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8112046 tn?1396620403 I eat low fat Greek yogurt, a banana & an organic granola bar with orange juice for breakfast every day. Its light, healthy and keeps me going til I can stop for lunch sometime in the afternoon at work.
Avatar f tn Ok so I work 8 to 5 Monday thru Friday. I usually don't have time to make a healthy breakfast so I whip up a smoothie and get on my way. What can I put in my smoothie, like protein or something that will help me get my morning nutrition. Before pregnancy I didn't care, but I am 13 weeks and I want to make sure I'm doing this right. All the help is appreciated!
Avatar f tn I eat wheat toast with peanut butter and a banana... granola with yogurt....certain cereal...
Avatar n tn Eating breakfast within one hour of waking up will help supply your body with energy for the day and help prevent you from eating junk foods throughout the day. A healthy breakfast should have whole grains, protein, dairy products and fruits. A healthy breakfast would be a bowl of whole grain cereal, a hard-boiled egg, low-fat yogurt and an orange or a glass of orange juice.
Avatar f tn I eat breakfast scrambled eggs,ham and alot of cheese and pepper and juice. Or over medium eggs in a sandwich and ham and cheese.. I dont eat cereal I cant keep milk down.
Avatar f tn what u ladies eating since u started getting pregnany, i want to make healthy choices this pregnancy! any suggestions?
Avatar f tn You might want to make sundaes! Layer yogurt and healthy granola and fruit together and serve maybe with half an English Muffin. Buy the Eggo high fiber, low fat blueberry waffles and serve with jam or a tbsp. of maple syrup. Kids love soft boiled eggs in a cup. Cut off the top and serve with toast fingers for dunking. Good luck!
Avatar f tn What are you mom's eating for breakfast? My favorite food used to be eggs. Now I can't eat them cuz I throw them up! Tmi, sorry. Everything else seems gross.
Avatar f tn Yogurt, fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, granola,
Avatar f tn I like getting The breakfast essentials drinks. They have strawberry, vanilla, chocolate malt, dark chocolate and regular milk chocolate flavors It's Just basically chocolate milk powder mix But has alot of The vitamins, calcium etc in It So They are pretty good... Also fruit, and I like making scrambled eggs with shredded cheese melted in It and If u like At least tomatoes and green onions dice them and throw them in there. It's So good.
Avatar f tn i am really wanting to eat healthy for this baby what do you ladies eat for breakfast lunch and dinner?
2020005 tn?1628125976 I can do great exercising, I really push myself to get it done, my down fall is seriously eating healthy. I can eat healthy all day long, then at the end of the day cave completely. I can't let myself ignore my hunger breastfeeding or my supply will completely diminish. I've been eating a good breakfast, good lunch, a snack between lunch and dinner, and then dinner, and a snack later on. I'm having SUCH a hard time eating healthily.
Avatar f tn What are things that I can eat that are healthy but filling at the Same time ?
Avatar n tn oatmeal, fruit, granola and yogurt, simple smoothies, toast with peanut butter , eggs fruit and toast, cheerios with a banana, wholegrain waffles with peanut butter. Lunch: grilled chicken (you can buy bags of these precooked at Walmart or any grocery store. Brown rice (can buy it instant) broccoli or other veggie, tuna salad sandwich, whole grain pita sandwiches (pita bread lunch meat and cheese) grapes , fish fillets if you eat fish.
3138931 tn?1350940318 Who ever said breakfast had to be for breakfast foods..
1783291 tn?1314774949 What are some healthy easy breakfast ideas?? Some that are fast too please. I sometimes don't have time to eat breakfast always in a hurry or sometimes i dont get hungry till late by that time it is lunch time already really want to get into a routine..
Avatar f tn Actually, filling oneself up often takes protein according to many studies. How can you get that into your breakfast routine? Well, agree that anything goes and it doesn't have to be traditional breakfast food. A diabetic diet or a renal diet? natural peanut butter with a banana is good, beef jerky, Canadian bacon, even some lean turkey for breakfast will fill you up.
Avatar f tn thenewskinnyme is absolutely correct! Breakfast is important. But beware to stay away from most of the "healthy" cereals out there as they are full of hidden sugar. Granola, muesli and anything with the name 'coco' or 'frostie' in the name, stay clear of because you may aswell have a Mars bar instead. You will have a spike in sugar levels and then crash before lunch.
Avatar f tn Healthy breakfast on the run is possible with the right supplies on hand. Cereal and cereal bars are a good source of fiber, grain and energy for breakfast. Some cereals provide fruit and nuts in the mixture, which adds servings of other food group. Take care not to choose high-sugar, refined cereals; these tend to have higher calories and cause a sugar crash, resulting in mid-day fatigue. Cereal bars that contain oatmeal, bran and fruit offer sensible options on the go.
Avatar f tn I have a 14 month old son and I am 6 weeks pregnant. I'm finding eating things that are healthy is so hard since I'm always on the go with my son. What are some healthy quick snacks that other moms eat?
Avatar f tn I did this about 2 hours after I had some breakfast which was 3 weetabixes, some oats/granola with about 100ml of semi skimmed milk -roughly this equates to around 13g of sugars (from carbs) from my rough estimate. My reading was 7.0 mmol (126mg/dl) which I hear is just about ok for a post prandial, is that correct? In terms of what I ate (and I had nothing else bar water), would you say that is a healthy level for someone without diabetes?
Avatar f tn lol Whats for breakfast or luch ladies , my stomach is growling like a tiger & dont know what to eat ?
Avatar f tn Pregnancy is one thought, but if that's not possible, perhaps your blood sugar is too low when you wake up, perhaps you aren't eating enough breakfast before you do your morning athletics... or perhaps you're eating the wrong kind of breakfast. We'd need to know how soon you're starting your activity after you get up; if you're eating breakfast prior to your activity... what and how much you're eating and the time between eating and the activity.
6396087 tn?1399167632 What's for breakfast mommies? I want eggs and cheese on white bread hot tea and porridge..