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Avatar m tn u know something...when i had my hiv scare..which lasted fro 3 and a half months....during the peak of my worries...i used to discover swollen lymph nodes everyday..then i used to go on the see if they are real nodes..etc..etc...dont do will turn u mad....i was seeing a doc at that time and he used to tell its not a node...but in my deep i will not believe forget bout nodes..if ur concern and had a real a test...
Avatar f tn You dont have to have it at a place and spend alot of money you can just have it at your house or a family members house and I mean I dont know how u feel about churches but alot of them will let you use the church for baby showers for free and help you put organize the whole thing
304970 tn?1331425994 mine was done at 22 weeks. the tech did it for free but it usually cost big $$ here in Canada. They have two locations, one that does them and the other doesn't. But both have the machine to do it. I just lucked out, he did it for free at the place that doesn't do them for public entertainment.
Avatar f tn They dont really hurt but i am worried about it because I have never had lymph gland problems or tonsil problems. I am a 22 year old female, and I am normally healthy. I am just very scared because I was looking up the symptoms and it matches with the symptoms of HIV. The guy says he did not come in me but I do not know for sure. What do you think my chances of having HIV are? I would go to the doctor for tests to find other causes but I dont have insurance right now. Please help.
317019 tn?1532965586 the doc used a very old u/s machine that was still on wheels...she forewarned me that we may not get to see anything because it is so old but what they were looking for was images of my cervix and growth of the baby vaginal did not we did belly and there was def a yolk sac (although i may have misunderstood but i think she pointed at a yolk sac in 2 different locations)...dont know....
Avatar f tn Thank u ladies for all ur help in my pregnancy journey. I wish u all the best. My son Alex DeMarcus was born @ 6:43 pm 8-20-12. He wieighed a healthy 7.5lbs n 20 1/2 I. Long. He came 2 days before his due date. Good luck to all of you. And God bless !!!!!
1925157 tn?1328929017 Yeh I think it kind a true lol my first pregnancy I love to eat junk & I had baby girl this pregnancy I like healthy lol it's weird.
Avatar f tn I try to eat a salad with my meal when possible and I eat bananas a lot too. Its important to try and fit in something healthy with ur meal when u can though, it reduces pregnancy issues and helps with your mental health. Prenatal pills should provide you with a lot of vitamins you need and all that but you should still try to eat something healthy when u can. Also, if you don't drink enough water it can put u into labor. Drink as much water as possible if anything!!
Avatar n tn Well U have to be strict about ur healthy lifestyle if u want to stay fit and healthy.Eating whats right for the body is very important.Dont waste ur money on food that are not healthy and just are for taste.Eat fruits and healthy veggies so body gets enough nutrients for healthy growth.U also need to have strong will power to control.U can also tell ur family to eat healthy.Make sure they also have the knowledge about right eating if in case they r not eating.
Avatar f tn what u ladies eating since u started getting pregnany, i want to make healthy choices this pregnancy! any suggestions?
Avatar n tn The midwife said baby sounds healthy and measures just right. So happy. Everything's going great.
Avatar f tn I know how you feel. I was constantly worried about my bubs bein' healthy and If he was okay. I still am, but after seein' him on u/s's and gettin' told everythin' Is fine and he Is one BIG healthy baby, as well as bein' able to feel everythin' he does, It has gone down a bit. As long as you have a good, healthy diet, eating what you need to eat, It shouldn't be a problem, It juss helps with gettin' what you need. But It still Is good to take them.
Avatar m tn hello im 17 years old healthy male play a lot of sports but every time i go to the doctor my blood pressure is between 145/60 and 154/60 i don't know what to do to calm down when im at the doctors .
342988 tn?1299782356 Congradulations! You are giving me hope! I go on Monday for my U/S!!! These next 6 weeks you should just take it easy!
Avatar f tn How far do you have to be when u find out if your baby is healthy or not? Tomorrow I find out the gender and I an 19 weeks ...
Avatar f tn How do u help urself get to a healthy weight or get closer to it while pregnant?
Avatar f tn Eating healthy is next to impossible for me. Saying to the fact that I'm 4'11 and post pregnancy I was 103. I ate like I had a bottomless pit. Now that I'm pregnant I find it hard to change eating habits and it's worse because I'm hungry every hour. I'm trying , but good lord it's hard !
Avatar f tn Where are all the different locations (besides genitals) you can get a chancre in its primary stage? I've read that a chancre forms in the area where the bacteria entered the body, so if you give unprotected oral sex, will the chancre only be confined to the mouth area? Or can chancres also form in the vaginal area from this transmission (oral sex). Also, I heard a chancre can form on the finger, is this true? If it is, how could syphilis gotten on a finger?
Avatar n tn I was d same at the start couldnt look at fruit r veg or anything healthy but it changed and i eat them now ..
342988 tn?1299782356 ya see i told u our pact would happen...