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Avatar n tn Can someone help with lunch recipes in getting bored of the same ones I do all the time. Thank you!
Avatar f tn A spicy chicken sandwich and fries lol. :) the rolls from Red Lobster sound amazing today.
973741 tn?1342342773 Just a thought... if you won't eat what you make the kids for lunch, then maybe they should'nt be eating it. What you made for yourself sounds really great.
Avatar f tn BLT let. you have pinterest??? Chicken salads ..kale chips as snacks..nuts seeds...
Avatar f tn Sprinkle some of that and use some salad vinegar and you have a fast healthy lunch. Pita bread or flour tortilla with a little turkey, lettuce and tomato. And yes, if you have healthy leftovers from the night before, make a little lunch size one to pull out and eat the next day.
Avatar f tn For protein, you can include a 3 oz can of tuna (leave sealed until time to eat), chunked chicken or turkey, cheese, etc. You can do the same thing with healthy sandwich fixings - sliced turkey, chicken, left over roast beef on whole grain bread or wraps. Pack Greek yogurt, raw veggies, fresh fruit, homemade soups that you can heat in the microwave. Any healthy leftovers that can be put in containers and microwaved. The important thing is to be sure to take them with you.
Avatar f tn And just one other thing -- be careful of prepared gluten-free products on the shelf. Read labels. Most contain a lot of sugar and unhealthy fillers and binders to hold them together and artificial flavors and colors and all the things to avoid if you want to be healthy. The gluten-free section of stores is, unfortunately, often the least healthy place to shop. But it is very easy to make one's own healthy food, you just have to learn to eat staples other than wheat, for the most part.
Avatar f tn What are you mommies having for lunch I'm having some left over bbq chicken
548710 tn?1217973475 Have you tried like quesadillas- even just cheese or when I grill chicken for supper, I'll grill a couple of extra pieces and then cut it into bite size pieces and put in in the quesadilla for a chicken and cheese quesadilla. Another idea we do is breakfast for lunch and I'll make scrambled eggs, fruit, and peanut butter toast. I also freeze leftovers from dinner when we have quite a bit and it's freezable.
Avatar f tn what u ladies eating since u started getting pregnany, i want to make healthy choices this pregnancy! any suggestions?
Avatar f tn What's for lunch ladies?
Avatar f tn Finally got my chicken salad that I've been craving! Sooo im having chicken salad sandwich & crackers for lunch! What's or what did everyone have?
Avatar f tn What are you ladies making for lunch? Think I'm going to cook a stuffed potato with bacon, cheese, butter, ham. Something quick and easy.
Avatar f tn Welp I settled for a baked chicken pot pie and a root beer. How about you ladies?
Avatar f tn So I find having a good start makes me more likely to eat healthy the rest of the day too...I make my lunch into a salad - like I would pick on leftover chicken and a few olives for lunch and binge on chocolate soon after whereas now I will dump all of that (minus chocolate) into a bowl with baby spinach and rocket and grate a carrot into it and add dressing and cheese. Then I only need a tea to get me by in the afternoon instead of chocolate.
Avatar f tn What's for lunch ladies?
Avatar f tn What did everyone have for lunch? I had a late lunch today which was a salad and philly cheese steak hot sub with watermelon for dessert yum!
564024 tn?1224111636 I had General Tso's Chicken lastnight from a chinese place! I have a BUNCH LEFT! But, DH said MMmmm Chicken. lol I'm thinking of BLT's. Sounds pretty yummy. And indeed The Golden Girls are the best! I always think of my Grandmother too!
Avatar f tn Hey mommas! Does anyone feel as if they arent eating healthy enough? I mean i eat fruits when i can but for lunch and dinner I usually just eat the "normal" spaghetti, chicken, pizza..anyone else the same way?
Avatar f tn I had left overs from my baby shower chicken potatoe salad taco salad n crab salad it was good now nap time for me lbvs
Avatar f tn What are you ladies having for lunch? I'm craving breakfast so I'm going to make bacon, cheese grits, and eggs yummy.