Healthy zucchini loaf

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Avatar m tn i am just wondering if any one has any healthy ideas for dinners. i am making a list of healthy ideas and any help would be nice. i will be putting the list on here so every one can use it.
405614 tn?1329147714 I'm baking bread in my bread machine, then practically live on it 'cause I can't do much more in food prep. I did steam some zucchini the other day, drained it, then added salsa; fancy dish, lol. I'll add cheese or almond butter to my bread, maybe have some fruit (or a frozen fruit bar). My best friend brings me meals once in a while or talks me into going out so I'll eat better.
Avatar n tn I would make a small stir fry and it would do for 2 meals. It is not easy but it is healthy. If you buy a small carton of egg whites you can cook it with mushrooms and spinach and it quite tasty. God luck.
Avatar f tn I have only found one kind of bread that resembles real bread. made by Udi's but that is 6 bucks a loaf. I will only buy it if i have a little extra money or if i think i deserve it. I have discovered the Gluten Free gormet cookbooks by Bette Hagman, I have all of them. I have made my own bread (sfter a few failed attempts) But so far the homemade stuff is way better than anything you can buy in a store, especially fresh out of the oven...