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93532 tn?1349374050 I have to share this recipe, but don't dare put it in the Healthy Cooking Forum for fear of Peek hunting me down and force-feeding me quinoa. Anyway, I bought some gnocchi the other night, out of curiosity mostly. I thought about various ways to prepare it and decided to shy away from the typical tomato based sauces. I found a recipe for gorganzola-based sauce and did a few minor tweaks and it was fantastic!
Avatar m tn When I was undetected in my first round of trial drugs, I felt so good and though a 45 year vegetarian, I had such a craving for chicken. So I ate lots of very simply prepared organic chicken and some fruit and veggies with no desire for processed foods. It was great. When the virus returned, all that went too. Anyway, if this turns out to be an inappropriate thread, I would appreciate a note on how you fare with it if you undertake the diet.
Avatar f tn I have this same problem after an afternoon nap. But everything & everyone is bright yellow. I thought maybe it is because I work in a chicken hatchery where formaldehyde is used (for disinfectant) which causes the chicks to hatch out yellow.