Healthy zucchini bread with yogurt

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Avatar f tn I honestly just crave everything healthy..which is good haha.. I am eating a banana with peanut butter and granola and raisins on top:) it fills me up and is delicious.. also, you could try dried fruit, fresh fruits mixed with cottage cheese ( if you like it) and raw veggies.. I love carrots dipped in hummus..
Avatar f tn My best friend is a nutritionist and has been planning my meals with me. The best advice she's given so far is the trade out of creamy based products with Greek yogurt (it's a super food!) I even made Greek yogurt mac and cheese and Greek yogurt chicken salad.
Avatar f tn also bananas and apples in peanutbutter, string cheese which i used to hate (idk how healthy that is... lol) and bread like pita bread or naan bread in hummus.
Avatar f tn While i was pregnant, i ate a lot of salads with diced chicken, apples with peanut butter, granola bars, rice/chicken/corn, tuna casserole, rice cakes, oatmeal with bananas, cucumbers and ranch, yogurt with granola, carrots with ranch, scrambled eggs with bacon and diced onions, grilled chicken tacos.
Avatar f tn ve been making berry yogurt and banana smoothies in the afternoon as a snack so delicious and healthy definitely a good energy booster
Avatar f tn Bread is not the most healthy for you. I eat a lot of carrots, sugar snap peas and stuff like that. I munch on fruit sometimes but I try to limit my amount since fruit is mainly just sugar.
Avatar n tn I am currently eating cereal every morning for breakfast as it is quick, convenient and I can easily take it to work. However I need to shed a few more pounds but I need a few healthy breakfast ideas?!
Avatar n tn breakfast a slice of white bread with lettuce and cucumber, sometime added a bowl of papaya. I wanted to change to wheat but my blood type is B. I eat papayas (fruit) a bowl for lunch and dinner, sometimes I don't have dinner. I snack cream crackers whenever I feel hungry, but only 6 pieces per day, no night time snack. I drink a lot, like 8 or more glasses per day, especially when I'm feeling hungry. A week I do morning exercise, speed walk, 3 times a week, 30 minutes.
506820 tn?1295051333 30p - Solids (Probably a jarred food or a plate of peas/carrots/corn/green beans for finger food work) 6:30p - 6oz bottle of formula
959034 tn?1253671476 For instance, if you eat white bread - switch to whole grain. Try baked chips rather than regular ones. Add a veggie with each meal - lettuce, tomato, etc on your bread, add a piece of fruit for dessert and a glass of fat free milk to drink ---------. See where I'm going with this? Once you begin to add some healthier choices to your menus, the nausea/vomiting may decrease, but as said above, you should discuss any diet changes with your doctor.
Avatar n tn Oh, I didn't realize that. That's for the info!
Avatar f tn ll usually will have not a small bowl but kinda medium bowl of my favorite cereal, wheat bread toasted with some peanut butter on it and a banana and a glass of milk!!!
Avatar f tn what's everyone making for dinner? i'm making breaded baked chicken, with corn, mashed potatoes an banana bread for dessert!!!
6333619 tn?1386598382 When MS strikes I try to eat cereal, raisins, greek yogurt, cottage cheese with bread or crackers, fruit, and cheese sticks.
Avatar f tn So for dinner I made a sandwich, with whole grain bread, and grilled steak, cheese, lettuce, ketchup/mayo, and put 2 slices of Mexican turkey, and then I grilled the whole sandwich, how about u ladies?
Avatar f tn It happens to me too! I am wondering if I should avoid eating zucchini b/c it might be doing the same thing in my intestines. Obviously it is not "agreeing" with me. I have never noticed any reaction when I eat it.
Avatar n tn ve been smoking for 14 years and my mother smoked with me and i too was over 8lbs and both if my sisters smoked with theirs and they were all very healthy and i smoked with my two kids and my daughter was 7lbs 13oz my son was 8lbs 4oz! When i did quit though i baked ALOT!!! You just really have to find something else to do with yourself and your hands I'm not kidding about baking though in one day i baked 17 loaves of zucchini bread!
Avatar m tn Mornings (6 am) I have a lot of Greek yogurt (at least 8 ounces) and some whole grain bread with a lot of butter on it. Then I drink a cup of eggnog or eat a few tablespons of whipping cream. Then I take my meds. For the 2 pm dose time I usually have a chicken sandwich or some sort of sandwich, with butter and mayo, and a cup of eggnog. Or I might have two brats and a slice of bread and butter, or a meat and pasta dish and a cup of eggnog.
8867510 tn?1400309344 Don't eat any white bread/pasta. Go for while grain.