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1237365 tn?1278453230 Slice up any vegetables you might have, sautee, and then add beaten eggs. Serve with some whole wheat toast. - Make french toast with whole wheat bread. Take some frozen berries and cook them with just a touch of maple syrup or honey plus some cinnamon and then use this instead of syrup to add more nutrients. Other ideas: - keep lower fat yogurt on hand and use these as snacks.
Avatar f tn Mix in your blender fresh fruit( peaches ) and put in freezer. Day you use,mix with carton of yogurt. Keep a ready supply if fresh vegetables. Have a salad each day. Pamela.
203342 tn?1328740807 I did buy the yogurt with the fiber because he likes yogurt. It's so hard to get him to eat so many foods though! He's a typical kid who likes pizza, spaghetti, mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, pancakes and chicken noodle soup or Ramen noodle soup. Anything else is very, very hard to get him to eat! He will eat cucumbers if I take the skin off, and apples, bananas, melons, but that's about it in the fruit and veggie department! I need help getting him to eat more healthy, fiber rich foods.
Avatar f tn You need to eat several servings of fruits and veggies every day, at least servings of low/no fat dairy (including milk, cheese, yogurt), lean meats and whole grains. If you eat a lot of sugar or items with white flour, such as candies, cookies, sodas, chips, white bread, etc, you will have a hard time losing weight, especially if you don't get enough exercise.
1451080 tn?1438531260 balsamic vinaigrette Dinner Roast chicken with herbs Broccoli with parmesan curls Endive and radish salad with vinaigrette Snack Red pepper sticks with low carb dip Wednesday Breakfast One low carb muffin and one hard-boiled egg Lunch Cobb salad (avocado, tomato, chicken, hard-boiled egg, blue cheese and bacon over lettuce) with olive and balsamic vinaigrette Dinner Salmon with Steel’s Wasabi Teriyaki sauce Steamed green beans with sesame oil Cabbage slaw with low carb Cole Slaw dre
Avatar n tn jello fruit salad...mmm.Orange jello with shredded carrot. Zucchini in cake,banana bread,or even in chocolate chip cookies. They don't know it's there, and it's healthy. I used to tell my kids that a food was something that they "this isn't's bologna" or "veggies? in your soup? don't be ridiculous". Could you try blending up some veggies and adding them to foods that he DOES eat? With my third oldest son I used to make "surprise plates".
Avatar f tn I find it to be quite inexpensive because I don't try to replace bread with GF stuff. I read lables and make many things myself. Sandwich fixings can be made and put on salad or wrapped in a romaine lettuce leaf. Some corn tortillas and corn chips are GF. Everything you typically eat with pasta can be eaten over rice. We make tacos and spaghetti over rice. We actually did that before GF too. Lots of foods can be mixed or served on baked potatoes.
Avatar f tn I see a lot of people write in who struggle with what to eat when you have Crohn's Disease. This has been a big challenge for me also. After a lot of trial and error, I think I have something that works. I am still learning, because sometimes what I used to tolerate before, I can't tolerate now or just in smaller amounts and less frequently. I am hoping that if I share what works for me, that it may help someone out. I know that what works for me may not work for you.
Avatar n tn Something enjoyable to eat (mostly healthy) but easy to fix. I'm tired of eating frozen food. (Getting tired of yogurt too) I usually eat chicken pot pies, Lean cuisines, Marie Callendars, frozen pizza's etc... Eggs are easy and good, but for breakfast I either eat oatmeal or frozen pancakes Pop em in the micro. What are you guys eating? Need something different...
Avatar n tn Making bread is a giant pain in the neck and but if you use the a basic white bread recipe with salt and olive oil and let the dough do the work for you. Use bread flour it has a higher gluten content so you don't have to work it so much. I spend all of 10 minutes on bread and I take out lots of work frustration on it & it smells wonderful while it's baking next to roasted veggies or granola.
Avatar f tn 100 calorie packs are rarely nutritious BUT they're a way to indulge your sweet tooth, but within reasonale portion sizes. Try other things too like nonfat greek yogurt with a little granola or fruit. You can even make oatmeal taste like dessert. My favorite way to have oatmeal is to cook some plain steel cut oats (WAY more filling than mushy quick cook oats) with a little vanilla extract and then mix in some unsweetened cocoa powder, walnuts and fresh berries.
579258 tn?1250652943 if you stop in to a healthy specialty food store .. they'll help you learn what spices go with what and provide you some wonderful ideas ..
1383455 tn?1279366811 I drank LOTS of water all day. I had a very healthy dinner (mostly kale, some potatoes and zucchini with tomato sauce). Then I had ice cream (and couldn't even TASTE it); which was no good. Anyhow, I noticed later on day 3 that I had a bit of a rash on my stomach; just the beginnings of something. To be quite honest I'd been so tired I had not showered since Wednesday! I went to bed, but couldn't sleep because of the congestion/sore throat/swallowing/dry cough going on.
Avatar f tn I have been seen by an ENT who wants to take x rays of my throat to see if it could be a muscular problem. Also maybe get an appt with a endocrinologist to get necked for diabetes. Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn It's the parents job to step in and encourage (force?) a healthy diet. Try mixing in foods that he doesn't like with foods that he does that will drown out the taste of the others.
Avatar m tn My stomach is feeling a bit gassy now some burping and the only difference tonight was 2 small pieces of green pepper and 5 chicago rools with some jelly (I love bread). My bad just checked the jelly label. It said 100% fruit, berry flavor but the ingredients on the back had grapes. Great, allergic to grapes. I had about 3 tbsp of jelly, enough to cause upper intestinal gas trouble for a good 5-6 hours if it was mostly grapes. :( BRB going to take antihistamine.
Avatar m tn I recommend zucchini spirals with fresh vegetable sauce for recipe. It's healthy and good for our body. To make zucchini pasta: Use the envy spiral slicer to produce the long strands spiralize zucchini noodles. You can use 1 medium raw zucchini per person. If shredded, you can put the zucchini on a plate and put the sauce on top. The heat from the sauce warms and softens the zucchini slightly and makes a good substitute for people limiting their consumption of refined flours.
Avatar m tn My constipation was from food allergy. I have been eating rice and meat and bread with out yeast and oil. I should be pooping concrete but I'm not. I still have intestine pain so lets see what my next set of allergy testing shows. I am off laxatives now too. Oil was part of the constipation problem. Olive and bean oils were causing an allergy and constipating me. I'm switching to sunflower oil. Guess it's going to be trial and error for foods they can't test me for.
Avatar m tn I ate very healthy and even so I started to have severe problems with indigestion (flatulence and bloating). A few stomach spasms probably occured (EG. I drunk a cup of coffee one hour after lunch and my belly started to gurgle a lot. For following 1-2 days my digestion was very bad and I experienced strong flatulence after every meal). I had these problems for a few months and it was getting worse and worse.
Avatar n tn Acid, and Candida yeast, you must eat raw food Avoid to many apples and oranges, avoid alot of meat only eat lean meat, low fat yogurt of goat milk KEFIR Probiotics, or goat yogurt with kefir probiotics for those who are lactose intolerent, avoids, bread that are not gluten free and don't eat too much bread and minimize carbohydrates, make sure you exercise to strenghten the heart, get some wheat grass or chorophyll.
Avatar m tn I just got out of the military so I guess the VA hospital wanted to rule out everything that ISN'T wrong with me, lol. So all the bloodwork and tests came back that I was perfectly fit, with no physical "conditions" so to speak. So, I'm now kind of leaning towards the "Restless Leg Syndrome" conclusion...
251922 tn?1193786078 For those of you looking to keep discussion going with others following the SAME diet plan you are on. As outlines in the Dr.Simeons manscript and Kevin Trudeau book.
Avatar n tn However after about a minute of sitting there with nothing coming out I suddenly few light headed and am starting to get a dizzy spell like I am about to faint and my breathing weakens. 3. This borderline fainting sensation lasts for about another minute before I break out into a sudden sweat all over my body. Within a few seconds I have sweat literally pouring out of me, my clothes are wet as if I ran a marathon or something. 4.
446896 tn?1237806342 Good luck to all and remember, there are those of us in nursing who are understanding of this. I have taken care of my health, with good cardio exercise and healthy eating, never a smoker and good cholesterol results. be kind to yourselves!
Avatar n tn dont waste your money on dermitologists they are no help and yes the creams only act as a moistener to help with cracking i actually find relief with gloves to keep the air off has anyone noticed their fingernails grow really fast with an outbreak? i have never had an outbreak on the outer side of hands..only where the sun doesnt fully reach..on the palms and inside of fingers i was thinking light therapy may help a uv light? anyone tried?