourself busy bro and keep a social life. This thing will keep lurking in your head and make you feel like ****.
Avatar n tn I just found out today that I do in fact have HSV-2. I am still very concerned that I may have HIV. I just got my HIV test back yesterday and it was negative, however, that was only one week past my last exposure. I have had three negative HIV tests in the past two months.
Avatar m tn If you allow yourself, you will live a long, fulfilling and (hopefully) happy life. My HIV doc reckons that the HIV experts are trying to get it downgraded to a chronic condition like diabetes. Yes, there are lifestyle changes you have to make, but most of them are things that everyone should do, exercise, good nutrition, quits the cigs and drink in moderation! That's not so tough, is it?
Avatar m tn Okay so I've been stressing for sometime about a no risk hiv scare....I know it's no risk and have been told numerous times on this forum but it still doesn't stop my anxiety. Doctor has tested me and told me my results will be good and I have no cause for worry....the test is only for peace of mind. Anyways he's diagnosed me with general anxiety disorder.
Avatar n tn He claims 6 months ago he was tested and it showed negative , he was hospitalized a week ago and diagnosed with HIV . I have not been tested since our divorce . I have just recently met someone I would like to have a relationship with .
Avatar f tn i am havin weird symptoms dry mouth oral thrush sickness diarheoa headaches sleeping difficulty tiredness in the day i also have been diagnosed with oral thrush which as been on going for 16 months i read all symptoms and got hiv so i got tested as i was unaware i had been put at risk of hiv my blood test indicate high white blood count and neutrophilis high i was diagnosed 15 months ago with glanduler fever but reading up hiv can be wro