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317019 tn?1532969186 the doc used a very old u/s machine that was still on wheels...she forewarned me that we may not get to see anything because it is so old but what they were looking for was images of my cervix and growth of the baby vaginal did not we did belly and there was def a yolk sac (although i may have misunderstood but i think she pointed at a yolk sac in 2 different locations)...dont know....
Avatar n tn so glad ur going to docs next week,these need to b tended too asap..and good idea no not want to spread these to someone else!were u told u have HPV on cervix?doc waiting for that to hopefully go away?now u have the warts?warts will show anywhere from 3-6 mos....can be longer...but i would not b-lieve its been a year since he's had sex....nuh uh!
Avatar f tn These kind of doctors usually don't advertise about their practice and locations .. Also, does he take insurance ? And how long until u finally got diagnosed ?
Avatar f tn They dont really hurt but i am worried about it because I have never had lymph gland problems or tonsil problems. I am a 22 year old female, and I am normally healthy. I am just very scared because I was looking up the symptoms and it matches with the symptoms of HIV. The guy says he did not come in me but I do not know for sure. What do you think my chances of having HIV are? I would go to the doctor for tests to find other causes but I dont have insurance right now. Please help.
Avatar f tn I have felt the heat before on an adominal u/s but not transvaginal. U/s put off heat.. that is why they don't recommend over doing them. When I felt the heat on my belly it was in locations where they didn't have a lot of the gel. I wouldn't get over worked up about it. If it was that risky to do u/s, they wouldn't being doing them as often as they do. I'm 32wk3d.. so far no problems with baby. knock on wood!!
Avatar n tn Congrats to you! How exciting! May you have a very happy and healthy pregnancy!
120255 tn?1197070547 I had my first OB appointment yesterday (7 weeks 5 days - this is my first pregnancy) and found out I'm having triplets! There were three perfectly healthy, good-sized babies with strong heartbeats! I'm in total shock. Two are identical and one isn't. I was on the lowest dose of Clomid, but my doctor said the identicals have nothing to do with Clomid; this is a big coincidence. Has anyone out there had triplets? I would like to talk to someone who's been through this.
Avatar m tn When seein him he said they are nothing to do with ur headache, if u had ms symtoms I would diagnose ms however u don't have symtoms so don't think its anything but may be ms in future. Very confused as I was diagnose with pars planitis 4 yrs ago and mentioned if this was enough evidence, he said no and to get on with my life, he is not sure if this means I am at a higher risk for ms and said the lessions on the brain could be nothing. Really no answer at all.
Avatar f tn Could it also be an amunity to the medication? I know that sometimes I havr to be put under because I dont take to freezing at all. They have to give me the max dose and then halfway through they give me another max dose. By the end I feel my mouth, thats just a normal filling. Could that br kinda what it is for you with the meds fot thr c-section? Have you thought about asking if you csn have the procedure recorde I sure hope you can hear you baby's first cry this time.
Avatar n tn So for the next year or so or until we get pregnant we will be moving around a bit and not tied to any one location for long. And our intentions are to be not in locations that are very handy to medical centres. Hubby had his swimmers tested before we lady and he is all good, perfect little athletes. We are a fit, healthy 26 yo couple with apparently no reason why this shouldn't be happening.
480448 tn?1426952138 You know you are young and healthy, so maybe it is something else? A psychotic episode? After an hour or so, you are able to shrug it off. The memory of the sensations is quite frightening, but you go about your day as always....and try to not think about it anymore. Several days later, all things seem to be back to have had no further episodes. All is forgotten.
Avatar m tn Im 17 i was fit then i started getting all over my body and stopped working out and i thought i had injuries And the doctors said im injuried but they werent sure so 2 years later i went to a doctor while travelling with my family He did all tests, rehmatoid ,inflammation everything negative So i told him can i work out again , he said yes but u gotta start real slow I asked why while i have nothing ..
Avatar n tn Muscle ache especially in right leg and right kidney red tired eyes itching (different locations) rash on leg and stomach temporary. pale. slight cough. hunger mood, mental changes. 4-6 weeks (now) fatigue lifted, returns (physical exertion) lymp noids slight enlargement (sometimes). sometimes pain/ ache right kidney/ leg raised rash left armpit raised. pale. pain outerside underarm feel internal.
1081204 tn?1256670357 He also offers free care afterwards till you concieve an healthy pregnancy, or more if you wish. I have other issues but got pregnant last month and MC then am now possible pregnant with twins!! In just 5 months. GO to He has a web site that tells all of it. Good thing is that the cost covers your blood wrok, all hospital costs, the tr, hotel for two nights and meds to take home with you. No other doctor offers that either.
Avatar f tn Hello, I hope to have this answered by those who may be able to shed some light on this- sure would appreciate any insight/advice. I am 36 female / healthy. End of Feb I got Bell's Palsy on the left side of my face (the typical pain behind the ear and full facial/eye drooping). I was treated with prednisone and an antiviral. I have recovered 90% to this day, just can't whistle (but no biggie).
Avatar f tn Its scary to have to do it alone but no doubt in my mind u can and will. God will give you the strength. Once u present him with the idea of leaving him things may change but don't pretend there is not a problem its not healthy for you or your baby.
Avatar f tn There are alot of professionals who could tell u more about mixing pills with alchohol. I've always heard its bad for your liver and maybe kidneys also? im not sure, its deffinetly detrimental to one's health though. Have you guys talked about his drinking? Im sorry if im prying u dont have to answer if ur not comfy.
490443 tn?1236651856 Hey Sweetie! You having the surgery at Huntsman at UMed (on the U of U campus) or IHC (on 5300 South)????? Huntsman has become so successful that it now has TWO locations in Salt Lake! All of my tests and outpatient stuff is at the IHC one. You will fly through with amazing success! Besides, you'll want to wake up quickly after the surgery just to see that doctor you keep describing! :-) Fingers, toes, and thyroid scars crossed for you my friend!
Avatar m tn Anxiety mimics many illness symptoms and can hit u even when u dont feel anxious. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn info/files/Oral_Medicine_Oral_Surgery_Oral_Pathology_-_An_update_of_the_etiology_and_management_of_xerostomia.pdf For information, I am in my mid 30's, heterosexual and I was healthy as a horse until February 2012. I have a stable partner and we use condoms. We want to have babies, but I won't dispose of condoms until I find what's goin on with me. As usual, I will keep updating my journal until I find what's causing this.
329994 tn?1301666848  Back of the head  Between shoulder blades  Top of shoulders  Front sides of neck  Upper chest  Outer elbows  Upper hips  Sides of hips  Inner knees Fatigue and sleep disturbances People with fibromyalgia often awaken tired, even though they seem to get plenty of sleep. Experts believe that these people rarely reach the deep restorative stage of sleep. Sleep disorders that have been linked to fibromyalgia include restless legs syndrome and sleep apnea.
1217309 tn?1267053777 I was fine with that so I went on Atenolol. He did tell me PVC's change locations and if mine changed locations we could try another ablation. Atenolol is doing the trick on my pvc's so at this point I am happy with the outcome.
Avatar n tn I am a 25 year-old male, who up until this last August was fairly healthy. I am about 30 lbs over weight but that's it. I have been having abdominal pains (more like pressure, not severe)sometimes in specific locations: just left of the belly button, upper left and/or right colon area just below the ribs, just below the sternum, and general discomfort throughout the abdomen at times.
Avatar n tn Mostly, children are affected with warts on these locations and they are not sexually transmitted... you just have to keep your infected are covered in order not to spread it to others... most over-the-counter treatments give great results but you should use those with a doctor's advise... these warts are nothing of more concern but you should get these treated...
Avatar f tn probable MS. (Obviously not a good MRI - multiple lesions in all the classic locations i.e. corpus callosum, left lateral ventricle, cerebellar pundicles bilatteraly and left pons, dawsons fingers etc etc etc. and it goes on! 5 weeks later..... Sky TV guide becomes blurry. See Doctor. Diagnosis: optic neuritis left eye. More Steroids, commence copaxone. Diagnosis: Definite MS, probably very active.
534785 tn?1329595808 My LDH cholesterol was a little out of range, though, which is very odd for someone my age (and especially odd because I'm a fairly healthy eater/active person). My BUN was on the very low end of the normal range, as was the pH of my urine...which I thought was interesting, because I've been experiencing some slight abdominal pain as of late, and some other general gastrointestinal issues.
Avatar n tn u said u know for sure that he has not been with anyone since , he have been with u.question? have u been with anyone since u been with him? if your answer is no. there go the answer to your question.u cannot swear for anyone but yourself.
4258338 tn?1354593897 You can always apply for government assistance,which am 100% sure u will get approved. Don't think that u r alone on this......