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Avatar m tn If you are "sliding into stage 3" it is not a "life and death" situation. I am at stage 4, a fairly new father, and still performing on stage.
Avatar f tn (an excel file) List of Approved HIV/AIDS Rapid Test Kits - 02/23/10 Here ez-trust from CS innovations is one of the approved, however i also found a letter from FDA U.S Food and Drug Administration that EZ-trust is not approved for sale in the US, see link:
Avatar n tn The best way to lose wait when having a heart condition is to take vitamins,eat healthy,and exercise daily.
Avatar n tn The FDA hasn't approved a lot of things. One reason that HCG is not approved by the FDA is that the drug companies have lots and lots of money and they have lots and lots of lobbyists and they do not want HCG to be approved for weight loss.
Avatar m tn Apparently the transient elastography test (FibroScan) was approved by the FDA this past April. Was this discussed here before? Hard to believe I didn't see this anywhere. I really didn't think it would get approved. Even though it was used in Europe for many years the FDA held off approval. Some studies showed it was not accurate for middle stages.
Avatar n tn Home Access Test Kit is approved by FDA and is comparably accurate. No need to be concerned about that. As long as you test 3 months after your exposure, then your result will be conclusive.
Avatar f tn You are right Merri..guard up. Zohydro ER was approved by the FDA in the fall and is expected to launch this March...(extended release). I know I was really wordy, but am passionate about chronic pain management. I agree that is important for us to be aware that it is out there...when we see or hear the name, we addicts know exactly what is in front of us. Thank you for the reminder!
784382 tn?1376931040 I have always believed that snacking is good if you are trying to lose weight,and as you exercise it will stop you feeling hungry,try climbing stairs and steps, I kept toned up for many years by climbing steps, power walking is the best... trouble is though no one will go with you as you out speed them LOL The Dh said you may be trim but its sure not fun walking with you anymore ...
1153837 tn?1264209232 Unfortunately there is no guarantee when the PIs will be FDA approved soon, or that they will ever be approved. Since the availability of PIs is speculative at best, it is worthwhile to consider treating with SOC now, since your doctor recommends it.
Avatar f tn If there is a rare moment for the public to have the ear of the FDA, particularly those directly affected by HCV and the FDA is to read and hear submissions from that particular public, you take what you have available to you - particularly if there is an FDA initiative that is languishing, that would help people if it was prodded forward.
Avatar m tn Regardless of what kind of test it is, it has to be approved of by the FDA for home testing. The FDA goes through all the studies and trials of the testing device to ensure that the product is reliable and to what specificity and sensitivity it is accurate. See the FDA website for a list of approved HIV tests. Currently, the only over the counter FDA approved home use HIV tests are the OraQuick HIV home test and the Home Access Test.
Avatar m tn It's not approved unless it's home access collection kit.
Avatar n tn No the military would not use a test that is not FDA approved. For further discussions on this I suggest you talk with your medic.
Avatar f tn I'm trying to gather recipes for personal use, so if you have any healthy recipes, I would love to have them :-)
Avatar n tn Sorry, I meant to say Unigold is only FDA approved to test for HIV-1.
Avatar f tn Obviously this test is approved for use in your country and it is accurate. I do not see any issue with it not being approved in the United States.
Avatar m tn i have diabetic retanopathy. my dr., matthew farber, has moved me from laser surgery to injections of avastin. my insurance says that avastin is not an approved treatment and has denied any payments. is avastin fda approved for my disease?? is dr.farber's treatment the recommended treatment?? how can i fight my insurance company on this issue??
739070 tn?1338603402 HI All, I received this update on one of the medical sites I use and thought there might be some interest. Botox has been used off-label for urinary incontinence but it is FDA approved which may help those whose insurance won't pay for off-label use of drugs. The article is shown below: FDA NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release: August 25, 2011 Media Inquiries: Jeffrey Ventura, 301-796-2807, jeffrey.
Avatar f tn By whome is it approved? Is it approved by the authorities in the UK? if its approved in the UK then its OK in the UK. The only test I know of that is approved unevrsally and is accepted as the most accurate is the ELISA test that is done in hospital labs.