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Avatar f tn Hi, the same thing happened to me, I even had a LTD plan I paid into for 15 yrs and was unemployment as u said u have to be able to work to qualify..... There is a new law ERISA that was a reason I could not fight my LTD denial....u need an attorney and back when I needed it there were none in my area experienced with this new law ..that was in '09.... Neway if u have a LTD plan in place u can get an attorney to get that...
Avatar n tn I have been diagonised with low Blood pressure. Can u suggest a suitable diet to regain normalcy?
539750 tn?1226521677 oooooooo, many days do u get from work?......and do u have an approx amount of time u will be out? wow, my employer would never combine sick and vaca appears the same, but it was so many yrs of service, # of hrs worked the previous yr...all to calculate pay!! way it was either sick pay, vaca pay, or pd I said it was a complicated system they had in place.
Avatar f tn Good luck....BTW u can always apply for SSID and get back pay for the LTD but then they deduct what u get from SSID so it is not the full amount...they get u coming and going.
Avatar f tn Hi ..we do have a few members that were able to get SSID...I was denied my LTD thru my employer 2x's so I am trying to find the best route to fight that. I have not gone the SSID road yet, but with all the bills will need to explore it. There was one member that had a friend that used to work for SS and is trying to get them to pop on here to advise us on the best way to get it approved.
Avatar f tn It qualifies on federal disability but it seems I would make too much from the LTD 60% pay to qualify in Georgia. Anyone has some experience in this?
1664208 tn?1332782950 I have blue cross & blue shield. They refuse to pay for any more said i have maxd the limit out.
4862508 tn?1360796307 Cardiovascular Research LTD. I wanted to find out where the ingredients are sourced from. I have been taking their MagTaurate 125mg supplement for 3 weeks and I am now feeling a tight pain intermittently in my chest. It is occurs within 1 hr after taking the supplement. My Dr says Mag/Taurate usually supports heart health. I obviously have quit using the supplement but I would like to contact the company.
1056851 tn?1318720978 I have not had a LTD visit but my disability is updated every 3 months by my neuro with a form they send him. Good luck with the visit and I hope it's on a day when your disabilities are obvious.
675923 tn?1296238011 Has anyone ever been through the process of receiving payments, SSI or LTD, for their BP? When I was first diagnosed, 30 years ago, I moved along fairly well. In the past ten years I have not been able to hold down a job for more than a year or so, I have been hospitalized and I continue to have suicidal thoughts on a monthly basis - no attempts, well, only one when I went to the hospital. I'm tired of fighting the fight to stay at work or finding a job.
Avatar n tn At the time of operation the CA-125 level was 342 U/ml which came down to 69 U/ml after surgery. The chemo was started after the one month of operation and six cycles of paclitexal (260 mg) and carbolatinum (400 mg) were given. The chemo ended last year in the month of Novemeber, 07. After sixth cycle, the CA- 125 level came down to 7.25 U/ml. As per our doctor advised we were monitoring the CA-125 level on monthly basis and the same was progressively rising. It was like this: 7.60......8.30...
1515884 tn?1291673107 My husband has been out of work for two and a half years now. He is drawing LTD and they hired a company called Allsup I was wondering if anyone has used them? They have been working on his case for about a year.
382218 tn?1341181487 s new receptionist to find my LTD clain forms. GP said he remember doing them, he brought them home to complete and handed them to the first receptionist who is off today. He said too bad I wasn't here yesterday yet I tried to call yesterday and their outgoing message said they were closed? This appt was originally scheduled for last Fri but I was rescheduled as the doc had an unexpected emergency. Damn, do I need to start looking for one?
Avatar m tn Since then I have seen a psychologist a couples times and am now going to group therapy. My company offers STD/LTD, which I pay into. I am wondering what my rights are to this. If a Dr approves time off, can this somehow be denied? My work is suffering, as I am not the same person since this happened. Im also not sleeping as well as I was, I am having concentration problems, recalling the event and it is impacting my work performance.
4478309 tn?1356061667 Hoffmann-LaRoche, Synthon BV, Antisense Therapeutics Ltd, BaroFold, Protein Design Laboratories; royalties, Demos Medical Publishers (New York, NY). B.B.: travel support, US NMSS, ECTRIMS, MSIF, MS Ireland; consultancy, Biogen Idec, Genzyme; grants/grants pending, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Canadian Institutes of Health Research; paid educational presentations, honoraria for symposia at the American Academy of Neurology. M.C.
Avatar f tn I had to apply for social security and that takes forever...My LTD company thinks this is pre-existing and have been going over all my medical records for the last five years. Its been such a pain in the butt! My pcp told me he wrote s.s. a long letter stating due to my debilitating pain and severe spasms I should not be working. I am glad for you, it's hard enough trying to get better let alone finding the money to pay the bills.