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Avatar f tn Yes it's very helpful what you wrote, they did tell me at the meeting it was a different kind of group. Sorry I don't recall the terminology they used But in essence it's for sober people not people still using and they considered subs still using And asked that I come back when sober.
959034 tn?1253671476 How do you know if you are eating healthy? I want to loose a little weight. I also want to eat healthy, and eat enough. I'm disabled and don't get much exercise either. Any ideas?
1522322 tn?1291215029 I have heard that people who are a little overweight have a longer life expectancy than people at an average or "healthy" weight. Is this true? What is considered a healthy weight range for a 5'4" woman?
Avatar f tn Well that's good (: just keep on eating healthy & healthy. All I've been eating is junk food /: Hopefully my eating habit change & im 16 weeks.
6726276 tn?1421126668 These are all things people might think, but I do whatever I think sometimes. Anyway, just like people have to adapt the the range of emotions they have, a bipolar has a much larger range to manage. I don't think all bipolar can manage, without medication. If I was hallucinating walls of fire and dragons trying to eat me, well I don't think I could just channel my thoughts and say, "Good dragon, that's a good boy!
Avatar n tn Eating a low carb diet is the best option. Eat lean protien sources like fish, chicken, beef. For essential fats eat salmon, olive oil, almonds. the only carbs should come from fruit and vegetables. Drink only water not juice.
Avatar f tn Why of course...people with anxiety disorders have healthy babies every day! Sometimes the mother even requires medication during her pregnancy (under a close md supervision)...and still have perfectly healthy babies.
Avatar f tn Have you ever heard that if you concentrate on a certain something, you'll begin to notice every little thing about it? For example, if you concentrated on the number of Nissan rogue's you saw in one day.. You'd begin to notice that so many people have one, and then you'll begin to think that you see them everywhere you go. However, it's not that more people have bought a Nissan Rogue or a coincidence, it's because you're concentrating on that particular car.
Avatar n tn Also you need to decide if medication is necessary -- sometimes people and many docs jump for the magic pills when the problems aren't that serious. You'll find better support for this on the depression or anxiety forums.
Avatar n tn I will not say that diet and nutrition are the only treatments but I will say that I feel most people neglect such areas when they are critical to survival of even the fittest. Following doctors’ orders is always important for they are the specialists who guide us, treat us, and care for us. They should be our starting point but we also must take our health into our own hands by learning and sharing. Communities such as this allow us to do just that. Hurrah for Med Help!
Avatar f tn ve known since 5 wks and my sister has had 4 miscarriages and 2 people at work have had 12 and 18 wk miscarriages recently. I feel very fortunate to be where I am!
1558264 tn?1294670521 Many studies have been done on this and you may get answers from different people, each having there own oppinion. But as a nurse, I can tell you, that gluten is an important part of the normal diet containing protein. If you are able to eat gluten, there are clinically no benefits your system will get from eating a gluten-free diet, despite what some may think.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies what's a delicious healthy dinner you ladies make for your family I'd like to make all my dinners healthy
Avatar f tn m not unhealthy but I want to start eating right so that I can remain healthy as I get older. I weigh around 116. What should I be eating to make sure my heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol are in excellent conditions? I would also like to avoid foods that lead to diabetes. I'm not familiar at all with eating properly, or a healthy diet. My last doctors visit was really good, all my stats were great, but I know I eat a lot of junk food.
Avatar f tn I'm the same, I honestly eat healthy when I can. But for the most part I eat whatever my heart desires! Mom 29 weeks and my baby weighs 2.9 pounds he's totally healthy and I've only gained 15lbs or so! People will/do judge me but I really don't care me and my son are completely fine and healthy and my cravings are satisfied! Every body is obviously different but I think you're totally fine!
1415482 tn?1459702714 Unfortunately, I can never seem to form healthy relationships. I tend to get so caught up and idealize people. Then, whenever I discover that they are not that into me, of course, I fall into a great dark hole. I notice that I do it and I make an attempt to stop. However, I fall back into the same routine. I don't always notice until its pretty bad. Its not just intimate relationships, its friendships too. I behave as if that one person is my sun, stars and moons.
6726276 tn?1421126668 It's so hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's a lot of work and you have to be conscience to remember to do the things your suppose to do. Examples for me are so many I'll name a few. To eat regularly, to not have any sugar, to exercise, to listen daily to my meditation CD'S, to stay away from toxic people because that gets me really down and the list goes on. Having Bipolar really is a lot of work not just taking a pill or two ya know.
Avatar f tn hello I was just wondering what vitamins and stuff you can take so that i can become healthy again...from my drug use i am just so freal and weak alot of the time...iv relapsed 5 times since i quit taken tylenol 1's about 19 days ago...i have taken so many that i have to go to pee every 5-15...only little amounts at a time. Im so tired during the day and have to fight just to stay up. what is suboxoan...i think thats how you spell it...i heard it can fight the cravings.
2070825 tn?1337225969 I am :) I love the people who work in our local WIC office. They are so sweet and always lend a open ear. I love the cereal I get through WIC too, and it does make me eat more healthier and makes me more aware of what I am actually putting into my body.
Avatar m tn To All the people out there Who reading this my message im a healthy carrier my sgpt is 40. according to my doctor before, im a healthy carrier and im not contagious in casual contacts even with food saliva and other. but im prohibited to sexual contacts.
Avatar f tn http://www.realsimple.
Avatar f tn I am looking for a way to gain healthy weight. I have crohns and it has depleted my weight the past 9 months. I am 5'2 @ 100lbs. My goa weight is 115 by September. Any ideas on how to increase my weight without drinking Boost or Ensure? I am trying to increase my calories to at least 2200 a day in hope that it will add some lbs to me.
Avatar f tn Im coming up to 14weeks with my 3rd baby and I'm struggling to eat healthy. Before pregnancy I'd eat incredibly healthy lots of fish, veg, fruit but none of these things are appealing to me much. Every now and then but carbs are on the top of my thing's that taste better. Ive always got a strange taste in my mouth and at times puts me of eating completely which isnt like me. I was just wondering if any of you girls are experiencing the same thing.....