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342988 tn?1299785956 He is such a wonderful child and I wouldn't trade him for the world. I'll never have all the answers to all of my questions but, I do know that heaven is full of little angels.
93532 tn?1349374050 I have to share this recipe, but don't dare put it in the Healthy Cooking Forum for fear of Peek hunting me down and force-feeding me quinoa. Anyway, I bought some gnocchi the other night, out of curiosity mostly. I thought about various ways to prepare it and decided to shy away from the typical tomato based sauces. I found a recipe for gorganzola-based sauce and did a few minor tweaks and it was fantastic!
Avatar f tn Hi & cngrats (: ... dnt know the answers to yur questions just saw that yur bby nd mines was born the same day :$ though it was cool ..
Avatar m tn You eat the right mix of fats, carbs and protein and that keeps you trim and healthy by lowering insulin. The only bad thing they said about this diet is that the author stated he believed this diet would one day be "considered the primary treatment for all chronic diesease states, with drugs being used as secondary backup" Sounds like a good diet as far as the food long as you don't believe it will cure diseases. Sorry to hear of your tx failures.
Avatar m tn Next, do not be afraid of asking questions and getting answers and, if your own vet doesn't seem able to give a good answer, get a second opinion from another vet. Finally, do your own research. The internet is a fabulous resource and if you are prepared to spend some time looking, you will find lots of info about specific canine problems - and this in turn will give you some insight to asking the right questions when you go for a consultation.
1752977 tn?1418225396 So, I hope this is read in time but I finally have an appointment with an OB to look into why I've had 4 m/c's in 11 months. I'm trying to think of questions to ask but there's sooo much emotion building up inside I'm drawing a blank!
Avatar f tn Hi I hoping I can get some help and some answers. In May, because of my tonsils constantly swelling for a few weeks, my Dr. ran a mono (spot?) test..came back showing I have it. However my numbers appeared to have been dropping and it looked as if I was getting over it at that point. Around the same time I noticed what looked like 2 pimples in my genital area, right outside my vagina.
Avatar n tn I have had a previous (10 years ago) episode of atrial fibrillation. I am a 58 year old very healthy and trim female but I have had ectopic beats for over 30 years. They have become quite severe over the last year. Sometimes I feel like someone is punching me from the inside. My doctor wants me to have an urgent defibrillator fitted. His colleagues (8 opinions) are hesitant but he wants me to have it for "insurance". I take Propanolol when they get severe.
Avatar f tn I got more info from the nurses than the docs. I would go in each week with my little lists of questions and only get limited answers. Look at Ashastd .org it's a great site for info.
178295 tn?1196989533 After our first initial consultation with him, we still had alot of questions regarding the IVF procedure, the doctor's response to us was that if you need answers to all your questions, we cannot provide this service to you as it will be too time consuming and I will not have the time; "you are better off going to another clinic". We were both shocked by his answer! We kind of just sucked it up and continued with the IVF process.
Avatar f tn 1. Is Valtrex the best med for herpes? As you probably know, it is expensive, even with my insurance, so I am wondering if other meds are as effective as Valtrex. 2. Should I just go ahead and stay on suppressive therapy? Or should I go without for a while and see how many outbreaks I have without it? My doc said it was up to me, and he would write me a rx if I want to stay on it. Thank you once again grace, you are great!
Avatar n tn I was just a clinical number and a paycheck.With no answers!!!!!! A vep and a baer are only as good as the tech doing them.These are actually subjective test and can be miss read.These test are not exclusive to ms.They can aide in ruling out neurological disorders.Not everyone with ms have abnormal veps and baers. Have I beleived everything a DR has told me heck no,if I did I'd have every neurological deficit there was.Its finding a neurologist and sticking with them through out the process.
Avatar f tn Hello, I was diagnosed with ghsv 1 by culture in dec of 2011. A few questions I had in mind. 1. How likely is it that I will transmit my ghsv 1 to my new partner? We are planning on getting married but he is a little hesitant since he is negative for both hsv 1 and 2 and has never had cold sores. Im scared he will leave me because there is a risk :( 2. Will I transmit this through oral sex? 3. How likely is it that I contracted oral hsv 1 as well?
649848 tn?1534637300 Alone or with a partner? We see all types of questions on the forum asking for ideas on exercise. There is such a wide variety and we all know that we have to pick those exercises that we enjoy and will stick with. We also know that it’s important to combine aerobics with strength training. There are no right or wrong answers; simply what you find most enjoyable for exercise.
Avatar n tn I wonder sometimes its because of no period anymore.. I need answers too..
Avatar n tn You shouldn't be getting a rash from the hcg itself. I have read on forums about people getting a rash, but in my experience have never seen it. ( I used to work for a clinic that did the hcg protocol) My first question would probably be, where did you get the hcg from? What is it mixed with? What is the expiration date of the hcg and the bacteriostatic water? Are you making sure to clean the vial and your skin before injecting? Are you using fresh needles every time?
1002512 tn?1265442179 Hey everyone, Im rather new here; however throughout the recent months Ive been reading posts on this site regarding MS, so i feel as though Ive been here longer lol. I just need a neutral opinion, to my question because my family doesnt believe my symptoms except for my boyfriend. In March of this year I started to have episodes of extreme fatigue/ tiredness- to the point where I wouldnt be able to stand/ sit/ or talk; I would only be able to lay down but not necessarily sleep.
Avatar n tn I had/have a whole lot of questions and fears. Just by reading what the others are going through and how they handle their lives, is a great comfort. I don't know if I will be able to work full time. I am a legal secretary and spend the majority of my time trascribing. Hopefuly, I can designate Fridays as my shot night. That will give me the weekend to recoup and be ready for work on Monday. I'm just hoping that the sx work around MY schedule and I don't have to work around theirs!
1035252 tn?1427231433 What you think is difficult right now, you'll REALLY REALLY miss! Please enjoy your time with your precious healthy daughter, and your healthy pregnancy, and don't feel and express that you are burdened by them. They are truly gifts from God. You have been given the precious gift of staying home with your children. Enjoy it, and appreciate it. The more you trust and give your husband support, the more he will respond. Please watch this.
Avatar f tn I'm frightened because I want the decisions on my care to be made by my doctors and myself, not a gov't. panel who'll decide if I'm young enough, and healthy enough to be worth the cost. That's rationed care, so this is personal and not political to me.
Avatar f tn I also know that when I would bring up the affair it was holding me back from moving forward as well. The answers to those questions only hurt me more. We are all only human.
Avatar n tn My son appears to be very healthy, nurses well and I dont see anything out of the ordinary for that age. Please let me know if oyu all have any information. I want to know of nevus sebaceous always come with the syndrome, or this is just a scar that needs to be removed at puberty. Please reply soon.
Avatar f tn ) Feel free to filling out the above questions, you can post them on this forum, email me or send me the answers in a message on this website (we have inbox's on this website.) I will let you know evereything I can, it's not much, still trying to figure out what in the world this could be too, but I'm hear if you need to vent at the least.
Avatar n tn I eat very healthy five to six times a day and do not go over 1400-1600 calories. Same questions, why can't I lose weight? I have not lost any at all this month... I know I am putting my whole heart into reaching my 135 goal, and I can't seem to make it... I am so deppressed. I have friends that are thinner than me, and they don't even work out...NOT FAIR!
Avatar n tn Some Answers: My dermatologist and GP told me that the multiple hairs are common and normal. More then 3 is unusual and often becomes overcrowded and infected (folliculitis). Often they squeeze out like a zit or tweeze out easily. Antibiotics will help if it's like a rash. You can tell that it's normal folliculitis if the red dots are at the base of hairs. Time to go to your dermatologist.
620923 tn?1452919248 this dreaded cycle of good days so then you do too much which brings on the bad days, yet you still have stuff to do. I get tired of never feeling healthy...however in the same breath I feel so blessed to be where I am today. I hope that everyone's week starts out well.. It's rainy and cloudy here too...
Avatar n tn History of my problem: For as long as I can remember, I have had a problem with my hyoid bone popping out and causing excrutiating pain. It is always the same - the right side of my neck. At about the age of 8 I talked to my pediatrician about it and he promptly told me it was not possible. That I was having anything "pop out" in my neck. He contended that there wasn't anything there that could pop out. So I just continued to push it back into place whenever it popped out.