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Avatar n tn A healthy lifestyle is what is important. If you have a healthy lifestyle, are active, have a good BP, blood sugar etc etc and you are at a steady are at a healthy weight. That is my non medical background but well researched opinion!
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, the issues causing the sagging are a little too deep for skin creams to address, and DMAE really is not that effective. Thermage, Titan and Affirm don't have a very high success/satisfaction rate however the occasional person is very happy with the procedure. I'm not prepared to take the risk of losing $ on something that doesn't work. I have found some interesting clothing that disguises the problem in summer without looking like it's trying to!
Avatar n tn I have never felt so bad in my life.. I am use to being soooo skinny, healthy skinny, no belly fat, no huge butt, etc.... now I got it all and i feel the fat, I seriously feel like im gonna go into another depression because i know this fat will take long to go away, if it does... i am not use to this and it is getting to me so bad...
Avatar n tn I'm 22 and when I was younger I felt the same way only because the only other vaginas I saw were my little middleschool boyfriends playboys they would bring to school( kids...) I was terrified of becoming sexually active because I swear I thought mine had to be disfigured and not "normal" when I finally did have sex with my boyfriend I did the same and didn't let him really look or touch down there which now that I look back on it killed the experience haha...
162948 tn?1205256292 -) Shes doing wonderful. Getting so super big and such a pretty lil thing. Its funny, but she is very polite and well mannered for a little baby. She wakes up with little sweet sounds and is always smiling. :-) And Andi, Congratulations. :-) YAY! any girls yet? I got the IUD in fear of having another baby, but I actually have NO desire to have sex anymore...I think I'm just flat out unattracted to the boyfriend... anyway. thanks.
Avatar n tn all the other ladies are also saying their doctors don't have a clue. they are otherwise healthy women. one lady suggested swabbing the area with rubbing alcohol (it worked for her). ouch! no thanks! i don't have the symptoms of a yeast infection but I'm going to give one of these creams a shot, nothing else is working. I'll report back in a while with my results.
Avatar n tn Well, I don't want to jinx myself, but I took an HPT early this morning and got a faint positive! I could be as much as 10 or 11 dpo.....I'm not sure exactly when I ovulated this time...I just know I had a bunch of egg white CM for about 5 days. I don't want to get my hopes up, only because I had a chemical pregnancy in September and that was pretty heartbreaking, (although, not as heartbreaking as my m/c in April.
Avatar n tn I'm not ready for another baby, especially if my iud is still in place. Too high risk and dangerous for the baby. any thoughts?