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Avatar f tn Over time, exercise increases your energy level, not decrease it. A 2007 report published in “The University of Georgia Research Magazine” noted that regular exercise can significantly increase energy levels while fighting fatigue. The report analyzed 70 previous studies and found that all participants benefit from regular physical activity. Individuals who dealt with chronic conditions or serious diseases such as cancer reported an increase in energy when they were working out regularly.
Avatar n tn There are recipes galore on the internet. I mainly stick to the heart healthy and liver healthy recipes. It is a bit more expensive, but I have lost almost 20 lbs. in less than 3 weeks. This is not water weight either! I have cut out all sugar, salt, dairy, wheat, cocoa, and caffeine out of my diet. I also take quite a few supplements as well for for my hep c; which include milk thistle, MSM, saw palmetto, vitamin C, shark cartilage, and others.
Evillady I went the easy way. I just removed from my diet, anything "white". Rice, potatoes, pasta, products made with flour. I also took out peas, and many beans as well. I replaced them with cheese, olives, nuts, meats, and lots of eggs. At one time, I was consuming nearly 18 eggs per week. I've dialed that back to half that now. Eating "Paleo" works for me.
Avatar f tn Also there are a lot of great healthy casserole recipes that require cooked chicken. I will put the chicken in the crockpot with my preferred seasonings before work, and by the time I get home, all I have to do is assemble the casserole and put it in the oven! That chicken also tastes good on a homemade salad if you start to feel too lazy for a casserole :) I hope th is helps!
172023 tn?1334672284 Lately I've been boring people by putting recipes in my Journal. I get a lot of feedback on it, so people seem to be interested. If we had a Healthy Cooking Forum, I could resume using my journal to record my controversial thoughts and opinions. Anyway, since this is a health oriented site, it would seem fitting to do this. Plus, you'll get a lot of hits with people searching the internet for recipes. Win/Win.
Avatar n tn I would love to be healthy and ready for uni and Id like to know of any recipes i can make while i'm at uni to help loose weight and at the same time give me the energy intake i need to go to the gym to work out. At the moment my weight in kilos is 62 but i would very much like to also know of any good stomach toning exercises and inner thigh exercises and loose a bit of weight and be down to 60 or 59.
21064 tn?1309308733 A heart healthly way to drink coffee. The name of the site is Key in heart healthy and they have recipes for deserts too:) I have not tryed it let but i think I am going to try the coffee drink.
168348 tn?1379357075 Calling All Healthy Holiday Recipes! So how do you do that? Simple! Send us your recipes! Your recipes that are delicious, yet feature healthier choices. You know you have them! Appetizers? Entrees? Desserts? MedHelp wants them all!
4261944 tn?1639605479 Switch o wholemeal small slice bread, sweetener, and I live for the recipes in the SW magazine and on the website! You won't believe what satisfying meals u can make. Also when I'm feeling lazy, I have a can of spaghetti hoops to hand as they're free! Team it up with toasted wholemeal bread (for your healthy B) and voila ;) it's been 9 weeks and I snack a lot less now, but make habit to have fruit every 2-3 hours between meals.
Avatar f tn s a lot of weight in a very short time. Healthy keep it off weight loss is about one to two pounds a week. Exercise at least three days a week or better yet weight lift every other day and walk or ruin every other day then on the seventh day rest and east something you craved all week. Watch your calories not your fat or carb intake. Most of all stay vigilant in your personal challenge.
Avatar f tn Been doing a healthy lifestyle and fitness program for a while. Scale. Not. Moving! Ugh. Sticking with it though.
93532 tn?1349370450 I would like to see a way to mark or store recipes from the Health Cooking forum for later use. Perhaps some sort of recipe box in our profile or something of the like would be awesome. Muchas Gracias!
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Avatar f tn If you are aiming at losing weight, it is important to calculate your current BMI and the target BMI. The target BMI should be in a healthy range. Aside indulging in moderate amounts of physical exercise it is also essential to maintain a healthy diet plan. A healthy diet should consist of adequate amounts of calories with carbohydrates, proteins, fat and plenty of fruits and vegetables to supply vitamins and minerals. Skipping any of the food components is not considered healthy.
Avatar n tn My 13-yr-old daughter Kristal was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on 27 January 2004. We live in Canberra, Australia. And we think your idea is good! Kristal thinks that there should be something like a "forum" for people who don't have access to the internet and a page where readers can send in poems, pictures, etc...
Avatar f tn If you are aiming at losing weight, it is important to calculate your current BMI and the target BMI. The target BMI should be in a healthy range. For exercises you could start with the easy ones such as walking, sprinting running etc. A balanced physical workout should rotate between various activities such as cycling, swimming, jogging, gymming etc. Aside indulging in moderate amounts of physical exercise it is also essential to maintain a healthy diet plan.
Avatar f tn Everyone carries their weight different. If you are HEALTHY at your current weight and are perfectly happy where you are, then maintain. If YOU feel, not other people, that you may want to drop a few pounds or tone up, then by all means do what makes you happy. Sometimes, just increasing your activity level can make all the difference. Try something your curious about, kick boxing, yoga, walking around the block, etc. You might find something that helps you feel how you want to.
Avatar f tn I will have to take a looksee! Thanks, Peek!
Avatar f tn ) any other recipes that may help? This is my first child and I am nervous.
Avatar f tn Wraps! There is soo many different things you can do with them., My husbands favorite is wheat wrap, then spread cream cheese on it (you can do low fat), and sprinkle some garlic powder on the cream cheese, spinach leafs, then turkey, rolled up. Sooo good, sounds a little weird but it's really good!
1855476 tn?1356739693 I am 16 years old and i am trying to get the fitness model boby. I partly succeded but now i eat much and lost a bit my fitness figure. I always deink protein shake and im trying to keep up my body with running, gyming etc. what do you think i should do in order to lose weight ?
Avatar m tn Anyone have healthy dieting tips or recipes that will not impact my blood pressure levels? I'm having a hard time finding low-sodium and tasty foods.