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489725 tn?1280052553 smoothies are a great way of getting the goodness of fruit into u and can be a great energy boost when feeling under the wheather N0 1 1 small handful of almonds 1 orange 1 big apple 1 passion fruit 1/2 a lemon 1/2 a pineapple 1 banana some ice peel the lemon.banana,pineapple and orange.cut the top off the passion fruit scoop out the contents and place in the blender along with the banana nuts and ice .juice the lemon pineapple and orange and pour into blender .
Avatar f tn Im 18 weeks and woke up with spotting and mild cramping, i of course was terrified because i have a history of a d&c and miscarriage with no healthy pregnancies i went to ER because my doctor is an hour away..babies heartbeat was 153 but there is always a chance something could happen right? Today it's coincidentally the day my first baby would have been born so it's making out extra hard for me.
995783 tn?1315186487 I am currently taking my 4th dose of clomid, the 3rd one ended in a miscarriage with the treatment of clomid, hcg shot and iui. What has been ur experience with a miscarriage and a healthy preg following ur m/c? I have seen good reports of a healthy preg after a m/c, but that's study results. I want real women's views and not study info. lol Thanks girls!! May baby dust be blown our way till we concieve!!
Avatar m tn Well I didn't get pregnant again that soon but I am now after losing my angel in Aug of last year @ 5.2wks. Within a month your hcg should be much lower if not completely back to normal. Did your doc do blood work a week or so later after your d&c? If so they could tell you if they returned to normal. I'm sure you and the baby will be just fine. Having a m/c before doesn't affect your future pregnancies. Good luck to you and yours!!
Avatar m tn just good old healthy food, keep off fatty foods, eat lots of fruit, vitamins like E, C, Zinc, brewers yeast that way you get all your bs in one go, Garlic, Ginko Biloba, Tribulus, Cayenne, D but the chaepest way for that is to get out in the sun, are and Ginseng.
960001 tn?1279831593 so good to hear both the negative and the absolute positive stories! so happy for you..but my question is w/ all of your mc...did you pass them on your own, or did any of you have d&c and then get pregnant right away? i know it is kind of personal....but i know w/ d&c's you have to wait a little longer b/c of infection! Congrats to the newewst babies coming and for all of us as well!! prayers and babydust to all!
305005 tn?1358728290 Not really a question. Going for my first u/s in just a few. I'm scared to death of the out come being like the last few.. Kinda like I'm preparing myself for the worse. I know I shouldn't be like that but hard after 3 m/c. I do have two healthy boys who are 10 and 12.
Avatar f tn I need some examples of healthy foods please ! So when I go grocery shopping I can pick some up.. I don't eat very bad but I HATE veggies so I need to know some healthy snacks.. I eat bagels and grilled cheese with tomato soup and spaquetti and chili etc...
Avatar f tn I'm a mommy.of two n expecting my 3rd babe they were all c sections too... I'm scheduled to my.Csection Dec 1st n I'm also a lil scared just because it is surgery but let me just tell u guys that it's ok I mean as long as u have a good support system while the surgery n after u will be fine... Of course it hurts after but it depends everyone is different with my first.
Avatar m tn be aware that healthy carrier belongs to ignorance of hbv infection of a decade ago so you might be seeing very outdated doctors with no knowledge of the disease today we know that infection is active or inactive and can change anytime, liver damage can happen in any case, the only case of truòy inactive diseases with no liver damage is defined by: hbsag quantity below 1000iu/ml for genotype a and d hbsag quantity below 100iu/ml genotype b and c hbvdna below 2000iu/ml alt below 30 for men and 1
Avatar f tn If its really risky, n u hav bad gut feeling bout Labour, I say u talk to ur doc n mayb do n elective c section.. Pacemaker is a big deal, n since u r already 37wks, u can talk to ur doc bout it.. Healthy baby n mom r most imp than natural birth or c section!!
Avatar f tn Its not easy but as long as u know u are doing the best u can, there isnt much else that can be done. Definitely a roller coaster of luck!!!
366779 tn?1291343396 I am 6 weeks pregnant and usually struggling to get something for breakfast before I have to make a run to the bathroom to throw up. For the past three days Ive had no morning sickness at all..not even a hint. I feel like there is something wrong. I'm not bleeding but I didnt with my last miscarraige either..had a d&c done. Has anyone had a similar situation and had a healthy baby?
595461 tn?1219249721 but just incase there is counseling. In terms of prenatal care, get yourself some prenatal vitamins, eat healthy, drink plenty of water! And please see a doctor and go to counseling! Do you have parents involved in your life that can or are willing to help you? If so, speak to them and be honest about everything that has happened to you. You WILL need ALOT of help raising a baby at your age.
Avatar f tn Mothers who have c section how many kids do u guys have? And was there any complications?
1327764 tn?1275125129 in 2000 i was told i had hep c antibodies no hep c ,then in 2002 was told i had hep c virus , i then got liver biopsy always been fine and healthy with bloods always ok, last year i went to doctors and asked for a hep c test, was told 3 times now no hep c virus only antibodies,i found it strange how my husband is on last stages of this disease and im fine, no doctors have taken responsibility for not checking the test, as 1 doc says to me once u have it u always have it, i said to the doctor so
Avatar n tn C versus taking the pill (misoprostol?)- For those of you that have done either of these, will you share your opinions. Amount of pain? Bleeding? Recovery time? Would you make same choice again? 2. If I miscarry this baby, this will be my 2nd m/c. However, I have also had a healthy son in between the 2 m/cs. At what point will the dr. think I have a fertility problem? 3. Did any of you get pregnant the next cycle or two after m/cing?
Avatar f tn They tried giving me blood thinners because I had an athsma attack . Totally refused it and my son and I are healthy. Good luck to u with the meds. I pray the best for u.
489656 tn?1249999983 I was surprised to see their # on my caller id. she was calling to check on us and answered some questions i had. i read a cpl stories online where there were successful preg. w/ lg. yolk sacs. welllllll.. im sure thats not the case w/ me. mine was 16mm! the lgst one ive even read about was 11mm. so, yea. its inevitable at this point. i had assumed my sac had grown, but she said it had not grown in 3 weeks since my last visit. it actually shrunk 1mm.
1039620 tn?1272594004 I am 12w1d and am going for my first u/s this afternoon. I am both excited and scared because of a m/c I had a year ago at 7 weeks. I was spotting and went to ER and they said the baby's heartbeat had stopped at 5 weeks. The Dr. assured me that everything is fine this time since no spotting and have all preggo symptoms (which I didn't have with the m/c) , though they haven't even checked for a heartbeat or anything yet.
Avatar f tn I would wait a couple weeks and get a second opinion unless u have a lot of pain and or bleeding seeung the sac but no baby can be completely normal it is also why some women dont go in until they are farther around 12 weeks i say wait a couple weeks unless u feel something is wrong....and find a different doctor!
Avatar f tn If u had preeclampsia in a previous pregnancy, ur chances of having it with this pregnancy increase. With preeclampsia u have protein in ur urine, increased BP, headaches, spots flashing before ur eyes. I just delivered at 32 weeks due to preeclampsia. When I went to my prenatal visits,my BP was normal. I was also seeing a neonatologist because my baby girl was small, every time I saw the specialist my BP was up. I did a 24 hour urine collection, and I had protein in my urine.
Avatar f tn Dont be scared just think of the best.
Avatar f tn m extremely tired, some of that does have to do with the Hep C, doctors warned me about tht. Is there anything else I should expect?