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Avatar f tn I also am still going to the gym. I am 16 weeks and 5 days. I go on the eliptical, bike and walk on the treadmill.
Avatar f tn I really recommend pregnancy yoga in your 2nd and 3rd trimester, before that aqua aerobics, swimming, normal yoga and Pilates, gym workout, light jog, stationary bike and cross trainer, anything really as long as you are feeling well and comfortable doing it.
Avatar m tn OFF Keep in mind that my main goal is to lose 100 lbs total of FAT. That is why cardio is still a main part of my workout. I have lost about 35lbs since I started my cardio regiment but I want to make sure I dont get that flabby loose skin once I am losing fat. That is why I am starting a mild workout plan that will help tone the muscles under the skin and fat. I will slowly ease into more weight lifting as the fat to muscle ratio becomes more even.
98010 tn?1305903335 I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good workout vidoes for at home exercise. Having young children at home makes it difficult to get out to a gym or aerobics class, but I really want to start exercising more. Are there any videos out there that offer a good cardio workout, are easy to follow, and fun? Thanks for any suggestions.
Avatar f tn I don't do as much as before, mainly light cardio since baby likes to kick and make my stomach hard and uncomfortable when I am there lol and of course I can't breathe on a good day lol! My Dr said to.keep it up, never told me to stop but everyone is different and should check!
Avatar f tn I need a good workout plan for me without having to visit a gym. Are there any good, trustworthy and up-to-date sites that I can save to keep going back to do these exercises over and over each day? Or would anyone have any suggestions on where to begin?
Avatar n tn P.S. I'll be away from a PC for about 1 week Then I'll check it out.
773214 tn?1295138669 maybe I should check into it. We have on demand through our cable too but I haven't searched for a pregnancy workout....maybe they have one!
Avatar n tn For the workouts, concentrate on 2-3 muscle groups each day. Start your workout with the largest muscle group you are working out. Then work your way to the smallest muscle group. You use smaller muscle groups while working out the larger ones, so working the smaller first will cause your large muscle group workouts to be less effective. For example: if working out your back muscles and arms during a day, do your rows and pulldowns Before you do biceps.
850661 tn?1245669656 Hi ive been a member at gym for a year now and recently found out im preggies..Im now nervous about what type of excersises to do coz i was doing weightloss.If you gym please help me with what type of workouts you do.
Avatar f tn I'm going tonight to pick it up and hopes for Staurday to be my first workout! I chose a gym that is close to my trainstation that I get out of from work (so I would be more inclined into going after work) and also this gym is good because it's well over 20 blocks from house. I plan to walk going and coming home so that will burn more calories too! I'm so excited!!!!
Avatar f tn I used to always go to the gym,I love to lift and do cardios. I just love working out hard,now that I got pregnant I haven't been going because I don't want to over due it. I will be 9 weeks tomorrow and I want to start going and do light work out,any advice on working out during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I need to lose 20 lbs. I know I need to gym to achieve this. Inspiration on beating gym phobia please!
7998970 tn?1435186802 I havent been but just incase, its not good to work out my abbs right? It like hurts the baby or something right?
Avatar n tn You might find your overly tired or worn until the meds get on track, but there is no reason you should not be able to workout once you are healed from the surgery. I'd talk to the Dr's and if you have a trainer, work with him/her. Good luck!!!
242143 tn?1215473908 i was also wondering the same thing. last month i went to the gym but did not do a full workout like i usually do and tried not to do any equipment that would put strain on me.
758958 tn?1253769984 How long do you usually work out for and how many times a week? It's hard doin this alone so lets all be online GYM pals! Good luck to everyone, keep at it!!
Avatar n tn Its so wierd how the mind can ignore reason and just run on its on tangent. The gym called me a few hours ago anyway and said that they talked to the girl's doc and she has noncontagious hand warts. She has had them for the past ten years or so....To be honest, I kind of feel like a jerk, she is really a nice trainer. Luckly, she didn't get in any trouble. They did it in a nice way. Thank again Grace, you are really awesome .
Avatar f tn Hello ladies, I'm a FTM here and before I got pregnant I was trying to lose weight and get more toned. Now, I'm 8w1d and I don't have the energy to go to the gym. Any recommendations for a good prenatal workout DVD? I was looking at Suzanne Bowen's Slim & Toned but still not sure...
Avatar f tn Good job on the workout! In the days after your workout you'll experience two different kinds of muscle soreness. Within the first 24 hours of your workout, you might be kind of sore. This is normal--your workout created little tears in your muscles and they need to repair. This is when you rest. You can still go to the gym, as long as you don't exercise those muscles that you focused on yesterday. 24-48 hours after your workout, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness will set in.
676912 tn?1332816151 I just got back from the gym about 30 min ago, still don't know if I'm getting a BFP or not so I wasn't hard on myself at all. I did 15 on the bike, and didn't go very fast, and 15 on the elyptacal (sp?) which is just like running or walking, and I did a fast walk. Now my abdomen hurts....any clue? Could it be a sign of pregnancy? I'm due for AF from two days to two weeks from now, depending on when I ovulated. I think I ovulated 10-11 days ago, since I was having cramps.
Avatar n tn I stopped for a few seconds for my hearing to come back, when it did I kept going. On another occasion it happed while running suicides on a tennis court.
Avatar f tn So I'm on week 10, 1st pregnancy and nausea is somewhat controllable, at least enough to get back on the workout wagon. I'm wondering if anyone else has any desire to workout. I soooo badly need motivation and I really miss working out. Also Just found out that I've added 6lbs already and I'm not yet even done with my 1st trimester yet. Well, anyways just want to see if anyone else is looking for similar motivation, we can check in every once in a while to encourage each other.
Avatar m tn I am 17 years old....... I am going gym since last 1 year and i have got good cutting but the problem is that i lack mass... I am 5"9 and i only weigh 135 pounds !! should i lift heavy weights during workout or light weights ??? some people says that heavy weight helps to gain mass while others say light weight is better ... So any one who can help me on this issue ?? PLEASE HELP ME !!
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm 22 years old, 5'5" and about 145lbs. I have been going to the gym every single day doing my workout plan of 20-30 mins cardio and one focus area (ie: abs, legs, biceps, chest, or back). So every day I'm doing machines for one area plus the cardio (jogging or eliptical). Like I said I've been disciplined and going every day, but I'm getting discouraged because I don't see my body changing..
Avatar f tn She's pg again and still running and going to the gym. If you're worried you can do prenatal yoga or other exercises geared towards pregnant women or low impact workouts.
8793709 tn?1409597660 Iv informed the people at the gym and they've told me to carry on with what I do ! But you do what feels best for u , I also do spinning classes , swimming is good to tho !!
212753 tn?1275076711 I went to the gym yesterday and I just heard my Tsh is 0.02..
Avatar f tn thanks so much! I will definitely keep that in mind to have smaller meals more times a day. I do have many outdoor activities but I am looking for a workout I would be able to do at the gym every day that would be the most helpful and effective for the kind of weight I am trying to lose.. I will definitely keep you updated with my progress, and thank you again for the help!