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Avatar f tn Am 23 I have two kids and one the way. I meet mi fiance last year in jan.(been knowing him for a very lng tyme though ) he's 47 I love him dearly due to the fact since we meet he s been there for me bc, I practicly hav no family wea I live I've raised my other two kids alne ...lng story short I was a foster child who grew up going through hell...but any who I had a implant in mi arm for lyk a year I got it taken out last oct. Bc of complacations ...Ended up pregant n jan.
Avatar f tn If god givees me the opportunity I would love to have 4 or 5 kids. Lol this is my first im 21 years old . I don't care about the gender as long as its healthy.
Avatar f tn Thanks and I'll b 39 weeks Tom I'm feel lik.
Avatar n tn Sum pple dnt gain weight im 25 weeks n im going thru the same thing but its funni i dnt gain weight but mi belly is getting huge ive lost weight n now remain at a constant weight n mi baby is perfectly healthy so try not to worry
1237365 tn?1278449630 I was hoping some one could give me info on some good Websites or Books that could give me some recipes for kids that are healthy and SIMPLE. By simple I mean pretty basic stuff that doesn't have a lot of spices or prep time and is inexpensive. I'm a single mom of 5 kids and (i'm disabled so we live off of my Social Security Disability) we get a lot of food boxes which has basic stuff like rice,beans,pasta's,lunchmeat,hamburger and canned foods.
Avatar f tn Ok I want mi tubes TIED but I have mi kids vaginal ...I haven't asked mi doc. Yet but I wanta know what's the lng to u have to wait after vaginal birth they do rite after birth..or do I have to wait...
Avatar n tn Previous damage from the MI will not go away though. Also, if the MI is caused by clogged coronary arteries, these blockages will not go away with above mentioned measures.
Avatar f tn So when I found out I was pregnant my boyfriend asked mi to abort I said no nd we had a big argument nd i was alonr when i told my parents i was pregnant nd we almost broke up he decided to stay nd help mi out When I was in my 22nd week my boyfriend decided to talk to my parents everything was fine it was amazing our relationship was better then ever after that He then asked mi if I could b there nd tell his parents together that im pregnant His mom was furious nd she was extremely nasty with m
397118 tn?1219762250 Good morning everybody well is not so good morning for me but I'm not complaning I'm breathing, I have a job, I'm healthy (for the most part), my kids are great and my husband too. But this morning I have no energy and my hands are really making me mad they keep shaking, I'm on 4mg of suboxone I'm tapering down today is my 4 day on 4mg is that the reason of all of those symptoms? I'm also a little down on my mood. Please tell me if there is anything I can do?
624458 tn?1308032282 how can i get healthy food in to my routine on a budget i find it really difficult as all my children like and dislike different thing.they all love there fruit but dont eat any where near enough vegitables and i dont want then to grow up and unhealthy and eat junk ..
Avatar n tn Im 41 y.o. male, i had recently an MI and underwent rescue PTCA and stenting of mid LAD and OM. post infarct/stent echo showed hypokinesia of ant IVS from base to mid.
Avatar m tn Pre cath diagnosis: CAD - ACS, Anterior wall MI, Acute LVF, HTN, DM Type-2, Severe LV Systolic Dysfunction LMCA: Normal LAD: Type 3 vessel, mid total cut off with retrograde filling, Diagonal - 60% disease LCX: Non-dominant, distal 70% stenosis. OM1 - Mild disease, OM2 - 70% Disease RCA: Dominant system, mid 70% stenosis.
Avatar f tn hi, i like to now how i can clean mi vagina from this condition call vestibular papilae. i dont like how look, and i fel so depress. pls i use aldara but dont work for.. pls help...
Avatar m tn You need to take due care, as you have mentioned. Follow healthy lifestyle, take your medicines, control your diet and regularly walk/exercise as instructed by doctors. Go for necessary regular checkups. I am not a doctor but had suffered from MI and have a stent as well, with much lower EF. Good Luck.
Avatar f tn All mi kids are named after there dad mi Well they all took the cy.
Avatar f tn I have two healthy kiddos 1st was healthy. 2nd miscarried and 3rd was healthy. Just found out I'm 5 weeks and 4 days. I'm worrried a lot. I also had a conization or cone biopsy done in Dec 2011 which means they cut some of my cervix out idk how much... I go to the doctor on Thursday I pray everything goes well and this will be our last baby...
973741 tn?1342342773 t feed your kids healthy lunch, because I know you, of all people would; just that kids sometimes enjoy "adult" food, as well. I often make something different from what my husband is eating, because he's too old to get into healthy eating; the more processed, the better he likes it........ lol Your salad sounds good... maybe you could post the recipe?
Avatar f tn Y limber de crema y coco y las Puerto rican. We speak spanglish at home and to the kids lol...
Avatar f tn I am 31 / F and had a mild MI due to embolis at the age of 28. (They were never able to explain the reason for the MI, said it might be genetics, and could run tests to find out why but I was so healthy that it shouldn't happen again) There is a family history of early cardiac events. Recently due to other, non-heart problems, my doctor was conducting blood tests and found the MTHFR mutation and the factor V.
Avatar f tn Well it took mi kids a week for they cord to fall off Nd dats.